Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Crucial and Legitimate Role of Religion in the Public Square

The Crucial and Legitimate Role of Religion in the Public Square

The Pope, in his homily at the Mass celebrated in Glasgow, used the phrase, "dictatorship of relativism." It is a perfect phrase, you might even say divinely inspired, to describe what we face in the United States today as the Obama Regime supported by Nancy "The Nanny" Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid do their best to create a socialist state over the objections of We the People. They hold to no true moral compass at all. Obama shows that he is a Christian, albeit one who equates Christ's teachings with Karl Marx. Pelosi is a Catholic, albeit one who supports abortion. Reid is a Mormon, albeit one who has turned his back on the Constitution unlike his co-religionist, Glenn Beck.

The proffered religious beliefs of all three are really immaterial–yes, I am aware that there are those who say Obama is a secret Muslim and that, too, is immaterial–because it is not their religious beliefs that matter here. What matters is their purposeful drive towards a dictatorship of relativism where there is no moral compass to be followed. In their perfect world, the ruling elite–in other words, themselves–will decide what is moral and right. Do you want a Christian, a Catholic and a Mormon who can, through moral relativism, blindly support partial birth abortions making those decisions for you and your family? I realize that since 1930 a portion of the Christian Church condones abortion so Obama might be within the moral compass provided by his church but the Catholics and Mormons do not. (Did you know that before 1930 no Christian sect condoned abortion?) That's the liberal agenda and that's what will happen if this triumvirate returns to power in January. They shoved Obamacare with its death panels–yes, they are there to "control costs" just as they are in England–down our throats despite our vociferous objections. Do you want more? Remember that when you go to the polls in November.

Follow the link for an excellent article on Pope Benedict's visit to Great Britain.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hope, Change, and the Uninformed Public

The American voter according to John Kerry and the Democrat Party.
Hope, Change, and the Uninformed Public

For once John Kerry is telling the truth for this is exactly how Barack H. Obama was elected. Of course, it's how Kerry continues to be elected as well.

Imagine, however, the depth of disdain that the leading lights of the Neo-Lib Democrat Party have for the American people.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Black Panther case: Red hot

These are some of Holder's and Obama's "peeps."
The linked editorial rightly skewers Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez for his misleading–a politically correct way of saying he lied–testimony before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.  Misstatements of the type made by Perez are sufficient enough to present a Giglio (Giglio v. United States, 405 U.S. 150, 153 U.S. 1972) problem for any law enforcement officer, and could well lead to their dismissal from law enforcement employment.  After all, what good is a law enforcement officer when they have been caught lying under oath.

But wait!  Wasn't Perez' testimony under oath.  Has his testimony now been impeached?  Absolutely.  Like Bill Clinton, Tom Perez has become a lawyer whose word while under oath is worthless.  Perez, however, is not the problem.  That stems from Eric Holder whom I believe is the worst Attorney General in the history of our nation.  It is highly improbable that Perez acted without the knowledge or approval of Holder as that just isn't done at that level in the government.  Holder  clearly bears the responsibility for this fiasco and he should be in the hot seat along with Perez.

Also of interest is Loretta King, the supervisor of the Voter Rights section, who now stands accused of actively blocking any enforcement of the voter rights laws if the victim is white.  This is sometimes called "reverse discrimination" but there is nothing reverse about it.  Racial discrimination is discrimination based on the color of one's skin and the idea that only white people can discriminate is non-sensical and the product of very twisted and demented minds.  Neo-Lib Democrats are the main promoters of such discriminatory practices because it assists in their goal of pitting races and classes against each other to facilitate their acquisition of power.  I'm not sure what Ms. King's politics are but it is clear that she favors an interpretation of the law that is not consistent with either the intent of the law or Congress' stated purpose when it was passed.

As the editorial says, now let us see just how fast the Department of Justice moves to clean out the racists who have come to occupy the positions of power in the Civil Rights section.  It can't be soon enough.

These are issues to contemplate this coming November.  The reason that the Holder Department of Justice has acted in such a blatantly discriminatory manner is because they could.  The Neo-Lib Democrats currently hold commanding majorities in both houses of Congress and Holder, et al., know that with that power they can act with impunity for nothing will be done by Congress to stop their egregious actions.

