Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is Geert Wilders the Paul Revere of Our Times?

Or maybe, more appropriately, the modern Dutchman with his finger in the jihadist dike...but this time to protect not just Holland but all of Western Civilization.  
Wilders: 'It's Time to Unmask Mohammed'

Geert Wilders has continued his battle against the Islamization of the West despite death threats and court cases. And although he doesn't ride a horse shouting a warning that "The Islamists are coming!", the more he talks, the more people are listening to the warning that he is giving. There is a reason that radical Islamists object to any exploration into the true story of Mohammed and the birth of Islam and that is because when the light of truth shines on the history of Islam it tells a very different story than that propagated by those in charge of Islam today or by their enablers from the liberal-socialist left and their minions of politically correct speech.

Follow the link for some interesting truths.

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