Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Death Panel's First Murder

Repeal!  And take back America from the Socialists.  
The liberals gasped and feigned shock when Sarah Palin came up with the "Death Panel" accusation in connection with Obamacare.  The Left Stream Media immediately went on the attack branding Palin with the usual slurs and denying that there would be anything close to "Death Panels" resulting from Obamacare.  In doing so, they blatantly ignored the stated beliefs of those who would be involved in setting up Obamacare.

I have two friends who are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer:  one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast.  Both of these women are extremely good people with family and friends.  Both have undergone surgery and chemo.  As I look at them and think about what they have faced and still face, I think about what I faced with my own cancer when my daughter was only a few months old.  Thankfully I found an excellent doctor who using the latest techniques removed the cancer from my body and I am now cancer free.  The operation, like the medicine that the FDA has now essentially banned, was not cheap; but the fact that my 4 year-old daughter will have a father for many, many years to come made the treatment worth every penny.  How would I feel if a bureaucrat in Washington decided that the type of robotic surgery that I underwent was just not cost effective based on the number of years I have left in which to earn and pay taxes?  Sound a little 1984-ish?  I've got news for you out there:  That's exactly the way they are now determining what treatments we will receive.

Follow the link for more.  And when someone you love is denied treatment in the future because "it's just not cost effective" you'll know exactly where the blame lies.  Use that knowledge wisely.

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