Thursday, December 30, 2010

WaPo Columnist: The Constitution is Impossible to Understand Because It’s Over 100 Years Old

I have to say that, yes, I suppose that regardless of its age the Constitution is impossible to understand...if you're a liberal idiot from the Left Stream Media like Ezra Klein.  The rest of us understand it very clearly for it's only liberals who spend their time trying to redefine words so that the outcome of the written Constitution conforms with their warped beliefs on how the government should operate.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Actor R. Lee Ermey Hammers Obama Administration: ‘They’re destroying this country’

The Gunny.  You've just got to love him.  He's an original, for real and a lot smarter than the wimps he's talking about.  He may be an entertainer but he has more common sense than 80% of Hollywood.

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Obama Administration Bypassing Congress to Institute Death Panel ‘Discussions’

There can be no argument.  This is what the left behaves and what they want and they'll do it if we let them.  Repeal is the only option.  
During the run-up to the last minute vote last year on the universally reviled Obamacare act last year the Left Stream Media blasted Sarah Palin for coining the phrase "death panels" because they couldn't find the term in their reading of that 2,000 + page monstrosity.  Of course, nobody in their right mind gives the Left Stream Media much credit for intelligence...other than themselves and their carefully selected "experts" and Sarah Palin was right.   In the end the Senate managed to take out the "end of life" counseling before the bill went to the President for his triumphant signing ceremony; but that only delayed the eugenics-minded left in creating the panels.  They now are in the process of conducting an end-run on the American people and are  putting them in place by executive fiat.

So Obama will have his "death panels"--or so he believes--anyway.  It's now up to the new House of Representatives to step-up and tell him and his Czar no.  Not only no but hell no!  It's high time that we defunded all the Czars, especially those involved in health care, and sent them packing.

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David Limbaugh: Too many coincidences for the Bible to be mere fable

He died for our original sin that we may have everlasting life.  
The title of the story, in this case, is an understatement.

I recently had several long conversations with my son about Christianity and I must admit that I am not a Biblical scholar for much of the Bible I accept on faith and faith alone.  My son, who believes in God, has a hard time wrapping his arms around Jesus and asked me questions not to challenge me but to find out what I believed.  Unfortunately my lack of Biblical knowledge made it very difficult for me to articulate my beliefs for I am becoming a Christian at a rather late stage in my life.  I did start studying the catechism of the Catholic Church about 50 years ago but didn't complete it because I didn't want to upset my devout Nazarene grandparents.  And before that I attended Sunday school at the local Nazarene church but could not see following that faith after being told at a very young age by my Sunday school teacher that going to see "The Ten Commandments" was a sin.  After I quit going to catechism I began a long journey trying to find the water for which my soul thirsted.

In the interim 50 years I was nominally Christian without a baptism and then began following the Buddhist faith after spending 6 years in Thailand.  Still, I never stopped believing in Jesus as the Son of God and the Savior and there was an itch in my intellect that just would not stop.   In 2002 I married a cradle Catholic who didn't mind my professed Buddhism and loved me greatly. It wasn't until the birth of my youngest daughter in 2006--a blessing from Heaven and my cradle Catholic wife--and a fight with cancer that I realized that what I had perceived as an intellectual itch in my psyche was actually a void in my own soul.  It came as I carried out my promise to my wife that our daughter would be raised Catholic and I began attending Mass regularly.  I came to realize that during and immediately after those services, my itch subsided and was replaced with something peaceful...something that I wanted more of because it satisfied a thirst that had never been properly quenched.  I wanted it so much that earlier this year I began again taking the steps necessary for conversion to the Catholic faith.  Clearly, when you think about it, I am an extremely slow student for this spring when I finish, am baptized and confirmed as a Catholic it will have been about 50 years since I began attending Mrs. Haken's catechism class with one of my best friends, her son, Ron.  I now wonder how different my life would have been had I completed that class.  But that is yesterday and I can't worry about what I can't change.  By God's grace today is here and tomorrow promises to be even better.

The Bible is, of course, not a fabrication.  It is the truth as God revealed it to His church and God can neither deceive or be deceived.  It has stood the test of time and is still the Greatest Book ever written.  I recommend it for your daily reading.  And, son, I recommend that you read the attached article.

