Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Crucial and Legitimate Role of Religion in the Public Square

The Crucial and Legitimate Role of Religion in the Public Square

The Pope, in his homily at the Mass celebrated in Glasgow, used the phrase, "dictatorship of relativism." It is a perfect phrase, you might even say divinely inspired, to describe what we face in the United States today as the Obama Regime supported by Nancy "The Nanny" Pelosi and Dingy Harry Reid do their best to create a socialist state over the objections of We the People. They hold to no true moral compass at all. Obama shows that he is a Christian, albeit one who equates Christ's teachings with Karl Marx. Pelosi is a Catholic, albeit one who supports abortion. Reid is a Mormon, albeit one who has turned his back on the Constitution unlike his co-religionist, Glenn Beck.

The proffered religious beliefs of all three are really immaterial–yes, I am aware that there are those who say Obama is a secret Muslim and that, too, is immaterial–because it is not their religious beliefs that matter here. What matters is their purposeful drive towards a dictatorship of relativism where there is no moral compass to be followed. In their perfect world, the ruling elite–in other words, themselves–will decide what is moral and right. Do you want a Christian, a Catholic and a Mormon who can, through moral relativism, blindly support partial birth abortions making those decisions for you and your family? I realize that since 1930 a portion of the Christian Church condones abortion so Obama might be within the moral compass provided by his church but the Catholics and Mormons do not. (Did you know that before 1930 no Christian sect condoned abortion?) That's the liberal agenda and that's what will happen if this triumvirate returns to power in January. They shoved Obamacare with its death panels–yes, they are there to "control costs" just as they are in England–down our throats despite our vociferous objections. Do you want more? Remember that when you go to the polls in November.

Follow the link for an excellent article on Pope Benedict's visit to Great Britain.

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