We can change that this November and in doing so restore some of the integrity that the Department of Justice has lost in the last two years.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Voting Rights Official Calls Black Panther Dismissal a 'Travesty on Justice'

Eric Holder - the epitome of disgrace.
This is appalling!  Eric Holder is a disgrace to the office of the Attorney General.  If he was honorable and ethical he would resign immediately but clearly, in my humble opinion, he is neither.  He has perverted justice and should be removed by impeachment as soon as possible.  Until he is removed we must watch his actions carefully for he clearly wants to destroy the Department of Justice through politicization.

A nation that has prided itself on being just should not have to suffer such arrogance and stupidity from its Attorney General.

Follow the link for the story.

Then vote in November.  We need to kick progressives from both parties out of government and return to the federalist republic that was designed by our Forefathers.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chris Coons: 'I Studied Under A Marxist'

And the Left Stream Media is worried about Christine O'Donnell having dated a guy who said he was a witch when she was in high school.  If she was a liberal idiot like her opponent they'd be touting her as an example of the multiculturalism of the left!

There is no journalism left.  It's all propaganda now.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bill Clinton On Sarah Palin: We May Be Entering A “Fact free” Period In Politics

Remember the "sex" he said he didn't have?  Well, it seems he's still got a problem with his facts.
This from an absolutely disgraceful man who is a proven liar and who will say anything for political advantage.

Follow the link for a laugh.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Florida couple pleads guilty to abusing Filipino workers | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

Florida couple pleads guilty to abusing Filipino workers | ABS-CBN News | Latest Philippine Headlines, Breaking News, Video, Analysis, Features

I first saw this headline on FoxNews and then I saw it again on several on-line Filipino newspapers. When I first arrived in the Philippines in 1991 I was immediately made aware that while our U.S. media has its faults in skewing the news, they held no advantage over the rabid newspapers in Manila. One of the most egregious examples were the headlines in all the local papers about an American who murdered his girlfriend and stuffed the parts in the trunk of a car. They termed it a "chop-chop murder." Everyday for weeks there was an article in the papers detailing the crime and ascribing it to the "American."

When the facts came out it turned out that the individual was indeed the son of an American serviceman who left the Philippines before the "American" was born and did not participate in the parenting of the murderer. To top it off, the individual was raised by his Filipino family totally in the Filipino culture and never knew his father let alone visited America. By virtue of American law, he did get an American passport so was technically, I suppose, an American, but about as much an American as I am a German, a Norwegian or a Brit. In other words, not really at all, so I suppose the whole point of the newspaper headlines was not to accurately report the crime but to sensationalize it by ascribing the criminality to a foreigner. It also served to provide the false impression that only foreigners would commit such a heinous crime.

This case is very much the same. The same on-line media that was touting the move of two "Fil-Ams" into advisory positions in the White House and the re-election of another Fil-Am to a state position in Maryland reported on the "Florida couple" who had enslaved Filipino Overseas Contract Workers (OCWs). But they did so while failing to report that these two "Floridians" were also Fil-Ams taking advantage of their own former countrymen. These criminals do, of course, deserve the harshest prison sentence possible for their hard-hearted scheme that prayed on the willingness of good, hard-working OCW Filipinos to travel to far and distant lands for work; and I am reasonably certain that they would get an even harsher sentence in Manila. But they also deserve the shameful notoriety back home in the Philippines so that others might hesitate to follow the same path of profitable criminality. There are many employment agencies that hire and take good care of Filipino workers here in the U.S. but it behooves all to recognize that some are less interested in taking care of their employees than in their own profit. The OCW must always take care not to fall for the lies of a smooth talking recruiter. The salient point is, however, that it is all well and good, even laudable, to highlight the successes of people of Filipino descent who have migrated to other countries, but to purposely avoid mentioning the heritage of individuals who commit crimes when it is inconvenient is a disservice to all. A Fil-Am is a Fil-Am whether they have achieved fame or notoriety for the fame or the notoriety really points to the individual's character rather than their ethnic heritage. It is the character of the individual that counts and not the tint of their skin or the blood that runs in their veins and shame on those who perpetuate anything less.

By the way, lest you think that identifying the ethnicity of the two was too difficult for the news media in the Philippines–after all, there are a lot of Latinos in Florida and the names are very similar–bear in mind that it only took about half a dozen clicks of the mouse to get the information. You can go to:


and see it for yourself.

Follow the link for the story.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Al-Qaeda on Capitol Hill: Congressional Muslim Staffers Association Embraces Islamic Radicals and Terrorists

This is their goal.  
Al-Qaeda on Capitol Hill: Congressional Muslim Staffers Association Embraces Islamic Radicals and Terrorists

The idea that Americans in or near positions of power could willingly aid and abet the furtherance of a political movement dedicated to the subversion of our Constitution and the destruction of our nation is frightening, but that is what the authors of the linked article outline. And scary it is.

