Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is Geert Wilders the Paul Revere of Our Times?

Or maybe, more appropriately, the modern Dutchman with his finger in the jihadist dike...but this time to protect not just Holland but all of Western Civilization.  
Wilders: 'It's Time to Unmask Mohammed'

Geert Wilders has continued his battle against the Islamization of the West despite death threats and court cases. And although he doesn't ride a horse shouting a warning that "The Islamists are coming!", the more he talks, the more people are listening to the warning that he is giving. There is a reason that radical Islamists object to any exploration into the true story of Mohammed and the birth of Islam and that is because when the light of truth shines on the history of Islam it tells a very different story than that propagated by those in charge of Islam today or by their enablers from the liberal-socialist left and their minions of politically correct speech.

Follow the link for some interesting truths.

Planned Parenthood's CEO Caught Lying

There are a lot of things that Planned Parenthood doesn't want you to know.  Things like the facts about its history or its connection to eugenics.  
Planned Parenthood CEO's Mammogram Claims Are False
To Planned Parenthood this is just "fetal tissue."  Looks like a baby to me.  
It's been said that "there are lies, damned lies and statistics." Planned Parenthood's CEO and the liberal idiots supporting Planned Parenthood have taken that to a new level: creative statistics. Their current argument is that to deny government support to Planned Parenthood is to deny women critical healthcare and mammograms and, Ladies and Gentlemen, that is just such a creative statistic. Why you ask? Simple. Planned Parenthood doesn't offer mammograms. I'm sure in their heart of hearts that they plan to at some distant-but-as-yet-unknown point in the future when they aren't so busy with their abortion schedule, but calls to Planned Parenthood offices around the US failed to find a location that offered mammograms.

Could it be that they lied thinking that nobody would actually check? Or was it that they lied knowing that the ├╝ber liberal Left Stream Media would never report on the truth of the matter. (Methinks it was the latter.)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Only 14, Bangladeshi Girl Charged with Adultery was Lashed to Death

Hena Akhtar, victim of shari'ah law.  
Hena Akhtar, also known as Hena Begum, deserves to be remembered and not to be just another statistic in a Third World country.  Look into her eyes: she was just a child who despite poverty and a culture that offered no real future in the view of those reading this blog, could smile and enjoy life.  She was innocent and she committed no crime by any reasonable definition of the word.  Her only crime was that she was a female who would have had to have four male witnesses to swear that she had been raped if she was to avoid the penalty that was sure to be meted by Islamic religious authority in her hometown of Shariatpur, Bangladesh.  Her testimony, or the testimony of any number of female witnesses, would be inadequate under shari'ah.  The village elders met, the imam issued a fatwa, and she was publicly whipped to death.

There is no defense for such brutality.  We can cluck our tongues and avert our eyes while talking about the ignorance and poverty that allows such inhumane actions; and, we can piously point out that the imam was not truly following the Koran but that only makes us as guilty as the one holding the whip.  For those who would apologize for Islam, the apology cannot be accepted unless accompanied by proactive steps of change and we aren't seeing that.  What we see instead is a perfunctory statement that "it's wrong but that's not the true religion" and a quick change of the subject.  What we think is "Fail!"

The body of evidence available in the world today clearly shows that Islam has developed into a worship of brutality and death such as was the norm in the 10th century.  In other words, it hasn't developed or, if it ever did, ill-educated, religious leadership has devolved it to its current state of religious bigotry and violence.  Under the guise and guidance of its religious law--shari'ah--it justifies the subjugation of women, slavery, stoning, beheading, death for having the temerity to leave the religion, the cutting off of limbs for petty crimes and, in this case, the absolutely inhumane whipping to death of a young girl who committed no crime at all just because she was a female and that's what shari'ah law prescribes.  If the ummah can allow such atrocities to happen and go unchallenged and unpunished because those responsible are religious leaders--imams--or just because they are men who are supreme under shari'ah, then the ummah is as guilty of the crime as are the perpetrators.

