Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anchorage CBS Affiliate Caught on Voicemail Conspiring Against Alaska’s GOP Senate Candidate

How todays "journalists" probably would have reported one of the most significant events of 1944.  
Anchorage CBS Affiliate Caught on Voicemail Conspiring Against Alaska's GOP Senate Candidate

Just to be fair about it--and CBS is anything but fair and honest in their reportage--the partisanship that is exhibited by the CBS affiliate in Alaska is probably anti Joe Miller and Republicans and for Lisa Murkowski, RINO write-in candidate, rather than for the Democrat. It's not that they probably wouldn't prefer a Democrat but a RINO is just as good if that's the best you can hope for. What is galling is that here we see the how the outright bias of the traditional media actually works. As you read the transcript it is clear that they were planning on just how they could trash the Republican Party candidate and destroy his campaign rather than report on his stand on the issues for the voters to consider.  It was not about issues at all, but all about "gotcha."

It's just too bad that we can't vote the Left Stream Media out of office. But we can refuse to follow them. We can refuse to watch them. They can't operate without the tacit consent of our individual viewership.

Follow the link and see for yourself.

Dick Armey and Cokie Roberts Make a Fool of Arianna Huffington

Dick Armey and Cokie Roberts Make a Fool of Arianna Huffington

This is almost a "feel good" read. But then again making a fool of Arianna Huffington is no great achievement. She does that herself every time she appears on TV.  And they did it in front of Christine Amanpour...that probably hurt!

Follow the link for more.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The great campaign of 2010

He believes that is his power alone that he exercises rather than power on loan from We the People.
There are few pundits--very, very few--who are as knowledgable or astute as Charles Krauthammer.  In the linked WaPo opinion piece he succinctly describes the problem that is Obama.  Far from the "post-racial" president he said he would be, he is now stoking the fires of racism--some might call it reverse racism but it is, in truth, simply racism--in hopes of salvaging some seats in next week's election.

I'm not sure what he expected when he was elected.  A properly balanced person would view the initial adulation with satisfaction but that would be tempered with the awful realization of the responsibilities that had been given by We the People.  Unfortunately, there appears to be some serious defects in Obama's psychological make-up that were not uncovered during the campaign period--go figure given the fawning, Left Stream Media that could not even spell Bill Ayers' name--that caused him to see not the responsibilities of office, but only the opportunities to exercise power in the manner that his ill-developed psyche believed that power had always been exercised.  Unlike Bill Clinton who despite a plethora of character flaws understood that the power emanated from We the People, Obama believes that he alone creates the power and he exercises it as he wishes despite the will of of the electorate.

The "why" of this is simple.  Obama was raised by the leftist fringe in America.  His mentors were people like Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party, and from an early age he was indoctrinated with the world-view that the American leaders used their power unilaterally without regard for the electorate but with deference only to the hated capitalists.  Despite the downfall of the Soviet Union and communism's ultimate failure as anything but an interesting but unworkable theory, Obama has an ingrained a view that all power emanates not from We the People but from the office that he now temporarily occupies in accordance with a most temporary 4-year lease.  He narcissistically believes that it is his power alone and that he cannot be held to account for its exercise.  Yet while frightened that he may lose the power, he will reactively ignore the vote of the electorate and will cling to it as he clearly means to use it to get even with all those mean, heartless capitalists who have held down the leftist fringe of society for so long.  His closest allies have not been distinguished legislators from both sides of the aisle but those closest to the fringe--the idiots, if you will--of his own party.  His closest advisors have been only from the far, far left fringe of America who in years past have proudly worn the label of Communist, Marxist, Terrorist and Socialist.  He is most prominently supported by union thugs and those who make a living through racism.  His ultimate goal is to create a central government that controls everything in our lives and enslaves us to its wishes.

This coming Tuesday is only the start of the battle.  As Krauthammer points out, Obama has put in place numerous, unaccountable, like-minded czars and political appointees who will carry-out his agenda to transform America by executive fiat.  They will act without Congressional guidance or approval and will do so with only Obama's approval.  His goal is not to represent We the People but to further his leftist agenda regardless of the objections that We the People will express through our vote.  His goal is to rule, not to govern, and he won't let minor details like overwhelming political opposition get in the way.

Remember that when you go to the polls this next Tuesday.  And remember that the fight has just begun.  We will have to stay engaged in the political process to ensure that our newly elected Representatives and Senators do not forget why they were elected or what we expect them to do.  While working across the aisle is a good thing on it's face, it is a bad thing if it means ignoring principle and we must never allow them to do that.  There will be complaints from the Oval Office and the Left Stream Media over the obstructionism of the House and Senate but we must turn a deaf ear to that and adhere to those principles given us by our Founders.  No longer can we allow self-appointed members of the liberal elite to tell us "what was really meant" by our Founders because, quite frankly, they lie.  It's as simple as that.

