Wednesday, December 8, 2010

‘Mainstream’ Islamist Group Wants ‘Global Caliphate’ and Islamist America

It's not being fabricated.  They speak for themselves.
Will we let people like this control the destiny of our children?

The inability of people to recognize the threat that organizations like this are to our Constitution and our way of life is frustrating.  Time an again we are told that not all Muslims are trying to destroy our country and that it's not Islam that's the problem but a small group of political fanatics that use Islam as a front or cover for the terrorism that they perpetrate.  Then something like this comes along and we find out that a "mainstream" Muslim group, in this case the Islamic Circle of North America, actually promotes the establishment of a worldwide caliphate and the subjugation of America to shari'ah law and in doing so advances the cause of the so-called political fanatics.

Will someone please tell us why our government leaders aren't calling these people out?  Will someone please tell us why our government is more concerned about criticizing Islamic organizations such as the ICNA and CAIR than it is about protecting our Constitution and way of life?  Will someone please tell us why liberals in the Left Stream Media and the entertainment world kowtow to Islam while feeling free to insult all Christians?  (Wait!  I think I know the answer to that.  See the pictures of Rage Boy and his friends above.)

Isn't it time that our leaders admitted that there is a problem?

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