Friday, September 3, 2010

Washington Times EDITORIAL: NRA mans up to Harry Reid

The REAL Harry Reid.
Harry Reid might pass for a somewhat senile senior citizen if it weren't for the fact that he is the epitome of a political liar who believes that he is not accountable for anything said in support of a political position.  And if you try to hold him accountable it is akin to trying to hold on to a slippery eel and he will shamelessly redefine his words to mean the exact opposite of what he said and claim that he was only taking a position that would contribute to the national good.  He's doing that right now in his campaign for re-election as he redefines his infamous "This war is lost!" statement that gave succor to the enemy on the battlefields of Iraq to being the impetus that created the surge which he was unsuccessfully opposing.  The man clearly has no moral scruples when it comes to politics and political power; but he is, unfortunately, also not alone in that damning moral low-ground.

The NRA is, thankfully, holding him accountable for his actions, as opposed to his words, in supporting two, unquestionably anti-2nd Amendment, Obama Supreme Court nominees.  Reid is typical of Neo-Lib Democrats who say one thing then do another.  He has always said he supports the 2nd Amendment because that is politically popular in Nevada; but he helped put two ├╝ber-liberal Supreme Court Justices with demonstrated antipathy to the 2nd Amendment through the confirmation process and they now sit on that Court with lifetime appointments.  If he truly supported the 2nd Amendment there is no way he would have voted for their confirmations.

So kudos to the NRA.  They should endorse Sharon Angle, of course, but at least they aren't endorsing one of the most despicable Senators in modern history.

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