Americans are ingrained from day one with the ideal that people may worship as they wish once they come to these shores. But since the 19th century confrontation between the Mormons and the Federal Government over plural marriage which led to a change in Mormon religious doctrine, there has never been a religious movement on our shores so deeply intertwined with an associated political ideology as Islam. It should not be surprising, therefore, that we are confused in how to deal with a group that has a Constitutional right to worship as they please yet a religious obligation to actively advance the goal of placing their religious law in a position above our nation's Constitution. We know that is what the Muslim Brotherhood wants to do and that it is wrong and must be stopped yet we hesitate. Compounding the confusion are the neo-liberal doctrines of diversity and multiculturalism that demand our understanding and acceptance of others without reciprocity. This did not exist when Federal troops were sent to the Territory of Utah in 1857 and thus when Utah became a state it did so without polygamy.

Follow the link for more.

Genuine Institutionalized Racism

Genuine Institutionalized Racism

The real racism in 21st century America is embodied in the economic enslavement of generations of minority voters through government giveaways in return for their continued support of the Democrat Party. It is as shameful as the Democrat refusal to pass the Civil Rights Act in 1957. It is as shameful as the race-baiting hucksters who profit by their continued exploitation of race as a political issue.

Isn't it time that we start judging people on their character rather than the color of their skin? Isn't it time that we quit creating poverty for generations of minority voters in order to perpetuate the political power of the Democrats? Isn't it time that we realized that racism is a two-way street and that the hucksters who line their pockets while allegedly standing-up for their race are not hoping for an end of racial animosity but to perpetuate it for their own benefit.

Follow the link for more.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day

The Constitution. Most young people know it exists and most young people have never read it. Their teachers have helpfully explained it to them, sometimes correctly, but with the exception of those students who go to Hillsdale College, they were never actually required to read and understand the document put together by our Founding Fathers. (And sadly, that goes for their teachers as well.)


But there is hope. This is Constitution Day. Take time to talk you your children about the Constitution. Better yet, help them become a member of the Heritage Foundation and they'll get a copy of the Constitution that they can keep and study.

Follow the link for more.

When You're Holding a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

This is one man's protest against what's been going on in Washington. It's had over 1 million views on YouTube so clearly it resonates. And it's not bad country music either.


And don't forget to vote this November!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jane Fonda Memorial

An old Army buddy of mine sent me an email last night with a picture of a memorial erected to honor Jane Fonda.

After reviewing the photograph I have to add my support.

I am sure that after examining the photo you will agree.

Tip o' the hat to Osch.

“Judicial Emergency” – Who’s to Blame?

Elena Kagan:  No friend of the Constitution and no ethics and which makes her Obama's perfect nominee.
This is an interesting bit on the over 100 vacancies in the federal judicial system.  Of course, keeping judges off the bench so that case backlogs grow causing the legal system to collapse might be Obama's goal given his fealty to Cloward-Piven but mayby, just maybe, he's having a hard time finding enough "judges" with the right political attitude.  After all, how many more lawyers are there like Sotomayor and Kagan who believe that the Constitution is an obstacle to the advancement of socialism?

Besides, it's tough to think about judges when you're on the golf course.

Follow the link for more.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jane Fonda: Once a Traitor, Always a Traitor

Jane Fonda: Once a Traitor, Always a Traitor

Fonda and another liberal Democrat loon, now Senator, John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry.  Both should be ashamed.
In Laredo, Texas, in 1989 I came home from a long day at the office–I was the Resident Agent in Charge of the DEA Resident Office at the time–and saw my neighbor, Chuck Taylor working in his yard across the street. Chuck was one of the finest of Continental Air Services pilots during the period 1965 to 1975 (the time he spent in Southeast Asia) and we had many friends in common. After a chat I went into the house where my two boys were playing while my ex-wife was exercising in front of the TV to a new video. I took one look at Jane Fonda on the screen and went to the tape player and hit the eject button. My ex-wife was speechless as I slipped the tape back into it's cover, went to the door and threw it out into the street. I looked her in the eye and told her to never, ever bring "that bitch" back into my home. (She learned and she didn't.)