There are those within the Muslim community who don't follow this medieval brand of Islam but they are a minority little followed by the media and few have been able to effectively speak out let alone begin to wrest control of the religion from the cretins who currently control it.  I pray that those few will eventually be successful because the bottom line is that if Islam wants respect from all humanity then it must give respect to all humanity.  Its current course is a blasphemy that if not corrected make its practice correspond more closely with a brutal criminal organization masquerading as a religion rather than a true religion that worships God.

Follow the title link for a truly stomach churning story about the criminal rape and subsequent religious, but no less criminal, murder of a young girl.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Media Matters' war against Fox

George Soros: The Puppet Master.  
This is an old tactic of those who would be dictators and tyrants.  It is not about debating ideas.  It is about stifling debate so that the only side presented to the public is the side you want them to hear.  In that way you can control what the public thinks and implement the policies you want without fear of effective opposition.

This is being done by Media Matters, an organization funded by billionaire George Soros to implement his vision of a subjugated and cowed America.  From everything he has done it is clear that Soros hates America and that he favors this type of social control by the government.  Soros favors being not the tyrant but the one who controls the tyrant.  It could be that his personality was formed by his experience in WWII during which, as a Jew, he worked for the National Socialists (Nazis).  He did this to survive, of course, and should not be faulted for wanting to survive.  But he can definitely be faulted for his assault on the United States and its economic system.

When will we make Soros and his ilk answer for this assault on America?

Follow the link for more from the Politico.

SANDERS: Class warfare at the gas pump

Obama is not bothered by the rise in fuel costs.  It's part of his plan to subjugate Americans.  
Sol Sanders of the Washington Times offers some interesting thoughts on the growing crises at the gas pumps around the nation and how, by either design or neglect, Obama and his regime are causing that growth.  Sanders is right it is class warfare and that cannot be tolerated by Americans.  It is the middle class and the poor that will be decimated by the higher gas prices because those gas prices will translate into higher cost for essentials like food and energy for the home.

Obama is good at pontificating about taking care of the poor and the middle class but his actions don't match his words.  What his actions say is that he is all about creating a ruling elite, to which he will belong, of course, that cannot be challenged by the lower classes.  In other words, he wants to create a proletariat and that is something that is absolutely necessary to sustain a socialist state.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ayers affirms he wrote "Dreams from my Father"

Ayers says he wrote it for Obama.  
Ayers affirms he wrote "Dreams from my Father"

This has been suspected for a long time and every time someone would bring up the subject liberal Democrats and their Left Stream Media sycophants would rise up, point their fingers and passionately intone, "Racism."  The phrase "useful idiots" comes to mind.

If the Left Stream Media were honest there would be headlines in the major papers tomorrow and it would be the lead story on all the networks.  But the media is not honest, far from it, and they clearly have a morbid infatuation with Barack Hussein Obama that makes it mandatory that they support him regardless of the damage he is doing to the country and his disregard--disdain might be a better word--for the Constitution.  It also would be wonderful if all corporations would pull their advertising from the networks and the print media until the networks and the media came to their senses.  (Wouldn't it be fun to watch GE trying to take up the slack?  You know that as much in the tank with Obama as GE CEO Jeff Immelt is that they would try.)  Unfortunately, that won't happen either.

So what we are left with here is an affirmation of our previous suspicions as to the authorship of Dreams from my Father.  What we also have is confirmation of Obama's lack of character and basically criminal mind-set. We should not allow it to go unnoticed between now and 2012.  We must make it known to all voters that Obama is a liar pure and simple.  Not a liar in the sense that all politicians are liars, but a liar in the more profound sense that he fraudulently takes credit for writing a book that made him a lot of money.  Ayers is, of course, complicit in this fraud on everyone who bought the book because if it had been written by Bill Ayers, Left-Wing-1970's-Domestic-Terrorist, it wouldn't have sold nearly as well and made so much money.  No, what we have here is a President who knowingly committed a fraud.  We should remember that as we work to remove him from office in 2012.

Ok, I've had my say. Now the useful idiots out there can begin their racist chant.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Is Palin Really "Losing Ground?"