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Fil-Am who committed suicide negative for drugs

Was it a case of desperation or death before dishonor?  
In what I initially viewed as a sad case there is now a new twist.  It seems that LCDR Scintar Mejia, USN, did not have drugs in his possession.  I can now imagine his complete and total despair at being accused of having drugs in his possession because he could clearly see that no matter the outcome of the investigation, his career in the United States Navy was clearly going to end.  When he arrived in Manila to visit his extended family he did so as one who is a hero.  He had not only done well in the United States but had become an officer in the military which was a most honorable accomplishment.  In his mind I'm certain that he could see that all that he had sacrificed for was being torn away from his grasp.  Instead of honor he was faced with guilt by suspicion at best or, at worst, dishonor and jail.

Was Mejia a drug user as confirmed by a post-mortem toxicology screen?  Was the sachet of powder in his bag, now known to be just powder and not a drug, a joke planted by a relative jealous of his accomplishments?  Was it placed there to take him down a notch or two from his perch of honor?  Or was it merely something slipped into the bag through slight of hand right there at the Manila airport with the idea of extracting a healthy bribe?  We will probably never know now that Mejia in a fit of total desperation threw himself into a stairwell thus ending what appears to have been a promising life.  Any of the above is a possibility but none of the above are certain.

Suicide is never easy to explain but in this case, it appears that the wrongful accusation of a poorly trained airport security inspector played a significant role.  I can only hope that the results of the investigation are fully aired.

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Chief: Woburn cop slay like ‘wild west’

Officer down.  
Another brother officer is down in the line of duty.  Another family looses a husband and father.  When the sound of gunfire erupted he ran towards it, not away, because it was his duty.  He didn't think twice about it.  He just did it knowing that St. Michael was there beside him.  Now he will age no more and he stands beside St. Michael ready again to battle evil.

Now that I'm retired I often think of those brothers-in-the-profession of mine who died in the line of duty.  I will never forget them.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lone Police Officer in Mexican Border Town Remains Missing

Chief of Police Erika Gandara.  Very brave but very outgunned.  
I was most critical of El Presidente Felipe "Too Short" Calderon earlier year when he had the extreme gall to come to the United States and criticize Arizona for its efforts to control its common border with Mexico.  At the time I strongly suggested that he clean-up his own litter box before trying to tell us how to run our nation.  He clearly hasn't done so either because he is inept or because he would rather maintain the status quo.  He of course is comfortable, safe, rich and far removed from the daily violence that sparked Arizona's legislative action.  Far removed from anything but the money that flows into Mexico via remittances from the illegal alien Mexicans working in the United States.

Now we have a situation in Mexico that hasn't turned out like all the movies Hollywood has made.  You know what I mean.  The movies where the hero/heroine takes a stand and faces down the bad guys bringing law and order to the poor citizens of some unnamed, dusty western town.  Hollywood's suspension of reality allows us to watch such a movie where the villains can't shoot straight and the good guys never miss and believe it could be real.  Reality, unfortunately, is that a lone police officer stands little chance of defeating determined evil especially if evil is backed by a dozen or so killers armed to the teeth.

Erika Gandara, Chief of Police of the small Mexican border town of Guadalupe, is a very brave young lady.  She was willing to take a job that men in her community ran from not because they were necessarily cowards but because they knew the reality of their situation and had families to worry about.  She was willing to put her life on the line for the ideal of bringing peace, law and order to her community in the face of a very determined and very evil Mexican criminal element bent on trafficking drugs on their own terms.  In Mexico that is the reality and "Too Short" is short not only in stature but in any ability to control crime in the country that elected him el presidente.  It's a shame that Mexico, a beautiful country populated with wonderful people, has suffered from successive failures in leadership in the central government.  The people there deserve much better than they are getting and they know it.  That is why so many undertake the perilous trek north into the United States where their future is uncertain but also where they know there is, at least, some safety and justice.  If their entry wasn't unlawful I would feel for them; but the reality of the situation is that it is their own government--you know, the one led by "Too Short" Calderon--that drives them from their homes through its abject failure to provide for their security.  And it seems that the government of Mexico is in no hurry to change things because those who come here as illegal aliens send dollars back to their families in Mexico that eventually winds up in the bank accounts of the Mexican elite.  It is, you might say, financially beneficial if things remain as they are.

