Saturday, October 22, 2011

Joe, OWS and Ghaddafi

I’ve been on a hiatus for the last few months due to being extremely busy trying to ensure that there was food on the table and bills were paid…a situation faced by many readers of this blog and many more Americans across the nation; but also because I tried my hand at Twitter which I found both enjoyable and educational.  Enjoyable because of the thoughts that are passed by thousands of individuals around the world and educational because it forces one to express thoughts concisely.

It’s an interesting time we live in but do bear in mind that to live in interesting times is an old Chinese curse.  Just today I see that VP Joe Biden is telling a reporter who asked him a question about the propriety of Biden’s warning that the GOP ‘s failure to pass Obama’s jobs bill—at least he didn’t try to spell it with three letters this time—“Don’t screw around with me.”  Clearly Biden means what he says about rape and doesn’t want to be on the receiving end.

Actually, Joe is an expert of the subject but as a perpetrator and not a victim.  Perhaps that is why he’s shouting a warning that is clearly meant for Democrats rather than the GOP.  The GOP, after all, is trying it’s best to stop the rape and pillage of our nation by the Regime to which Biden belongs.

I see that the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) crowd has tried to support Joe’s theory of forthcoming violence with a sexual assault being reported in Cleveland and out in Oakland where a reporter was threatened with violence.  You can always count on the Liberals to have their ground troops follow their vocal lead after it is trumpeted by the Left Wing Media. 

As for the OWS urban terrorists being compared with the Tea Party, anyone with common sense can hear, see and smell the difference.  Anyone, of course, except the Left Wing Media and the Obama Regime, both of which are doing all they can to turn the OWS into a real movement of substance instead of a rabble that prefers violent confrontation to working in the system.  If you look at the make-up of the OWS you find pure anarchists, Communists, National Socialists, anti-Jewish racists, SEIU-organized thugs and out-of-control, drug-addled youths frustrated that they aren’t getting Wall Streets money for doing nothing—step children of the Democrat party all.  Together they are doing all they can to insult America and bring the Republic down around our collective heads.  What a wonderful group to be praised by the Democrat leadership, don’t you think! 

Add to this the increasing desire of Obama to govern—no a better word is rule—without the consent of the governed through Congress and you have a clear picture of what the modern Democrat Party has become.  John Kennedy is certainly spinning like a top in his grave. 

So now Ghaddafi is dead.  Did you miss Hillary’s gauche reaction?  While I do take solace in the fact that Justice was done—albeit street justice that bodes ill for the future of Libya—I can’t take such laughing joy at the death of someone even though he was an enemy.  Had he died with a weapon in his hand I would say to the soldiers (rebels?) involved “Well done!” but you saw the video.  Dragged beaten and bleeding through the streets then shot like a dog with a pistol at close range.  There is no pride in such an act.  A trial and hanging would have been more appropriate.  (I would have said “civilized” but nothing about war, and even less about armed revolution, is civilized.)  I’ve heard comparisons between Ghaddafi’s demise and that of Benito Mussolini’s in WWII (Gen X’s can Google the name if you missed that in high school history) but even though Mussolini ended up hung from the heals like meat there aren’t any giggling comments recorded by our leaders of the time.  To the contrary, realizing the hell of a world war and all that it entailed, they let the moment pass and turned their attention to Mussolini’s allies.  But Hillary’s reaction was a sobering moment and shows the complete lack of character of our current leadership.  She epitomized the gangster mentality encouraged by Obama.

It makes me wonder if Obama will put a paper maché copy of Ghaddifi’s head alongside the one of Osama on the White House’s front lawn for Halloween this year.  Or will he save that for October 2012 hoping it will help him in November 2012? 

We should continue to keep the Libyan people in our prayers for the worst is yet to come.  The street justice meted to Ghaddafi, like that of the French Revolution where the Revolutionary courts dispatched countless people besides the King and Marie Antonette to the guillotine and Madame Defarge for something as minor as being Catholic.  That’s what happens when a revolution is taken to its logical conclusion and in the history of the world only one revolution avoided that conclusion: the American one.  That’s something to contemplate especially when you hear a liberal tearing down the country and, like a significant portion of those involved in OWS advocating “revolution.”  I know that the Democrats and Obama are hoping against hope that the rabid coalition of socialists, communists, National Socialists and racists festering on the streets of NYC that they have taken to applauding will morph into the Left-Wing equivalent of the Tea Party, but the chance of that happening is akin to the proverbial chance of a snowball in hell.  The Tea Party followed and follows the ideals of our Founding Fathers.  OWS follows the ideas and tactics of people like Mao, Stalin, Lenin and Castro to name a few.  It’s easy to see where and how their kind of revolution would end. 

Enough for today.  Time for a cigar and a glass of whisky, straight up, of course.  After all, it’s 5:00 PM somewhere.