Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Ugly Reality of Islam

Islam is violent.  Otherwise there would be no problem.  

Harry Potter Actress Beaten and Branded a Prostitute by Her Family After Dating a Non-Muslim

I am told time and again that Islam is peaceful and those who are using it to justify any violence other than self-defense are violating the Koran. Yet the linked story is all too common. The violence of "honor killings"--how can any murder be honorable?--is all too common as is the terrorism against Muslims and non-Muslims alike. So how can a religion that continues to allow, and even give tacit approval to such actions, be termed "peaceful?" How can any religion that allows itself to justify slavery of non-adherents to that religion as is documented in Sudan be called just?

The answer is, of course: It can't. There are Muslims who are peaceful but they are clearly afraid to stand-up and shout in the face of the unthinking violence of their religious brethren. Which gives rise to another question: If, as we are told by the intelligentsia, those who are violent are only 10% of the 1 billion+ Muslims in the world, why are the overwhelming majority afraid to make that minority which espouses violence outcasts? That would surely happen in the Christian world so why not in the Muslim umma? The question is, on retrospect, almost rhetorical. While some, note only "some," of the alleged 90% are truly peaceful and willing to let others worship as they wish, the rest are secretly pleased that "their side" is advancing even if they don't necessarily agree with the violence. In other words, they don't directly approve of it, but they won't stop it.

A case in point is the recent case in Baltimore, Maryland, where an FBI sting operation resulted in the arrest of a young jihadi who wished to blow-up a military recruiting center. The jihadi tried to enlist the cooperation of 3 of his Muslim friends and only one of the friends tried to talk him out of it. When he approached the 4th friend that American went to the FBI and the budding terrorist was caught before he could fulfill his jihad. Think about it for a second. Only 1 of 4 American Muslims did what is expected of any American citizen.

The linked report is no less egregious. An internationally known actress who would appear to be from a upscale and modern thinking Muslim family in England (because, after all, they did let her appear in an internationally known and viewed movie about witches and wizards) is in fear for her life for the apparently unforgivable sin of dating a non-Muslim. There is an evil, it seems, in the hearts of her family and she is now in hiding because of a beating by her father and death threats that involve both the father and the brother. She is in hiding because her father is now demanding that she enter into a marriage he arranged with a Muslim. She is in hiding because our British cousins find themselves totally hobbled by political correctness run amuck and are unable to protect her should she appear to give evidence against her father and brother. It is then, an unfortunate case where both Islam and Christianity have failed the young lady. Islam because it allows such barbarity that could not exist without a nod and a wink from the religious hierarchy; and, Christianity because it has turned a blind eye out of a desire to be inclusive of all thus ignores the problem and does not take stern action--at least in England.

America, I'm afraid, is no less guilty as there have been honor killings here. Two young Muslim girls were allegedly murdered by their father in Texas for "being too westernized" as was a young girl in Arizona for the same inane reason. And another Muslim man in upstate New York allegedly killed and decapitated his wife over "honor" because she wanted a divorce.

Is it any wonder that Americans are uncomfortable with Islam? This is clearly represented by the efforts of some states to forbid the use of shari'ah law in their own courts and the strident opposition to the Ground Zero Mosque in lower Manhattan. The ball is in the umma's court. Islam can only be changed from within and that will only happen if the umma can subdue the barbarians who are in control.

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