Police Chief Gandara's whereabouts is unknown as is her fate.  The reality of the situation, again unlike Hollywood's movies, is most grim.  We should all pray for her.  I know I shall.  But if the worst becomes reality, the blood of this heroine is on the hands of El Presidente Calderon just as surely as it is on the hands of men who took her at gunpoint and burned her home.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Victory! Seattle Transit Drops Jewish Blood Libel Bus Ads

This is the type of speech that passes for approved civil discourse in Seattle.  Oddly, anything opposing this view is considered hateful.  
Seattle is a very liberal city--pardon the understatement--and it's not surprising that they, meaning Seattle Transit, had no compunction about accepting glaringly anti-semitic ads to run on their mass transit buses.  It is also not surprising that they quickly "unaccepted" those ads and refused to accept pro-Israel counter-ads.  It's a funny thing about liberals that they lack the moral compass necessary to see the difference between hate and discourse.  Anything they say in support of their beliefs is, of course, classified as legitimate discourse while opposing views are always branded as "hate speech" that could cause problems.

Evil always works best in darkness and they would have gladly run the anti-semitic ads until a light was shined upon them by The American Freedom Defense Initiative.  Then the back-peddling began.

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Star Power: Palin Takes Hollywood … And the Culture

Sara Palin continues to star.  The only question is:  How far will her star rise?  
Star Power: Palin Takes Hollywood ... And the Culture

Sara Palin continues to make waves and draw attention where ever she goes. There is something about her that speaks to Americans who are proud of their country...and she drives the left into fits of frothing anger. Which is why she's so popular among the 'regular folk' in the country.

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Mark Shields Apologizes for Saying 'Christmas Season' on Christmas Eve

Mark Shields Apologizes for Saying 'Christmas Season' on Christmas Eve

Somewhere in the world a village is truly missing its idiots. First it was Nina Totenberg and now Mark Shields.

When I first read this my first thought was "Where does PBS go to find people who are so divorced from reality and so steeped in the falseness of inclusiveness?" Shields and Totenberg are like bookends on a shelf of dime store, psycho-babble, new age books written by people who believe that the end goal is just to smugly feel good about themselves.

Follow the link for more and remember, the reason for Christmas is clear: It is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Cause Hollywood Ignores: ‘Harry Potter’ Actress In Hiding From Violent Islamists

Afshan Azad, the 22-year old who played Padma Patil.  
A Cause Hollywood Ignores: "Harry Potter" Actress In Hiding From Violent Islamists

More on the subject and it brings up a telling question: Where is Hollywood on this matter? Will the elite stand-up for one of their own or should we begin more accurately calling the Hollywood elite the "Effeminate elite?" Only time will tell.

Until then all we can do is pray for her safety and that one day she will have the freedom to follow her heart without fear.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ugly Reality of Islam

Islam is violent.  Otherwise there would be no problem.  

Harry Potter Actress Beaten and Branded a Prostitute by Her Family After Dating a Non-Muslim

I am told time and again that Islam is peaceful and those who are using it to justify any violence other than self-defense are violating the Koran. Yet the linked story is all too common. The violence of "honor killings"--how can any murder be honorable?--is all too common as is the terrorism against Muslims and non-Muslims alike. So how can a religion that continues to allow, and even give tacit approval to such actions, be termed "peaceful?" How can any religion that allows itself to justify slavery of non-adherents to that religion as is documented in Sudan be called just?

The answer is, of course: It can't. There are Muslims who are peaceful but they are clearly afraid to stand-up and shout in the face of the unthinking violence of their religious brethren. Which gives rise to another question: If, as we are told by the intelligentsia, those who are violent are only 10% of the 1 billion+ Muslims in the world, why are the overwhelming majority afraid to make that minority which espouses violence outcasts? That would surely happen in the Christian world so why not in the Muslim umma? The question is, on retrospect, almost rhetorical. While some, note only "some," of the alleged 90% are truly peaceful and willing to let others worship as they wish, the rest are secretly pleased that "their side" is advancing even if they don't necessarily agree with the violence. In other words, they don't directly approve of it, but they won't stop it.