A little while later I looked out in the street and saw Chuck in his truck. He was repeatedly running over the tape with the tire of his truck. Having made a trip to the Thai grocery in San Antonio the previous weekend, I grabbed a couple of Singha beers from the fridge and went out to visit with Chuck and compliment him on his driving. He asked me if I'd like to drive a while so I got in and took my turn running over the tape and it's box while he watched from the curb while drinking a cold beer. He later said that he wondered what had happened when he saw me throw a tape into the street until he walked out and saw the box and when he saw Commie Jane's photo. Then he went and got his truck.

A couple of other neighbors came out to see what we were doing and one offered to get a dust pan to collect the pieces to throw in the garbage. They understood our feelings.

Commie Jane feels no remorse for her perfidy and it is my sincere belief that there is a special place in Hades for people like her. I'm glad she's still alive and that when she walks down the street she still sees people who look at her with the disgust she so richly deserves.

Follow the link for the story.

Ex-DEA chiefs: Obama should sue over Calif. pot legalization just like Ariz. immigration law

This is the attitude that the Neo-Lib Democrats support and spread.  You know this guy will vote Democrat in November.
While the headline of this story talks of my former agency (of which I am very proud) the story is really about the hypocrisy of the Obama Regime and, in particular, Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder, an abject failure who if he had the integrity that his office requires would resign, got all "wee-wee'd up" about the Arizona immigration law and sued to maintain "federal supremacy."  On California which is proposing to legalize possession of up to 1 oz. of marijuana  in direct conflict with federal law (21 USC), ehhhh, not so much.

As this article from the normally liberal LA Times points out, the failure of the federal government to react to California's assertion that state law should trump federal law shows clearly that the action against Arizona is not about federal supremacy at all but is based on political motives.  That the LA Times reported this is surprising but anyone with common sense could have told you that months ago.  Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican, is doing nothing more than her Democrat predecessor (DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano) advocated when she was governor.  The only difference is the politics and the gut need of the Neo Libs in the Obama Regime to play racial politics in the same manner as Lyndon Johnson did in his efforts to pass the same Civil Rights Act, albeit a watered down version, that he successfully blocked when it was proposed by President Eisenhower.  Johnson, a southern Democrat, didn't force the Civil Rights Act through Congress because of a change of heart but, as is clearly shown by his own words to two southern governors flying with him aboard Air Force One, he knew by doing so the black community would "vote Democrat for the next 200 years."  (Actually, if you read the quote, he used the "N" word in describing the black community.)  So far LBJ has been shown to be correct but only because the Democrats have economically enslaved a large portion of that group through the enactment of welfare programs that make them dependent on Neo-Lib Democrat supported governmental largess.  (It also helps that they have dumbed-down education in large metropolitan–read black–areas with the help of the Democrat-created public sector employee unions, but that's another story.)

Thinking people have already seen that the Obama Regime's actions are political in nature and designed to benefit the Regime rather than the nation.  The suits against Arizona and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who interestingly enough retired from DEA, are based in Chicago thug politics and deserve not only to fail but should do so before the Supreme Court in straight 9-0 votes.  America deserves better than such thuggery.

Remember this in November.

Follow the link for the story.

Associate of Ground Zero mosque imam believes 9/11 was "inside job" - NYPOST.com

Associate of Ground Zero mosque imam believes 9/11 was "inside job" - NYPOST.com

Reason #749 as to why the Ground Zero Mosque should not be built: These people are too ignorant to see the truth.

Follow the link for the story.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saudi Diplomat Seeking Asylum: ‘My life is in danger’

Islamic intolerance demonstrated.
Saudi Diplomat Seeking Asylum: "My life is in danger"

This is something to remember when you think about the tolerance that is supposed to exist in Islam. In short, there is no tolerance in Islam. It does exist in America but not in "shari'ah compliant" countries. Don't believe me? Try taking a bible with you while wearing a neckless with a cross on your next trip to Saudi Arabia.

Follow the link for the story.

Will Obama Enforce Shariah Blasphemy Laws?

Is he capable of subordinating the Constitution to a U.N. edict?
Will Obama Enforce Shariah Blasphemy Laws?

Which shall be supreme: The Constitution or an edict of the United Nations? That is a question that will be answered in the all to near future. I know what my answer is to that question but given the positions taken by the Obama Regime on so very many levels, what will be the answer of the President?

Follow the link for an excellent read.

Christians Stabbed, Beaten With Plank Near Indonesia's Capital

This is the truth about Islam.  
This is how Islam functions.  This is the result of Islam becoming the dominant religion in any nation.

