Thursday, May 27, 2010

Americans Fleeing Border Invasion

Americans Fleeing Border Invasion

The illegal immigrant issue is not going to go away. It is a wound that we keep digging at so the scab can't even form. Our Federal Government has miserably failed We the People in one of its most important Constitutional charges: Keeping our borders secure and safe. The Bush Administration tried to address the situation through a proposal that was tantamount to amnesty but was hamstrung by an immediate outcry from We the People. The Obama Regime, which believes in open borders, has a proven disregard for the will of We the People and has shown complete disdain for the Federal responsibility of securing the nation's borders. The dispatch of 1,200 National Guard troops to the border by Obama is actually a politically motivated insult to all the border states. The number of National Guardsmen are too few in number to make a difference but you can bet that between now and November that number will be repeated many times as proof that the Regime is doing something.

Yes, they are doing something. Nothing is something when it comes to illegal immigration and that's what they want to do. The reasons for their actions are numerous but all point towards the creation of a permanent underclass in the United States that can be counted on to vote reliably "Democrat" as long as they are promised that nothing will be done to them.

Nothing is also what the Regime wants Arizona to do. As the Federal Government has abrogated its responsibility and has clearly no intention of dealing with the problem in a meaningful way, it wants Arizona to turn a blind eye to the illegal immigrant problem as well. Pay no attention to the fact that violence funded by the Mexican cartels that rule Mexico is spilling over the border. Pay no attention to the crime rate in Phoenix that makes it the kidnapping capital of the United States. And what ever you do, pay no attention to the community organizers registering voters from Latino neighborhoods as fast as they can and regardless of true citizenship.

It's time to take back America. It's time to tell people, like our elected representatives, that We the People are fed up and demand action. It's time to make this November count.

Follow the link for the story of how one couple's retirement dream, and they are representative of many, has been destroyed by the politics of the Neo-Lib Democrats. And remember that next time you're asked to donate to their cause.

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