A case in point is the recent case in Baltimore, Maryland, where an FBI sting operation resulted in the arrest of a young jihadi who wished to blow-up a military recruiting center. The jihadi tried to enlist the cooperation of 3 of his Muslim friends and only one of the friends tried to talk him out of it. When he approached the 4th friend that American went to the FBI and the budding terrorist was caught before he could fulfill his jihad. Think about it for a second. Only 1 of 4 American Muslims did what is expected of any American citizen.

The linked report is no less egregious. An internationally known actress who would appear to be from a upscale and modern thinking Muslim family in England (because, after all, they did let her appear in an internationally known and viewed movie about witches and wizards) is in fear for her life for the apparently unforgivable sin of dating a non-Muslim. There is an evil, it seems, in the hearts of her family and she is now in hiding because of a beating by her father and death threats that involve both the father and the brother. She is in hiding because her father is now demanding that she enter into a marriage he arranged with a Muslim. She is in hiding because our British cousins find themselves totally hobbled by political correctness run amuck and are unable to protect her should she appear to give evidence against her father and brother. It is then, an unfortunate case where both Islam and Christianity have failed the young lady. Islam because it allows such barbarity that could not exist without a nod and a wink from the religious hierarchy; and, Christianity because it has turned a blind eye out of a desire to be inclusive of all thus ignores the problem and does not take stern action--at least in England.

America, I'm afraid, is no less guilty as there have been honor killings here. Two young Muslim girls were allegedly murdered by their father in Texas for "being too westernized" as was a young girl in Arizona for the same inane reason. And another Muslim man in upstate New York allegedly killed and decapitated his wife over "honor" because she wanted a divorce.

Is it any wonder that Americans are uncomfortable with Islam? This is clearly represented by the efforts of some states to forbid the use of shari'ah law in their own courts and the strident opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque in lower Manhattan. The ball is in the umma's court. Islam can only be changed from within and that will only happen if the umma can subdue the barbarians who are in control.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Scrooge Was A Liberal

Once again Ann Coulter sticks an exceedingly sharp pin in the liberals who want nothing more than to take care of people...with other people's money, of course.  Christians do it the old fashioned way...with their own money.

Follow the link for more and do enjoy.

And by the way, Merry Christmas.  Remember, it's when we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Freeing the Black Jihad Slaves in Sudan

Stop slavery.  Stop it now.  
I've spoken before on the economic slavery that the liberal left is working hard to institute here in the United States.  In many respects it is as pernicious and demeaning in its denial of freedom to the individual as was the slavery of the body that we eliminated in the United States during the 19th century.  It's goal is to turn all citizens into slaves of the state for the belief of liberals is that the state is all important and individuals must conform or be ostracized.

The tragedy of the slavery of the body that was defeated with the Civil War in the United States is still, however, practiced by Muslim countries in Africa.  This really should not surprise anyone who has studied history as it was Muslims, after all, who captured and sold the slaves to European and American slave traders in the 19th century; and slaves have been common in the Middle East since before Islam became a religion.  The main difference is that it is now practiced almost exclusively in Muslim countries where shari'ah law is in force.  This is not to say that all Muslims are slave traders, but it is obvious that Islam is used in places like the Sudan and Saudi Arabia to justify slavery.  The slavery in Sudan especially is so violent and disgustingly immoral that civilized nations would be absolutely justified in totally eliminating the government of that country by force and ensuring that President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, an already-indicted war criminal, meets a fate similar to Saddam Hussein.

Is it any wonder that we in America are adamantly against the introduction of shari'ah law into the American legal system?

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The Death Panel's First Murder

Repeal!  And take back America from the Socialists.  
The liberals gasped and feigned shock when Sarah Palin came up with the "Death Panel" accusation in connection with Obamacare.  The Left Stream Media immediately went on the attack branding Palin with the usual slurs and denying that there would be anything close to "Death Panels" resulting from Obamacare.  In doing so, they blatantly ignored the stated beliefs of those who would be involved in setting up Obamacare.

