Saturday, September 25, 2010

Black Panther case: Red hot

These are some of Holder's and Obama's "peeps."
The linked editorial rightly skewers Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez for his misleading–a politically correct way of saying he lied–testimony before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.  Misstatements of the type made by Perez are sufficient enough to present a Giglio (Giglio v. United States, 405 U.S. 150, 153 U.S. 1972) problem for any law enforcement officer, and could well lead to their dismissal from law enforcement employment.  After all, what good is a law enforcement officer when they have been caught lying under oath.

But wait!  Wasn't Perez' testimony under oath.  Has his testimony now been impeached?  Absolutely.  Like Bill Clinton, Tom Perez has become a lawyer whose word while under oath is worthless.  Perez, however, is not the problem.  That stems from Eric Holder whom I believe is the worst Attorney General in the history of our nation.  It is highly improbable that Perez acted without the knowledge or approval of Holder as that just isn't done at that level in the government.  Holder  clearly bears the responsibility for this fiasco and he should be in the hot seat along with Perez.

Also of interest is Loretta King, the supervisor of the Voter Rights section, who now stands accused of actively blocking any enforcement of the voter rights laws if the victim is white.  This is sometimes called "reverse discrimination" but there is nothing reverse about it.  Racial discrimination is discrimination based on the color of one's skin and the idea that only white people can discriminate is non-sensical and the product of very twisted and demented minds.  Neo-Lib Democrats are the main promoters of such discriminatory practices because it assists in their goal of pitting races and classes against each other to facilitate their acquisition of power.  I'm not sure what Ms. King's politics are but it is clear that she favors an interpretation of the law that is not consistent with either the intent of the law or Congress' stated purpose when it was passed.

As the editorial says, now let us see just how fast the Department of Justice moves to clean out the racists who have come to occupy the positions of power in the Civil Rights section.  It can't be soon enough.

These are issues to contemplate this coming November.  The reason that the Holder Department of Justice has acted in such a blatantly discriminatory manner is because they could.  The Neo-Lib Democrats currently hold commanding majorities in both houses of Congress and Holder, et al., know that with that power they can act with impunity for nothing will be done by Congress to stop their egregious actions.

We can change that this November and in doing so restore some of the integrity that the Department of Justice has lost in the last two years.

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