Friday, May 28, 2010

"He Was Supposed to Be Competent"

The linked commentary in the Wall Street Journal by Peggy Noonan reveals the depth of denial that was reached by the Neo-Lib Left Stream Media as they promoted the candidacy of Barack Obama as he ran for President of the United States.  Had they actually done their journalistic duty instead of succumbing to the thrill of tingles running up their legs, things might have been different with another left-wing ideologue, albeit one with more political savvy and understanding of how America works, as the president.  Instead they slavishly promoted a community organizer with no executive experience and the Man for All Time.  They ignored his associations with outright terrorists and haters of America.  They ignored his communist upbringing.  They could only see the halo around his head and completely overlooked the horns which were hidden in plain sight.  (No, I'm not saying he's a devil nor evil.  I'm sure he's a very good father.  It's an analogy, folks!)

But now they are starting to open their eyes.  The tingle is mostly gone and the truth is starting to shine through.  Funny thing about the reality of truth:  It always outlasts fantasy.

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