I have two friends who are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer:  one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast.  Both of these women are extremely good people with family and friends.  Both have undergone surgery and chemo.  As I look at them and think about what they have faced and still face, I think about what I faced with my own cancer when my daughter was only a few months old.  Thankfully I found an excellent doctor who using the latest techniques removed the cancer from my body and I am now cancer free.  The operation, like the medicine that the FDA has now essentially banned, was not cheap; but the fact that my 4 year-old daughter will have a father for many, many years to come made the treatment worth every penny.  How would I feel if a bureaucrat in Washington decided that the type of robotic surgery that I underwent was just not cost effective based on the number of years I have left in which to earn and pay taxes?  Sound a little 1984-ish?  I've got news for you out there:  That's exactly the way they are now determining what treatments we will receive.

Follow the link for more.  And when someone you love is denied treatment in the future because "it's just not cost effective" you'll know exactly where the blame lies.  Use that knowledge wisely.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NPR's Totenberg Expresses Regret for Using Term 'Christmas Party'

Nina Totenberg exemplifies the problem of the liberal elite.  They consider themselves just "too cool" for God and Christianity when in actuality they are just incurably ignorant.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hubert Webb's Press Conference - Genuine Justice at Last!

Free at last!  
It was an early Christmas for the Webb family and for all who believe in justice.

Some 15 years ago Hubert Webb, the son of former Philippine Senator Freddie Webb, was convicted in court for his involvement in the notorious Vizconde Massacre in the Philippines.  For those of us who were in the Philippines and familiar with the case, it was a conviction based not on fact or evidence but on the exploitive media who convicted Webb in the court of public opinion long before he ever sat down before the bar of justice...or what was supposed to be a bar of justice.

My long time and trusted friend, Retired FBI Special Agent Bob Heafner, will be most pleased with this Philippine Supreme Court decision.  Bob had handled all the US leads in the case as the LEGATT (Embassy-speak for "Legal Attaché") in Manila during the investigation by the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police.  The FBI's work on the case proved beyond any doubt that young Hubert Webb was in the United States at the time of the murder; but their evidence was not allowed to be presented in the court by the sitting judge, a woman whose name escapes me at the moment but who clearly deserves to be forgotten in the dustbins of history.  Why wasn't the FBI's evidence allowed, you ask?  Because the learned (???) judge ruled that the U.S. Secretary of State was not there in court to testify to its veracity.  The judge, clearly predetermined to find the defendant guilty, set the standard for the introduction of the FBI's evidence irrationally and impossibly high.  Higher than the international norm--the evidence was presented with the appropriate seal of the United States and attested to by the U.S. State Department which is normal--and clearly so high as to prevent its introduction as evidence.  Other than the tabloid--actually it was so bad that it is almost an insult to real tabloid papers to use that descriptive term--journalism which had already convicted Webb, we may never know exactly why the judge was so determined to prevent any exculpatory evidence from being introduced in this case.  We--and I use this as inclusive of all the U.S. law enforcement officers at the U.S. Embassy--had our suspicions and even had a couple of phone calls from informants telling us who was behind the frame-up but we had no proof nor did we have the authority to investigate it.  It was, after all, a matter on the internal affairs of the Republic of the Philippines and we could only assist as requested by Philippine authorities.  Suffice it to say that then Senator Freddie Webb, Hubert's father, had previously embarrassed numerous personalities in the Philippines, some with a significant amount of power and wealth, with his Senate hearings on a drug case, a 5,000 kilogram methaqualone seizure, which I handled as the DEA Country Attaché.  Could it have been revenge?  Quite likely but absent a death bed confession by the real killers or someone who was behind framing young Hubert, we'll never know.

Today, however, I am smiling.  The Philippine Supreme Court ruled, as lawyer friends in the Philippines had always assured me it would, wisely and correctly if but slowly.  I consider this ruling a wonderful personal Christmas present, as I'm sure does Bob Heafner, for the satisfaction that I feel in finally seeing justice done.  I am sure that the happy impact of this pre-Christmas ruling on the Webb family is greater than any of us can imagine.

