Monday, February 28, 2011

Last living US WWI vet dies in W. Va. at age 110

Frank W. Buckles:  WWI Doughboy, Civilian Internee in the Philippines during WWII.  Here was a man and a hero!  
With the passing of the last WWI Doughboy an era passes quietly into the night.  Men like Frank W. Buckles stepped up to the line and more than a few, like Buckles, lied about their age to serve.  To be sure it was a different time then.  Patriotism was still a most honorable virtue and ties to both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War were only a generation or two distant.  We are here today because of men like Frank W. Buckles.  He turned 110 last January 31, 2011.  He's now gone on to join those who went before.

Where ever you are this evening, take a moment at 11:00 PM and be silent while contemplating the passing of this man.  Then raise a glass to his memory.  May he never be forgotten.

And may he rest in peace.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Andrew Klavan: Stop the Hate!

Can anyone out there say "common sense?"

Andrew Klavan is dangerously close to committing a serious violation of the current "civility" rules by demonstrating exactly that: Common Sense. Amazing how uncommon it is these days.

If Klavan is not clear enough for you, or you find his examples of "hate" to be too few, then all you have to do is watch the nightly news and look at all the hate speech from the left and their union supporters in Wisconson. It should then become abundantly clear.

Enjoy the show. It's a good one.

The Obama Administration’s spineless response to Colonel Gaddafi's reign of terror

Obama:  The Organizer in Chief who has managed to make France look strong and decisive!  
Once again we must rely on the foreign press for a clear look at the Obama Regime because the Left Stream Media in the US is ideologically committed to supporting Obama no matter what and thus is mentally and ethically absent in their reportage.  As the Telegraph points out, Obama took an exceedingly long time to react to the Libyan revolt especially considering that he was issuing statements supporting the Egyptian demonstrators almost immediately.  Considering the fact that Obama refused to condemn the same type of violent suppression of demonstrations in Iran a year or so ago, his reticence in Libya seems to be a pattern:  If you're an America-hating dictator he'll say nothing while you "take care of business" but if you're an America-supporting dictator he'll be happy to help cut your throat.

Odd, don't you think?  Shouldn't the standard be the same in both instances?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Democrats say GOP cuts jeopardize border security

Would you really be willing to buy a used car from this man?  No?  Neither would I!  
The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds.  Sen. Chuck-u Schumer, D-NY, all of a sudden is concerned about the border and the fence that the Obama Regime had already determined NOT to build.

It's all politics to people like Schumer.  He doesn't care about the border and he clearly doesn't care about the truth.  It's all about power--Democrat Party power--and the Democrat's willingness to say or do anything to keep that power.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mayor **Bleeping** Emanuel

We knew Chicago politics were probably designed by Al Capone but this is ridiculous!  
Just another good reason to never go to Chicago unless it absolutely cannot be avoided.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liberal and Union Fraud in Wisconsin: Doctors Give Andrew Breitbart a ‘Sick’ Note

"It's ok for us to cheat the taxpayer.  We're teachers, union members and reliable Democrat voters!"  
If this surprises you then you've been asleep way too long.  Even my 4-year old daughter knows that Democrats are liars--it's true, just ask her what a Democrat is and she'll tell you--but the Left Stream Media just paints a rosy picture of bussed-in demonstrators and pickets operating in true community organizer fashion.

But this is simply fraud and it is wrong.  If you're going to do something like this then be prepared to pay the price otherwise you're no better than the penny-ante criminal who steals purses from little old ladies walking down the street.

Follow the link and see just how stupid a "licensed physician" can be.  I mean, the idiot didn't recognize Andrew Breitbart!  Hello?  Anyone home behind those glasses?  Maybe his "license" is from a med school in a far away Third World country.  What do you think?

War veteran, 71, dragged out for staging silent protest during Hilary Clinton address... on freedom of speech

"Hahah!  That'll teach you to turn your back on me!"  
The irony is palpable but what makes this doubly amazing is that we have to hear about it from a British newspaper instead of our own in-the-tank Left Stream Media.  To be sure, the Obama Regime is long on saying one thing and doing another so this is just another sorry example of their hypocrisy.  Demonstrators in Wisconsin can call Governor Scott Walker every name under the sun--and have been doing so--but let one 71-year old man stand and turn his back on Hillary while she's talking and bring on the Storm Troopers.

