Monday, March 28, 2011

SANDERS: Class warfare at the gas pump

Obama is not bothered by the rise in fuel costs.  It's part of his plan to subjugate Americans.  
Sol Sanders of the Washington Times offers some interesting thoughts on the growing crises at the gas pumps around the nation and how, by either design or neglect, Obama and his regime are causing that growth.  Sanders is right it is class warfare and that cannot be tolerated by Americans.  It is the middle class and the poor that will be decimated by the higher gas prices because those gas prices will translate into higher cost for essentials like food and energy for the home.

Obama is good at pontificating about taking care of the poor and the middle class but his actions don't match his words.  What his actions say is that he is all about creating a ruling elite, to which he will belong, of course, that cannot be challenged by the lower classes.  In other words, he wants to create a proletariat and that is something that is absolutely necessary to sustain a socialist state.

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