Is Palin Really "Losing Ground"

This piece poses some excellent questions that can only be answered by the voters. One thing is certain, Sarah Palin will get no good reporting from the Left Stream Media and will be pounded daily by such political luminaries as Chris "Thrill-up-my-Leg" Matthews, John Stewart, Maureen Dowd and Keith Olbermann. She'll also be the butt of jokes from the likes of has-been comediennes like Sandra Bernhard and the aging Kathy Griffin. Considering the rabid Pavlovian reaction of the Left Stream Media to the name "Sarah Palin" (or any variation thereof) this article makes me wonder if the poll that was conducted was to actually determine Palin's support among We the People or as a hopeful way to derail her potential candidacy.

In the end it is the voters who will make the decision and right now, considering the qualities of our current White House occupant, I'd welcome some common sense and plain talk as Obamacare is repealed, spending is cut, oil is drilled for and taxes are lowered. My support will go to the person who demonstrates the strongest commitment to basic conservative principles and if Sarah Palin can demonstrate that, I'll support her.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google: Doing its liberal best to indoctrinate

Google is an example of a business shamelessly tying itself to a political agenda and the public be damned.  
Here's an interesting story about how Google has labeled the Anthropogenic Global Warming skeptic web site, ICECAP, with the ominous warning "This site may be compromised."  The site isn't, of course, but it does promote ideas that Google does not support.

Seems like Google is just too big for its britches.  Time to use another search engine, don't you think?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan To Destroy JP Morgan, Crash The Stock Market, And Redistribute Wealth In America

The Democrats have adopted the platform of the 1940's Socialist Party and support the actions of unions.  This story is, then, no surprise.  
When read with the recent union organized demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin, in mind, this story is truly chilling.  In Wisconsin we saw a union-organized minority, supported by the Left Stream Media, cause millions of dollars in damage to public buildings because public sector unions were being curtailed.  They called it a "right," of course, but collective bargaining in the public sector cannot be considered a right.  What they really want is union control of politicians and to get that they quickly resorted to thuggery and fraud.

Now we have a report that a former SEIU official, Stephen Lerner, has a plan to foment economic terrorism in the United States under the banner of income redistribution.  Clearly this plan is tied to the ultimate union goal of taking control of production away from those who invested and built the factories and turning it over to the workers.  Does that sound like Communism to you?   It should, because it is.  And it should come as no surprise.  There are union leaders currently in office who are very proud of their socialist beliefs.

Private sector union membership is down and is reported to be the lowest since the 1930s quite possibly because most Americans are well enough educated to realize that what unions do best is collect dues.  There are, of course, some industries where unions are still strong.  Auto manufacturing is one that comes to mind.  Trucking is another.  Service employees is another.  The only place where unions are experiencing growth, however, is in public sector unions and they view that area as a very real pot of gold.  There are some very good reasons for that:  1) Unions don't have to negotiate against profits for benefits and salaries because no profit is expected;  2) Unions negotiate with either with managers who are also government employees and who have no stake in limiting union benefits or with officials whose election they paid for and who will not deny "reasonable" increases; and,  3)  The government has deep pockets because all it has to do is raise taxes to get more money for the negotiated benefits.  It's a win-win situation for the unions and a lose-lose situation for the American taxpayer.

Our only recourse is that public sector unions must be totally outlawed if we are to preserve our nation.  Those in control of those unions do not have the best interests of the nation in mind.  They are only concerned with having access to public money with which they can grow rich and control politicians.

Follow the link for more.