In the days leading up to the 9/11 Remembrance in this Year of our Lord, 2010, the Left Stream Media was filled with angst over the proposal of a small town minister in Florida to burn Korans on 9/11.  Ominous threats were received from Muslim radicals and amplified by the ever compliant news media.  Even our military commander in Iraq quaked with fear over the act putting our soldiers in increased danger!  What the politically correct ruling class either cannot or refuses to understand is that Muslims need no reason other than the fact that you are not Muslim and are not groveling at their feet to attack.  The attack reported in the linked article is all too common in Indonesia and the southern Philippines.  Christians are attacked for no other reason than they are Christians who wish to worship God in their own way.  The attacks have nothing to do with the burning of any Koran and certainly had nothing to do with the misguided minister in Florida.  They had everything to do with the religious intolerance that is taught and encouraged in Islam.

But they, the Muslims, are quick to demand that everyone else tolerate their religion and quick to take affront at any perceived slight.  They've even gone to the U.N. to ask that any speech that defames a religion be made an international crime.  (We all know that they don't mean that they will obey that law.  They just want a way to justify their own violence.)  And now the most peaceful Imam Feisal Rauf is uttering thinly veiled threats about how moving the Ground Zero mosque will be perceived as an insult to Islam and cause radical elements, i.e., Islamo-fascists, to attack Americans any where in the world.

Excuse me.  They've been doing that for a couple of decades now and common sense says that whether the mosque is built or not they will still attack Americans any where they think that they can get away with it.  That is the nature of the Islamo-fascists who wage war against the United States and the western world.  

Follow the link, read and learn.  Then take a moment and reflect at the obsequious attitude toward Islam, the Ground Zero Mosque and the Koran-burning Florida minister that has been displayed by our leadership and in the Left Stream Media.

Evil Democrat Paradigms

Evil Democrat Paradigms

Lloyd Marcus provides an excellent counter-point to the Obama the-rich-are-evil-except-for-me-and-my-fellow-Democrats mantra. A recommended read for a Sunday.

Follow the link for more.

Friday, September 10, 2010

World Trade Center Attacks

Tomorrow is 9/11. Despite the misguided, idiotic idea peddled by Obama that tomorrow should be a day of national service, it is a Day of Remembrance and we should never forget. When I joined DHS/FAMS after 9/11 I was told the mantra for the day was, "Never forget. Never again."

After I made my first trip to Ground Zero and looked at the scene, I added, "Never forgive."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New evidence undermines feds' case against Arizona | Washington Examiner

Just in case you wondered why the Neo-Lib Democrats and the Obama Regime turn a blind eye to illegal immigration.
New evidence undermines feds' case against Arizona | Washington Examiner

I've said many times that Eric Holder is not fit for the job he holds. That he was seated by the consent of the Senate is less a stamp of approval for him than a demonstration of the increasing fallibility of the Senate as constituted since the passage of the ill-conceived 17th Amendment.

There is no doubt that the suit by the Justice Department is a specious and political act by the Obama Regime that deserves to fail on many levels but most importantly because it serves less the cause of justice and more the anti-American programs of an increasingly unpopular president.  Barack Obama doesn't have either the character or the ability to fill the shoes of Sheriff Joe and for Obama to sue in this manner is the epitome of hardball, Chicago-style gangland politics used by the Regime.  

Remember this in November!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Say Hawaii Farm Too Big To Fail After Farmers Convicted of Human Trafficking

Vallandigham still appears to be the Democrat ideal after 153 years.  That's why liberals like illegal aliens.
Had anyone heard of this one before?

It's heartwarming to see that über-liberal Hawaii that the Neo-Lib Democrats are going to bat for two admitted "human traffickers."  (Note:  This is the modern, politically correct terminology for what used to be called "slavers" or "slave traders."  Those are now considered archaic by the liberal press which differentiates between slavers and human traffickers using the "Well, they did get some money" theory.)  And after all, those who entered into the totally one-sided contracts which kept them essentially indentured on the Hawaiian farms–isn't Hawaii a decidedly blue state and the birth place of the Obamamessiah?–were Thai peasants rather than Africans who, having been captured by Muslim slave traders, had no choice in going to America.  The Thais, you see, are not deserving of the same empathy as they looking to legally work in the U.S.  And how totally naive of them to assume that they would be treated fairly in Hawaii.  Now if they'd only been illegally in the U.S. then the Democrats and the Left Stream Media would be all over the case to help them, but that's a different story.