He didn't deserve that and the Secretary of State should have stopped the police immediately.  She'd then be considered a hero for actually doing what she was praising in Egypt.  Instead, she tacitly approved of the stifling of free speech in the United States while lauding it in Egypt.

I wonder what would have happened if he had been a Muslim?

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Mother describes seeing toddler before fatal fall at Tysons

I previously posted on this right after the incident happened last November 2010.  This is merely an update, but it brings to light some background as to why this terrible crime happened.  Filipino families are extremely close and they believe in taking care of their parents and in-laws rather than institutionalizing them in a care facility.  As a matter of fact, old age homes are unheard of in the Philippines as people stay with their family and 99.999% of the time this is an extremely good and admirable thing.

This is that .001%.

I would be the last one to recommend a change to that cultural attitude.  To the contrary, I would recommend that it be adopted here in America.  As with any other decision, however, we must never let our guard down when dealing with anyone who has, or may have, diminished mental faculties.  That is easier said than done, however, when you're dealing with a parent and this is especially true in the Filipino culture where they truly practice God's Commandment to "Honor thy mother and father."  That the mother of the little girl has agonized over having walked ahead of her mother and daughter--as she probably had many times before--goes without saying.

Please keep the family in your prayers.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

James Clapper, DNI: Out of Touch with Reality

Which of these two is out of touch with reality?  
Is he out of touch with reality or is he just ignorant?  That is a valid question after James Clapper's appearance before Congress today.  Most well-read 10-year olds could have given better, and more accurate, testimony after searching the web for an hour than did our nation's Director of National Intelligence.

We mustn't forget that he was selected for the President Obama for some very specific reasons most of which probably center around his ability to follow Obama's orders and skew intelligence to fit Obama's game plan.

Remember when the Left Stream Media accused President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney of cherry-picking intelligence?  Anyone want to bet that they will ignore this one?

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No Justice from Justice

That the politicized Department of Justice is unresponsive to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is to be expected considering the partisan atmosphere fostered by Eric Holder and his political appointees.  He is an absolute disgrace and should resign but he won't. His focus is exactly where Obama wants:  Use the institution to diminish the nation that it is supposed to serve.

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Why I Didn't Attend CPAC: Reason #1...And the Only Reason I Need

Not only am I not listening, you can't speak!
Be it known that I live within an easy drive of the CPAC location so there would have been no problem for me to attend.  But there is no reason to attend any political gathering when you also have a group or groups in attendance who feel it perfectly proper to shout down those with whom they disagree or who feel it proper to shout insults at invited speakers.  Because that is the type of gathering allowed by the organizers, I have no interest in attending or even being seen in the company of those attending.  (And please realize that some who attend are people that I admire and would love to listen to in person.)

As Conservatives or Libertarians we always heartily condemn the usually young, rabid and very useful idiots on the left who disrupt speakers like Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly or Michelle Malkin when they appear in public.  And don't forget how nice it was to recently hear that some of the Muslim Student Group individuals at the University of California, Irvine, had been indicted by the local District Attorney for conspiracy to deny Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren the right to speak at a forum at that university last year.  There is something intrinsically un-American, even evil, about denying an individual the right to speak when that person has been invited to give a speech at a specific time and location.  It is a tactic that focuses on denying one of our most basic freedoms:  Freedom of Speech, which is embodied in the 1st Amendment.  It is a tactic that destroys discourse--a tactic of liberals, I know--rather than promotes it.  It is a tactic that should be eschewed and condemned when it rears its ugly head.

It is a tactic that was engaged in today at CPAC.  Are we to presume that those who engaged in the heckling are also "useful idiots?"  Clearly those who engaged in the heckling are mindless drones incapable of lucid thought but clearly capable at shouting insults and acting like two-year olds throwing a tantrum in the grocery store.  Clearly they are embarrassing to serious Conservatives and serious Libertarians.

If CPAC wants to go in that direction, so be it.  But they will do so without my support as I have no time for idiots on the left or the right.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why the Black Panther Case Matters

There has been no more egregious failure to uphold the mission of the Department of Justice in its history than the handling of the New Black Panther Case by Attorney General Eric Holder.  Actually, I should say non-handling for Holder has purposely failed in his duties and is a disgrace to a legal profession that already has a notoriously low standard for conduct.

The man, if he had any honor, would resign.  But we all know that he is committed to protecting his boss and those who support his boss.  To do so requires that he ignore justice and act only on politics.

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