The Audacity of Thuggery

We can never dismiss Liberal Democrats or Union Organizers as stupid.  Cunning and devious are good descriptive terms as is unethical and, sometimes, “criminal.”  But they are not usually stupid.  We can’t, therefore, look at the ruling by a Dane County, Wisconsin, County Judge as stupid, per se.  I’m sure that Judge MaryAnn Sumi did not believe that her familial relationship with a political operative who was a former lead field manager with the AFL-CIO and a data manager for the Wisconsin SEIU State Council, would come to light as her son’s name is Jacob Sinderbrand.  She had no reason to believe that it would be revealed for, after all, no one had mentioned it after she refused to issue an order sending striking Wisconsin teachers back to work in February during the height of the anti-Walker demonstrations in Madison.  I mean, she got away with it once so why not again and again and again?   
So last Friday she quickly issued a temporary restraining order at the behest of the unions and their Democrat supporters that prevents the Wisconsin Secretary of State, Democrat Doug La Follette (who really didn’t want to publish the law anyway), from publishing the bill while she reviews the case.  I cannot believe that she is that ignorant of the law, although I fully realize that judges are sometimes amazingly ignorant.  Nor can any thinking person given her son’s prominent union activities.  No, this was clearly a case where Judge Sumi decided that she would use her judicial power to trump an action with which she and her son disagree.  It is a case where democracy be damned, the judge knows better.  (See: .)
Liberals, i.e., Democrats, and unions do understand how to use judges like MaryAnn Sumi to accomplish their goals despite the will of the people.  They are very adept at getting their issues before activist judges who believe that their mission in life is to impose their liberal-view of the world on We the People whether we like it or not.  We are, after all, the proletariat and have no right to question the determination of our ruling liberal elite.  This is amply demonstrated in the thuggish attitude displayed at a Western Maryland correctional facility recently when a union boss lost his cool and tried to intimidate prison guards after they started asking questions how their dues were being spent and the benefits of belonging to a union during a pre-shift meeting.  (See: .) 
What is true is that Liberal Democrats and unions will brook no questioning by We the People.  The prison guards were told that union spending was none of their business ant that they have no choice but to belong.  If you dare to dispute, they are most willing to resort to violent tactics or, at least, the threat of violence.  Who can forget the bussed-in union demonstrators at the suburban Maryland home of a senior banker last fall who were escorted there by Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department.  They frightened the man’s teenage son, who was home alone, so badly that he locked himself in the bathroom and used his cellphone to plead for help.  And then there is this very recent nice little video of SEIU protestors at another bank headquarters: which was clearly meant to send a chilling message:  “Either it goes our way or we’ll show up at your house and, gee, you’ve got a nice family there, don’t you?  It would be a shame if something happened to them.”  
Al Capone couldn’t have done it better.  And he certainly couldn’t have done it with the protection of the President and his Attorney General.  The SEIU and the AFL-CIO clearly can; and pure, unadulterated thuggery is just one of the tools in their bag of tricks, albeit the one they use with great relish.  
But wait, you ask, didn’t We the People speak last November and repudiate the Liberal Democrat, pro-union, pro-tax and spend agenda?  Yes, we did, but they don’t plan to listen.  Those who would be dictators usually don’t.  Nor do they care about the outcome of any election except the ones which they control.  They care only about retaining the power that they have regardless of what elections, laws or courts must be perverted to do so.
What we have in public employee unions is a racket the likes of which would have pleased organized crime figures like Al Capone or any of the reputed Mafia godfathers.  Once the union gets into power they have almost unlimited resources with which to maintain their power.  The dues, which ultimately come from the deep pockets of the taxpayers and are just passed through the hands of the government workers, are deducted directly from the paychecks of the employees and deposited to the union’s account.  With the steady flow this money they fund the political fortunes of politicians ranging from the local school board up to and including the President of the United States.  At the local level they are usually successful in installing people willing to ensure that the demands of the union at the bargaining table are met.  And why not?  No elected official is charged with making a profit so there is nothing to protect.  Taxes, after all, are taken from the public who have little say in the day-to-day operation of the local government entity, be it a school board or a local government.  And on the legislative level it behooves the liberal Democrats and their RINO co-conspirators to support the needs of the public employee union because that is where they get their much needed campaign funds. With union support they are sure to win because no one is as adept at ensuring an election as a union which can line up its members and march them to the polls to vote in concert with the union’s wishes.  Doubt it?  How do you think Harry Reid kept his seat in the Senate last November?  Do you think that all those SEIU employees from the casinos in Las Vegas made up their own minds to take the same buses to the polls to vote all at the same time?  No they were told what to do and they followed orders.  The money keeps flowing from the public coffers through the unions--who ensure they take a generous cut, by the way--and back to the accounts of the politicians who raised the taxes and favored the unions.  It’s money laundering, pure and simple, but those same politicians will never declare it to be illegal even though it smells even worse than laundered drug money which, when caught, is severely prosecuted.  
But it has to stop.  It should be illegal for any funds that come from the taxes paid by the public to be used for any political purpose no matter how it is laundered.  Public employee unions should be absolutely forbidden from making political contributions because it places public employees in the position of being part of the ruling elite instead of the public servants of We the People.  It’s time to step-up and say so even though we can be sure that liberals, Democrats and RINO parasites will never agree to cut themselves off of the public money teat.  As for the unions, they will try to frame this as a violation of their “civil rights” when there is no such right as evidenced by the fact that every president up to JFK absolutely refused to allow public employee unions.  But they won’t stop until absolutely forced to do so and they’ll fight, even if they lose in voting, with the help of activist judges like MaryAnn Sumi.  It has to stop.  The taxpayer can no longer afford to pay for outrageous public employee pensions and benefits and have those taxes used to support the party (Democrats, of course) that keeps increasing the taxpayer’s burden by increasing the pay, pensions and benefits.  It must stop.
Follow the title link for more on just how far from the law Judge Sumi strayed in order to help subvert the will of the Wisconsin Legislature and the Governor.  People like her do not belong on the bench and politicians who support public employee unions do not belong in office.  Both should be in jail.  