What still troubles me is that the trail of the actual murderers is now ice cold.  The authorities at the time took (read "were directed to") the easy and popular route and any evidence that didn't point to Webb, et al., was discarded and is now lost.  This means that the father who lost his family, Lauro Vizconde, will most likely never see the real killers brought to justice.  It also means that those killers have been free to rape and kill again all this time.  Mr. Vizconde should be in our prayers this holiday season as his loss was even greater than the injustice suffered by Hubert.  (It should be noted that Mr. Vizconde remains absolutely convinced that it was Webb, et al., who murdered his wife and two daughters.  I attribute this to the horrendous publicity of the time and that which he was told by Philippine officials in support of their case theory which played heavily on his emotional state.)  For Lauro Vizconde I am truly sad.

As for Hubert, all I can say is Merry Christmas!  You deserve it.

As a matter of disclosure, as the Country Attaché for DEA at the U.S. Embassy in Manila I did work with then Senator Webb on drug issues and grew to like and respect him.  We've not been in contact for over a decade, but I've no doubt that a terrible weight has finally been lifted off his shoulders.  God Bless you and your family this Christmas, Freddie.  I'm sure that it will be a great celebration.

Follow the link for to watch the video.

Monday, December 13, 2010 » Michelle Obama on Child Nutrition: ‘We Can’t Just Leave It Up To The Parents’

Unlike her food drive, this was actually a good idea.  She should have stopped while she was ahead. » Michelle Obama on Child Nutrition: ‘We Can’t Just Leave It Up To The Parents’

I hate to break it to Michelle but she's not a Czarina and, yes, we can leave it up to the parents. Only someone who is demented, or committed strongly to government by dictate (in other words, a dictator), would presume that the nation state has the right to tell parents what to feed their children.

But then again, everything she has done and said shows that she is that demented and is that committed.

The problem we've got, however, is not with what parents feed their children but the constant dumbing down of our educational system to include the lackadaisical attitude towards good, old-fashioned PE. The problem is not as much with the types of food our children eat but that they sit in front of a TV or a computer for their recreational activities instead of being outside playing with their friends. Our schools have failed to live up to the healthy mind and healthy body ideal that was the goal when I was a youth and instead worry mainly about the student's self-image. They do that because it's easier than trying to tell parents that their kid just can't hack it and they need to get involved with him or her in a big way. Think about it. What kind of self-image can you have when you aren't required to achieve a specific goal or fail?

The stated goal of Coach Bob Carter when I and the rest of the Freshmen boys walked into the gym that first day of school in September in 1963 was simple. "You will pass the Marine Corps Recruit Physical Fitness Test by the end of the year or you will fail this course!" he said. And we all knew that if we failed the course we'd have to take it again the next year because it was required for graduation and no one wanted to be a Sophomore having to take a Freshman class. Today, I dare say that type of rigid standard would not be allowed in a majority of the schools across the nation. Dare I also say that denying an otherwise healthy child a diploma because they can't perform basic physical activities due to being lazy or lacking motivation would not be allowed today? Parents would be up in arms that their child was being made to actually meet a standard or be given an "F" but even worse, school administrators and lawyers would have a heart attack over the possible repercussions. I mean, it's bad enough that the kids know that they have to achieve a certain level but can you imagine the blood pressure in liberal families when they see the words "Marine Corps?"

Several of the kids in my class initially had a very hard time keeping up. It wasn't easy but by the end of the year each of the boys--we were by then all of 15 and still boys--could do 50 push-ups and the required number of sit-ups, pull-ups and the run. Some were better than others but all achieved the goal that was so clearly announced at the beginning of the year. If "Michelle da Belly" really wants to address the physical fitness of the children in this nation, she should quite planning on the federal government taking over from the parents and go find Bob Carter. He'll be happy to tell her how to make youngsters sweat properly and how to make boys into young men because he did that for me and the rest of the fellows in my class. By the way, he didn't do it with touchy-feely type teaching methods unless you count on a foot in your behind if you tried to be a slacker. He was a football coach and did a great job with the baseball team, too, as he taught us not only how to exercise, but how to win and how to lose. (And he even taught the German language class as part of his teaching duties. Did I say it was a small school?) So if anyone out there has Michelle's ear, tell her to quite trying to be the Food Czar--she's not elected to do anything anyway--and to call Coach Carter. He'll straighten her out and tell her how it should be done.

