Saturday, March 19, 2011

Member of the Original 29 "Code Talkers" Dies

 Marine Lloyd Oliver, one of the original Code Talkers and an American hero, during WWII.  

I would imagine that many of you saw the movie starring Nicholas Cage.  It was a moving film but for Hollywood definitely a bit too "rah-rah USA!" so it moved fairly quickly from the large screen to the small screen and that was a shame.  I know I've ensured that my children watched it--with the exception of my 4-year old daughter, of course, but her time will come--because it does shed some light, albeit the screwed-up light of Hollywood, on a piece of American history that should not be lost.
Still proud of his service and especially of having been a Marine.  Semper Fi, Lloyd!

Make no mistake about it, though, Lloyd Oliver was a hero in every sense of the word and he undoubtedly saved the lives of many Marines during the Pacific War.  Now we have lost him and only one of the original Code Talkers remains.  He was, by reports, a very non-verbal man possibly because of the severe hearing loss he suffered as a result of combat but also because that was the way he was.  Some men are like that.  They prefer to do rather than talk.  Men like that do not become politicians but they do become great warriors and there is no doubt that the man from the Yavapai Apache Reservation was a great warrior.

Tonight at the usual hour raise your glass to him and bow your heads to honor this quiet hero.  He shall not be forgotten.  May God comfort bless his family and may this Marine rest in peace.

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