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Member of the Original 29 "Code Talkers" Dies

 Marine Lloyd Oliver, one of the original Code Talkers and an American hero, during WWII.  

I would imagine that many of you saw the movie starring Nicholas Cage.  It was a moving film but for Hollywood definitely a bit too "rah-rah USA!" so it moved fairly quickly from the large screen to the small screen and that was a shame.  I know I've ensured that my children watched it--with the exception of my 4-year old daughter, of course, but her time will come--because it does shed some light, albeit the screwed-up light of Hollywood, on a piece of American history that should not be lost.
Still proud of his service and especially of having been a Marine.  Semper Fi, Lloyd!

Make no mistake about it, though, Lloyd Oliver was a hero in every sense of the word and he undoubtedly saved the lives of many Marines during the Pacific War.  Now we have lost him and only one of the original Code Talkers remains.  He was, by reports, a very non-verbal man possibly because of the severe hearing loss he suffered as a result of combat but also because that was the way he was.  Some men are like that.  They prefer to do rather than talk.  Men like that do not become politicians but they do become great warriors and there is no doubt that the man from the Yavapai Apache Reservation was a great warrior.

Tonight at the usual hour raise your glass to him and bow your heads to honor this quiet hero.  He shall not be forgotten.  May God comfort bless his family and may this Marine rest in peace.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Biden to have train station named after him

This will not impact your ability to buy gasoline tomorrow or pay your mortgage, but it was just too good to pass up.  Imagine, Joe "The Gaffe" Biden, who can't be relied upon to know what day it is, will have his name on a train station.  What an honor!

I can't help but think that it would have been more appropriate to name all the restrooms at Amtrak Stations across America after the Vice President.  I can see the signs now:  "Biden's Bidets" in a nice French-style script would be perfect...and so appropriate.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Keith Ellison Lied, People Cried

Ellison gave a masterful performance that required a serious suspension of disbelief.  
Representative Keith Ellison gave a masterful, Academy Award level performance in his testimony that was topped-off by his crying on schedule.

To bad he wasn't telling the whole truth.  But that is to be expected as he has an agenda and, after all, taqqiya allows him to lie to infidels with a clean conscience.

Follow the link for, as the late Paul Harvey would say, the rest of the story.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dems Admit to Cooking the Books

Democrats to the American People:  "Sit down and shut up.  We'll tell you what's good for you and if you don't like it, screw you!"
This is really no surprise and few Conservative bloggers haven't called liberal Democrats out on their lies about what they've done to the budget and America.  What is sad is the fact that not only do the Democrats not care what they've done, they're proud of it!  But then, so are most serial killers and when you think about it, that's what the Democrats are:  Serial Killers.  They've killed our children's future.  They've killed our economic future.  They're trying to completely kill our freedom.  Yes, they're proud of it and they get patted on the back, and supported, by their liberal, Main Stream Media sycophant, aiders and abettors.