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Hamilton Police shooting video

Police Dash-Cam Video

Sometimes our Guardian Angel has to work overtime. In this case the now-deceased "I-wanna-be-a-cop-killer" traffic violator had obviously fired his gun once before then opened the cylinder and closed it in such a way that the next round would be the already fired chamber. That "mistake" saved the life of this officer.

We can Monday Morning Quarterback with the officer's actions all we want but all in all he did his job very well. After having a weapon thrust into his face with a simultaneous pulling of the trigger accompanied by that ominous CLICK! of the hammer falling--enough to get anybody's fascinated attention--the officer recovered quickly, moved to make the subject's next shot harder and drew his own weapon in response. While I'm not saying that there are no lessons to be learned, I find no fault with what the officer did as he accomplished the most important mission of his shift that night: He went home safely to his family.

Follow the link to watch it for yourself and caution if there are kids in the room. There is an understandable and very clear expletive uttered during the encounter.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Award of the Medal of Honor to Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta...and the Dishonor Accorded his Parents and the Parents of Those Who Died

Oh! Would that those who posture as our rulers in Washington have one-tenth the Patriotism, Courage and Humility of this man!  
The inability of Obama and the Democratic Party to give the proper respect to Americans is well documented but if you've got 5 minutes listen to this story.  It is sad that the occasion was politicized by the Democrats.  But then again, what can you expect?

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Insurance Companies Stop Treatments Based on Pending FDA Rationing Decision

Insurance Companies Stop Treatments Based on Pending FDA Rationing Decision

Obamacare Death Panels are already in full swing even though they haven't been formally activated. Can the FDA be any more asinine?

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Effort may give birds, bees, trees legal standing

It appears that substance abuse has seriously affected the minds of the enviro-wackos of the world.

Follow the link for a story that is right out of La-La Land.  No!'s from LA!

‘Mainstream’ Islamist Group Wants ‘Global Caliphate’ and Islamist America

It's not being fabricated.  They speak for themselves.
Will we let people like this control the destiny of our children?

The inability of people to recognize the threat that organizations like this are to our Constitution and our way of life is frustrating.  Time an again we are told that not all Muslims are trying to destroy our country and that it's not Islam that's the problem but a small group of political fanatics that use Islam as a front or cover for the terrorism that they perpetrate.  Then something like this comes along and we find out that a "mainstream" Muslim group, in this case the Islamic Circle of North America, actually promotes the establishment of a worldwide caliphate and the subjugation of America to shari'ah law and in doing so advances the cause of the so-called political fanatics.

Will someone please tell us why our government leaders aren't calling these people out?  Will someone please tell us why our government is more concerned about criticizing Islamic organizations such as the ICNA and CAIR than it is about protecting our Constitution and way of life?  Will someone please tell us why liberals in the Left Stream Media and the entertainment world kowtow to Islam while feeling free to insult all Christians?  (Wait!  I think I know the answer to that.  See the pictures of Rage Boy and his friends above.)

Isn't it time that our leaders admitted that there is a problem?

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Civil rights panel faults Justice on Panthers

It's clear that Obama's way is the Chicago Way.  Friends and supporters of Obama are protected by Holder's Justice Department.  Even worse, the attitude of the Department of Justice is that racial consideration (it's called racism anywhere else) is an integral and necessary part of the decision making process in the Civil Rights section of the Department.

Follow the link to read more about Holder's Justice Department.  Follow, that is, only if you can stand the smell.

KISS’s Gene Simmons: ‘I’m Very Conservative’ on Some Issues, Regrets Voting for ‘Unqualified’ Obama

I must admit that I've never been a fan of Kiss or Gene Simmons but I can see in this article that there is common ground between us.  I was actually surprised at his statements as they aren't what we normally see from an "entertainment" type of person.  But then, neither Gene Simmons nor Kiss became famous because they did what we'd seen before.

And just so you'll know, his statements were a pleasant surprise.