What we really have here is two brothers who profited greatly with their large farm using agricultural labor that had no choice but to work for sub-standard wages or go home bearing a debt that they could never hope to pay.  What we have here is two individuals who essentially imprisoned workers by not paying them the contractually agreed upon wage who now want to use their political connections–some of the money saved by not paying fair wages went to Neo-Lib Democrat politicians–by having them intercede in the proceedings.

What we have here is a true picture of liberals and their view of human trafficking.  They talk a good game because that leads to political power then they nod and wink at their friends.  That any politician or public figure would stoop so low as to go to bat for people like these two rich farmers in Hawaii is absolutely appalling.  But I'm sure that CNN, NBC, MSNBC and CBS will ignore the story.  It is Hawaii not Arizona that the Department of State should have reported in their Human Rights report to the UN.

As for the Thai field workers, all they can hope for is that their contracts are honored.  They are the true victims here and deserving of the compensation they earned.  Perhaps the State of Hawaii, or better yet, the politicians in Hawaii–and dare I say Washington, DC–who accepted "donations" from these two brothers should pull out those donations and put them in a fund to reimburse these Thai workers.

And then perhaps they should publicly withdraw their support from these two and urge the judge in this case sentence them to the maximum allowed by the plea agreement that their lawyers worked out.

Perhaps.  But I wouldn't bet on it happening.  The Thai community in Hawaii is too small a voting block and that's how liberals look at these things.  It's not about right and wrong, you see, but about what helps Neo-Libs gain and maintain power.

Follow the link for the story.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Shameless: Reid Claims ‘War is Lost’ Comment Helped Turn Effort Toward Victory

Are you laughing yet?  Wait until you get the tax bill!
Shameless: Reid Claims "War is Lost" Comment Helped Turn Effort Toward Victory

I commented below on Reid's consummate ability to re-define the English language at will in order to ensure that while campaigning he is on the right side of any issue. This one, however, should begin: "Once upon a time...".

Harry Reid is a Neo-Lib Democrat politician (for the Libs out there that's very similar to a RINO politician) that only thirsts for political power. He could actually care less about what We the People think but every couple of years he has to pretend that he does. In this case his read of Reid history is, at best, laughable.  Harry, you see, believes that voters don't remember anything and will do as they are told.  

Follow the link for the story.

Fatwa: Australian Imam Urges Muslims to Behead Geert Wilders

The Religion of Peace speaks.
Fatwa: Australian Imam Urges Muslims to Behead Geert Wilders

It's unfortunate that this Imam doesn't live in the U.S. If he did he could be on tour for the State Department at government expense!

We must remember, of course, that this is the "religion of peace."

Follow the link for more.

Washington Times EDITORIAL: NRA mans up to Harry Reid

The REAL Harry Reid.
Harry Reid might pass for a somewhat senile senior citizen if it weren't for the fact that he is the epitome of a political liar who believes that he is not accountable for anything said in support of a political position.  And if you try to hold him accountable it is akin to trying to hold on to a slippery eel and he will shamelessly redefine his words to mean the exact opposite of what he said and claim that he was only taking a position that would contribute to the national good.  He's doing that right now in his campaign for re-election as he redefines his infamous "This war is lost!" statement that gave succor to the enemy on the battlefields of Iraq to being the impetus that created the surge which he was unsuccessfully opposing.  The man clearly has no moral scruples when it comes to politics and political power; but he is, unfortunately, also not alone in that damning moral low-ground.

The NRA is, thankfully, holding him accountable for his actions, as opposed to his words, in supporting two, unquestionably anti-2nd Amendment, Obama Supreme Court nominees.  Reid is typical of Neo-Lib Democrats who say one thing then do another.  He has always said he supports the 2nd Amendment because that is politically popular in Nevada; but he helped put two über-liberal Supreme Court Justices with demonstrated antipathy to the 2nd Amendment through the confirmation process and they now sit on that Court with lifetime appointments.  If he truly supported the 2nd Amendment there is no way he would have voted for their confirmations.

So kudos to the NRA.  They should endorse Sharon Angle, of course, but at least they aren't endorsing one of the most despicable Senators in modern history.

Follow the link for more.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Speaking truth to race-hustlers

An excellent bit from Michelle Malkin.  It's time to phase out the racism industry and work towards true progress where what counts is character not color.

Follow the link and hear the truth.