Friday, March 25, 2011

Is Palin Really "Losing Ground?"

Is Palin Really "Losing Ground"

This piece poses some excellent questions that can only be answered by the voters. One thing is certain, Sarah Palin will get no good reporting from the Left Stream Media and will be pounded daily by such political luminaries as Chris "Thrill-up-my-Leg" Matthews, John Stewart, Maureen Dowd and Keith Olbermann. She'll also be the butt of jokes from the likes of has-been comediennes like Sandra Bernhard and the aging Kathy Griffin. Considering the rabid Pavlovian reaction of the Left Stream Media to the name "Sarah Palin" (or any variation thereof) this article makes me wonder if the poll that was conducted was to actually determine Palin's support among We the People or as a hopeful way to derail her potential candidacy.

In the end it is the voters who will make the decision and right now, considering the qualities of our current White House occupant, I'd welcome some common sense and plain talk as Obamacare is repealed, spending is cut, oil is drilled for and taxes are lowered. My support will go to the person who demonstrates the strongest commitment to basic conservative principles and if Sarah Palin can demonstrate that, I'll support her.

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