Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some Say Hawaii Farm Too Big To Fail After Farmers Convicted of Human Trafficking

Vallandigham still appears to be the Democrat ideal after 153 years.  That's why liberals like illegal aliens.
Had anyone heard of this one before?

It's heartwarming to see that ├╝ber-liberal Hawaii that the Neo-Lib Democrats are going to bat for two admitted "human traffickers."  (Note:  This is the modern, politically correct terminology for what used to be called "slavers" or "slave traders."  Those are now considered archaic by the liberal press which differentiates between slavers and human traffickers using the "Well, they did get some money" theory.)  And after all, those who entered into the totally one-sided contracts which kept them essentially indentured on the Hawaiian farms–isn't Hawaii a decidedly blue state and the birth place of the Obamamessiah?–were Thai peasants rather than Africans who, having been captured by Muslim slave traders, had no choice in going to America.  The Thais, you see, are not deserving of the same empathy as they looking to legally work in the U.S.  And how totally naive of them to assume that they would be treated fairly in Hawaii.  Now if they'd only been illegally in the U.S. then the Democrats and the Left Stream Media would be all over the case to help them, but that's a different story.

What we really have here is two brothers who profited greatly with their large farm using agricultural labor that had no choice but to work for sub-standard wages or go home bearing a debt that they could never hope to pay.  What we have here is two individuals who essentially imprisoned workers by not paying them the contractually agreed upon wage who now want to use their political connections–some of the money saved by not paying fair wages went to Neo-Lib Democrat politicians–by having them intercede in the proceedings.

What we have here is a true picture of liberals and their view of human trafficking.  They talk a good game because that leads to political power then they nod and wink at their friends.  That any politician or public figure would stoop so low as to go to bat for people like these two rich farmers in Hawaii is absolutely appalling.  But I'm sure that CNN, NBC, MSNBC and CBS will ignore the story.  It is Hawaii not Arizona that the Department of State should have reported in their Human Rights report to the UN.

As for the Thai field workers, all they can hope for is that their contracts are honored.  They are the true victims here and deserving of the compensation they earned.  Perhaps the State of Hawaii, or better yet, the politicians in Hawaii–and dare I say Washington, DC–who accepted "donations" from these two brothers should pull out those donations and put them in a fund to reimburse these Thai workers.

And then perhaps they should publicly withdraw their support from these two and urge the judge in this case sentence them to the maximum allowed by the plea agreement that their lawyers worked out.

Perhaps.  But I wouldn't bet on it happening.  The Thai community in Hawaii is too small a voting block and that's how liberals look at these things.  It's not about right and wrong, you see, but about what helps Neo-Libs gain and maintain power.

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