Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Obama Administration Bypassing Congress to Institute Death Panel ‘Discussions’

There can be no argument.  This is what the left behaves and what they want and they'll do it if we let them.  Repeal is the only option.  
During the run-up to the last minute vote last year on the universally reviled Obamacare act last year the Left Stream Media blasted Sarah Palin for coining the phrase "death panels" because they couldn't find the term in their reading of that 2,000 + page monstrosity.  Of course, nobody in their right mind gives the Left Stream Media much credit for intelligence...other than themselves and their carefully selected "experts" and Sarah Palin was right.   In the end the Senate managed to take out the "end of life" counseling before the bill went to the President for his triumphant signing ceremony; but that only delayed the eugenics-minded left in creating the panels.  They now are in the process of conducting an end-run on the American people and are  putting them in place by executive fiat.

So Obama will have his "death panels"--or so he believes--anyway.  It's now up to the new House of Representatives to step-up and tell him and his Czar no.  Not only no but hell no!  It's high time that we defunded all the Czars, especially those involved in health care, and sent them packing.

Follow the link for more.  It'll boost your blood pressure.

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