Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pakistan gunmen kill Christian politician

Because it has grown so common we have ceased being surprised by the violence of Islam; but why are we growing more accepting of it?  
If any news organization could whitewash this news it would be the multicultural, always-politically-correct, far-left-leaning MSNBC; but, in this case even they have to report the facts.

It is long past time that we take stock of the situation in the Muslim world.  There is a dichotomy, it seems, as we know that many Muslims only want peace and prosperity yet there are just as many, if not more, who believe that it is their duty to wage war against Christians and Jews.  They are mainly ill-educated but not always.  Many of the Islamists who wage violent jihad have been educated in Western universities and have lived in Europe and the United States.  Yet, in the end, they decide to attack and kill in the name of Mohammed.

We are only a few days from the arrest of one such student, a Saudi, who was studying in Texas.  He was preparing to make car bombs to wage his jihad here in the U.S.  Such is the evil that has grown from Islam:  The idea that God supports their murder of other human beings and will reward them.  I wonder if they have ever actually thought about what kind of reward God will have for them for their violation of God's Commandment "Thou shalt not murder."  The Koran  cannot be, and most assuredly is not, superior to the laws that God gave to Moses but there are those in the Islamic world who are so wrapped up in worshipping Mohammed rather than God, that they believe that it is.

Shabaz Bhatti was a Christian who died for his faith.  He was murdered not because he had committed a crime in any sense of the word but because he didn't act like the dhimmi that he was supposed to be while living in Muslim-controlled Pakistan where Christians and other religious minorities are routinely threatened with death.  No one has been arrested in his murder.

Tell me, which one is most likely to be in the presence of the Father on the day of judgement:  the one who was murdered for his faith in a Loving God or the murderer?

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