And they will do it if we let them.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Deputy U.S. Marshal Dies After Being Shot in St. Louis

Deputy U.S. Marshal John Perry died in the line of duty.  May he rest in peace.  
Another brother down.  A sad day.  But what is truly sad is that Charlie Sheen will be on the news daily for who knows how long but he is nothing compared to John Perry.

Follow the link for the story.

Limbaugh: Chicago Politics Targets High Court

"We will punish our enemies."  Barack Obama, 2010  
David Limbaugh is on to something.  The Community-Organizer-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, a prototypical Chicago thug, gets angry when opposed even if the action taken is not actually opposition but merely that of someone following of the Constitution.  Actually, any impediment to his agenda makes him angry and when that happens you can expect crowds of union members in front of your house and on your front yard carrying angry signs.  They will be accompanied, of course, anonymous threats against you and your family.

The Community-Organizer-in-Chief, of course, will not be a part of it as he will have done nothing but show his displeasure at your actions.  And while you're having to deal with all kinds of disruption, picketing, angry, profane shouts and threats of violence, he'll be publicly dining in his residence saying, if asked, with a wan smile, "It's a shame that people became angry over that.  Pity.  Waiter!  More wine, please."
"I keep tellin' yous guys, we know how to handle things in Chicago."  
To be sure, Obama is no Al Capone, but I have a hard time believing that Al wouldn't have approved of the manner in which Obama attacks those he perceives as enemies and the Supreme Court, when it rules against his wishes, is clearly that.  Obama is on record as referring to political opponents as "our enemy" so why does anyone think that he would consider a Supreme Court that opposes his goals a friend?  The answer is, of course, that he doesn't.  They are the enemy to be attacked until he has been able to stuff it with his like-minded appointees and until then, his minions will mount attack after attack in hopes of causing the justices who don't toe the line to hesitate or change course.

That's The Chicago Way.

Follow the title link for David Limbaugh's view.

Obama's Energy Plan: Transforming America into a Third World Country

Obama's vision for the future of America.  A nation made of "Haves" (the political elite) and "Have Nots" (the rest of us).  
This morning I reluctantly filled my car's gas tank.  It was a "have to" fill as it was down to 1/8th of a tank.  I pulled into the gas station, got out, looked at the price on the pump and winced.  It was $3.62 a gallon.  (OK, it was $3.61 and 9/10ths.  And who came up with that marketing idea, anyway?  Talk about a genius!)  In the end it cost an even $60.00 for me to fill the car.  It will last, if I am careful, a week.  I can remember when it cost $40.00 for the same amount of gas for same amount of gas for the same car and I haven't had the car that many years.

I understand the economics of the gas price rise--almost 50 cents in the last few weeks--but I start to steam when I think about the outrageous profits--a national average of 48.1 cents per gallon--being made on each gallon of gas.  This profit is not by the gas companies for they make an average of 3% on each gallon; but by the government.  That means that with the gas I bought this morning the gas company profited only about 10.86 cents per gallon.  Because Virginia is under the national average (the aforementioned 48.1 cents) in gas taxes, the state profited 19.7 cents per gallon and the Federal Government profited 18.4 cents per gallon.

Why, then, do I hear talking heads and politicians complaining about the oil companies?  I do believe that the oil companies would be happy to produce more gasoline if the Federal Government would let them but that won't happen under Obama.  He believes, and has so stated on video in the past, that we should be paying in the area of $7.00 per gallon of gasoline.  And his Regime has taken the steps necessary to ensure we meet that marker.   They've stopped most oil exploration with the Department of Interior unilaterally prohibiting exploration in large swaths of Alaska and they've only issued one (1) drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico in the last year.  Add to that the antipathy of the EPA which has as a goal to eliminate carbon fuels use and it's easy to see just how we will reach that $7.00 gallon marker in the next two years.  With that price rise in fuel we will see a corresponding rise in the price of food, utilities, and other consumer goods.  Those of us on fixed incomes will quickly become total wards of the state.  (We won't be wards long, however, because under Obamacare we'll be at the lower-end of the treatment list.  This is because it just doesn't make economic sense to take care of the elderly as they can't be expected to pay taxes for much longer.)

