Saturday, December 4, 2010

UN Climate Summit Leader Prays to Mayan Moon Goddess

I wonder, did they open the Climate Change Conference in Cancun on the night of a full moon?  
The idiocy of the climate change fanatics is now clear for all to see.  Praying to the Mayan Moon goddess is proof positive that the push for climate change is more pagan worship than science.

I've said all along that the central goal of AlGore's Global Warming/Climate Change fraud is not the weather but money...your's and mine.  The central idea is to redistribute America's wealth--that which Obama, Reid and Pelosi haven't squandered, that is--to the third world.  Climate was only a vehicle for the creation of a new elite class of billionaires from the left.

That this is ridiculous goes without saying.  That there are people in our own government that take it seriously is frightening.

For more see Exodus 20:3.  

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Search Engine Marketing said...

climate change - is really a hot topic & nobody else but human is responsible for such things.Due to which the animal& plant life got disturbing day by day.we should do something.
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Papa Bill said...

Your assumption is that only humans affect climate change which doesn't explain past ice ages and warming periods. Were there SUV's during the last ice age? Doubtful. So what caused climate change in the past?

Citizen Tom said...

Love that line from Michelle Malkin's article.

" If Helen Thomas and Code Pink had a love child…"