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Black Farmer Blows Whistle on Pigford: ‘If You Got a Potted Plant, That Makes You a Farmer’

And even if it was, we have our guy in charge at the Department of Justice.
Black Farmer Blows Whistle on Pigford: "If You Got a Potted Plant, That Makes You a Farmer"

I've not written before on Pigford because it's so vast that it's hard to understand at first. Suffice to say that the amount of fraud in the Pigford makes Bernie Madoff look like small fry. And guess what? Obama and his Regime are aiding and abetting it.

Follow the link for an excellent post from Publius.

Harry Reid tries to add online poker to tax bill

"It's cold here in Washington today."  
"How cold is it?"  
"It's so cold that I saw Harry Reid with his hands in his own pockets!"  
And excellent story from the Politico that shows the type of promises made by Dingy Harry Reid in his successful effort to retain his Senate seat.  It's all about money, folks, and Harry now will be working hard to ensure the profits of casinos and unions and amnesty for Latinos.  What is good for the nation takes 3rd place in Harry's book.  First is what's good for Harry.  Second is what's good for Harry's major money supporters.  Third--maybe--is what is good for the nation.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"This is no drill"

Pearl Harbor...the name itself evokes emotions even among us who weren't yet born that December 7th, 1941.  I went there many years ago and a friend from the Secret Service, Tom Collins (may he rest in peace), arranged for a tour.  It was sobering to look down into the water and see the Arizona laying just a few feet below the surface.  But it took until 9/11/01 for me to fully understand the feelings that my parents had when Pearl Harbor was mentioned.  Until the day she died my mother could remember exactly what she was doing that day and any mention of Pearl Harbor led to her talking about friends and acquaintances who were working for MK (Morrison-Knudson) on Wake Island when the war started and never left that island.

9/11 was my generation's Pearl Harbor moment.  Like my parents I can remember the small details of that day.  Unlike my parents, I look at a now feckless Federal Government response to terrorists who that day we finally realized had declared war on us.  Our military has done all it has been asked to do and more but the idea that we can wage war in a piecemeal manner against an enemy that purposely hides behind the skirts of its women and children offers no easy solution.  Today, however, it is proper that we put aside our current tribulations and consider the world that our parents and grandparents--and for some their great-grandparents--faced when they woke-up that morning, December 7th, 1941:  "...a date that will live in infamy."

Here are some photos from that day.

The USS Arizona today.  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

UN Climate Summit Leader Prays to Mayan Moon Goddess

I wonder, did they open the Climate Change Conference in Cancun on the night of a full moon?  
The idiocy of the climate change fanatics is now clear for all to see.  Praying to the Mayan Moon goddess is proof positive that the push for climate change is more pagan worship than science.

I've said all along that the central goal of AlGore's Global Warming/Climate Change fraud is not the weather but money...your's and mine.  The central idea is to redistribute America's wealth--that which Obama, Reid and Pelosi haven't squandered, that is--to the third world.  Climate was only a vehicle for the creation of a new elite class of billionaires from the left.

That this is ridiculous goes without saying.  That there are people in our own government that take it seriously is frightening.

For more see Exodus 20:3.  

Follow the link for an excellent read.

'Pelosi-nomics' requires willing suspension of reason

This editorial from the Washington Times is on point.  Nancy "The Nanny" Pelosi lives in an apparently drug-induced fantasy world.  Her mind must have been seriously affected by a wild, San Francisco hippy youth or Botox has some serious side-effects that were not anticipated by the doctors who pioneered its use.  There is no other explanation for such drivel.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Respected media outlets collaborate with WikiLeaks

The linked article makes the erroneous and laughable assumption that a majority of people have respect for the New York Slime and the other media outfits that are involved.  In reality, the "media outlets" in question are good only for birdcage or kitty litter liner.
"Will somebody please get the NY Times for me?  This stuff is rough on my bum!"

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Runner Crawls to Finish to Win Title for Her Ailing Coach

Holland Reynolds has probably heard little about Amelia Earhart; but she has clearly learned that courage is merely the result of an unbending determination to finish the fight.  

This should have been titled "The Heart of a Champion" for this young lady is truly a champion and an inspiration.

The New York Times posted this as I was watching it on Fox.  The NY Times is best known for its slime but in this case, they printed gold.

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