When that happens we will be forced to live in increasingly urbanized environments as commuting via private vehicle will be prohibitively expensive.  The cost of food, housing and utilities will skyrocket and we will be forced to move into increasingly smaller, more economical apartments until we are living in two or three rooms.  In other words, we will be just like the other Third World countries and slaves to an increasingly powerful Federal Government.  We will be frozen in place, unable to move to another location due to the costs and increasingly dependent on the state for everything we need to live.  The American Dream will be truly dead and Obama will have killed it.

We will no longer be free.

As we move into the run-up for the 2012 elections, keep this in mind.

Follow the link for the Washington Times Editorial.

Everything that Is Wrong with Public Sector Unions in Thirty Seconds

"Damn!  Dese union guys are good!  Why didn't I think of that?  Instead of buying each judge dey just buy the effing politicians who make-a da laws and appoint da judges.  I admire dem.  Dey make-a me look like an amatuer but dey took one page from my book:  Sometimes you gotta go to the streets and shed a little blood.  I like dat!"
When you distill all the rhetoric from self-serving union bosses like the very socialist Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO or the equally socialist Andy Stern of SEIU and the self-serving politicians they support (99% of the time those are Democrats) the truth is that public sector unions are nothing more than a money laundering scheme used to funnel taxpayer money to Democrat politicians for their election and re-election campaigns.  In return those same politicians work to bring more public employees under the union umbrella which funnels more money into the union's coffers.

In order to ensure that the public sector work force is happy with their unions those same politicians, again normally Democrats, pander to the unions for which they owe their elected office by giving increasingly sweet pay raises and benefits during contract negotiations.  They aren't, after all, negotiating away the profits of a private sector company for which they work.  It's just tax dollars and they can always raise taxes by engaging in class warfare and pointing their fingers at "the rich."  But in the end we all know that it is every man who pays more taxes and not the rich.

Is it any wonder that the Democrats scream "campaign finance reform!" at the top of their lungs every couple of years?  Of course not!  They have an unlimited source of campaign money from the public sector unions who just happen to be exempt from those reforms.  Their goal has never been to reform campaign finance but only to limit the amount of money available to their opponents.  Slick, isn't it?

Oh, did I mention that the union bosses get very, very rich while heading worker's unions?

Follow the link for an excellent short course on why we need to do away with public sector unions.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pakistan gunmen kill Christian politician

Because it has grown so common we have ceased being surprised by the violence of Islam; but why are we growing more accepting of it?  
If any news organization could whitewash this news it would be the multicultural, always-politically-correct, far-left-leaning MSNBC; but, in this case even they have to report the facts.

It is long past time that we take stock of the situation in the Muslim world.  There is a dichotomy, it seems, as we know that many Muslims only want peace and prosperity yet there are just as many, if not more, who believe that it is their duty to wage war against Christians and Jews.  They are mainly ill-educated but not always.  Many of the Islamists who wage violent jihad have been educated in Western universities and have lived in Europe and the United States.  Yet, in the end, they decide to attack and kill in the name of Mohammed.

We are only a few days from the arrest of one such student, a Saudi, who was studying in Texas.  He was preparing to make car bombs to wage his jihad here in the U.S.  Such is the evil that has grown from Islam:  The idea that God supports their murder of other human beings and will reward them.  I wonder if they have ever actually thought about what kind of reward God will have for them for their violation of God's Commandment "Thou shalt not murder."  The Koran  cannot be, and most assuredly is not, superior to the laws that God gave to Moses but there are those in the Islamic world who are so wrapped up in worshipping Mohammed rather than God, that they believe that it is.

Shabaz Bhatti was a Christian who died for his faith.  He was murdered not because he had committed a crime in any sense of the word but because he didn't act like the dhimmi that he was supposed to be while living in Muslim-controlled Pakistan where Christians and other religious minorities are routinely threatened with death.  No one has been arrested in his murder.

Tell me, which one is most likely to be in the presence of the Father on the day of judgement:  the one who was murdered for his faith in a Loving God or the murderer?

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