Sunday, May 9, 2010

A terrifying reality: Father featured on TV show kills one of three who tried to invade his home

If Scott Knight had lived in Chicago or New York or any number of cities that have under the control of liberal-progressives for a long period of time he, his wife and children would probably be dead and the crime reported as a tragedy that the police were investigating.  Instead, he was able to exercise a true right (that's as opposed to one that has been "discovered" by Democrats such as the right to welfare), that of self defense, and prevent harm to his family and himself.

At least one, and possibly a second who is in the hospital, of the criminals who attempted the home invasion weren't so lucky.  That's why the liberal-progressive-socialists dislike self defense and the 2nd Amendment:  It's harmful to their voter base.

A person should always be ready and able to defend themselves and their family because the police, unless the person is extremely lucky, will only be able to investigate what happened after the fact.  They almost never are able to respond quick enough to stop a crime of violence even though that is something they would love to do at least once in their career.  Unfortunately once an armed assault starts it's usually over in 30 seconds or less.  As much as they would love to, the police just can't get there in time.

Just buying a firearm, however, isn't the answer.  If you are going to be armed in your house you need to think the entire issue through using logic and not emotion.  Emotion is great for liberals when they go out to save the snail darter but it doesn't do well when you're planning self-defense.  Storing the firearm can be a significant issue if you have children or if you live in a high crime area like Washington, DC, and you can't carry the weapon with you when you leave your house.  It is an issue that is easily solved, however, with some thought, common sense and a good gun safe.

And regardless of how old you are, actually using a firearm effectively does take practice.  If you haven't gone to a good range and practiced, hopefully under the watchful eye of a certified instructor, and you attempt to defend yourself you might make just a lot of noise and be more dangerous to the people passing by than to the bad guys.  Contrary to popular belief, watching a lot of action movies then practicing looking menacing in front of a mirror doesn't work to well.  Shooting is a learned skill and shooting well requires practice.

My belief is that a person should always be prepared and ready to defend themselves.  Criminals do not like to take the chance that their next victim might be armed and usually look for their victims in areas where gun ownership is most restricted.  Why is that, you ask?  Simple.  First, they are criminals so carrying a weapon illegally is not a big deal.  Second, they may be criminals but they aren't that stupid and they don't want to be the one who gets hurt.  It's much easier, not to mention safer, to rob or terrorize victims who are sure to be unarmed than to take a chance that the potential victim is armed and ready to defend him or her self.

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By way of disclosure, in addition to being retired from law enforcement I am a Life Member of the NRA.

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