Friday, September 3, 2010

Shameless: Reid Claims ‘War is Lost’ Comment Helped Turn Effort Toward Victory

Are you laughing yet?  Wait until you get the tax bill!
Shameless: Reid Claims "War is Lost" Comment Helped Turn Effort Toward Victory

I commented below on Reid's consummate ability to re-define the English language at will in order to ensure that while campaigning he is on the right side of any issue. This one, however, should begin: "Once upon a time...".

Harry Reid is a Neo-Lib Democrat politician (for the Libs out there that's very similar to a RINO politician) that only thirsts for political power. He could actually care less about what We the People think but every couple of years he has to pretend that he does. In this case his read of Reid history is, at best, laughable.  Harry, you see, believes that voters don't remember anything and will do as they are told.  

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