Follow the link for an excellent read.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama's supreme pre-election arrogance - The Hill's Pundits Blog

Obama's supreme pre-election arrogance - The Hill's Pundits Blog

This is my recommended reading for the day. It won't take long because Armstrong Williams is very perceptive and, in this short opinion piece, highly accurate.

Follow the link and learn.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Virginia Man Arrested For Plotting DC Attacks

Please don't mention this to Joy or Whoopi.  They are adamant that Muslims are not the terrorists who attacked on 9/11 and are sure to blame this on the TEA Party.  
The whole story isn't in yet, but it appears that the FBI/JTTF did some good work on this one.  This is one to keep your eye on as there can't be just one player and the targets being selected were, as terrorists view them, lucrative.  This time we escaped being on the bullseye.  Keep your fingers crossed that we will be lucky next time as well.

The central question is, of course, do you feel safer now?  Think about that when you go to the polls next week.

Follow the link for the story.

How Liberals Argue

How Liberals Argue

This is hilarious but too true. Arguing with liberal idiots just gives one a headache. They are incapable of original thought and crave a state that takes care of everything. One might say they are born to be slaves of the state.

Follow the link.

And vote on November 2. It's time to take out the trash.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SEIU Controls ‘Glitchy’ Voter Machines in Clark County, NV

Harry Reid exemplifies the worst of Progressive authoritarian traits and loves to dictate to America rather than represent We the People.
SEIU Controls "Glitchy" Voter Machines in Clark County, NV

Now we know how the Democrats plan to win this year. The old fashioned Chicago Way, i.e., cheating.

I had read a couple of posts on the internet about the glitches in Clark County, Nevada, where Harry Reid's name was already checked when an early voter logged on to the machine. That did seem very odd but now we know why. SEIU Local 1107 which, by the way, strongly endorsed Reid, controls the ballot boxes in Clark County through their representation of the voting machine technicians who have the contract to maintain the machines. You will remember that SEIU has been supplying the "foot soldiers" or "muscle" for all the Democrat dirty work during the last few years. Things like beating up a black man who was selling Conservative buttons, flags and t-shirts or demonstrating in the front yard of a private home and frightening a child so badly that he locked himself in the bathroom while calling for help on the phone. Or throwing eggs at a bus-load of Conservative supporters on the way to a TEA Party rally in Searchlight, NV.

I second the motion in the linked article. There must be an investigation and the people responsible must be prosecuted if we are to maintain the sanctity of the ballot. Democrats will object to this, of course, because as Progressives they have a goal of destroying the ballot box through blocking citizenship checks during registration or the requirement for photo ID at the polls. This, however, is a bridge too far and should disgust every thinking citizen.

Follow the link for the story.

Joe "The Gaffe" Biden Does it Again

"Look, I know you Democrats been screwing us since you took control of Congress in '06 but if you don't get your hand off my knee I'm gonna smack you so hard that you'll need a re-do on that hair transplant!"
Joe Biden has set a new standard for his gaffes.  Now he doesn't even have to speak to make a fool of himself.

It is probably good that "Joe the Gaffe" is protected by the Secret Service and that the officer who's knee he is groping is professional enough to resist the temptation to slap his hand.  The the faces of the 4 other people in the photo clearly tell the does the blank look on Joe's face.

If nothing else, the man is good for a laugh.  But that's about all he's good for.

Medal of Honor: Robert D. Maxwell - HUMAN EVENTS

T/5 Robert D. Maxwell
A hero from the Greatest Generation.
Medal of Honor: Robert D. Maxwell - HUMAN EVENTS

It is humbling to read the exploits of T/5 Robert D. Maxwell who willingly covered a German hand grenade with his own body to save the lives of his fellow soldiers. The Bible says that "...greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his friends..." which he was clearly willing to do. Yet today he still lives and is celebrating his 90th birthday! Born in Boise, Idaho, on October 26, 1920, he now lives in Bend, Oregon. May God bless him this day and every day. He is a true hero.

Follow the link for more.

More Barney Frank Lies Exposed

This photo of Barney would be perfect if accompanied by a profile and a booking number.
More Barney Frank Lies Exposed

Barney Frank lies? Really?

Only when he talks or writes. In other words, I'd trust a used car salesman before I'd trust Barney Frank, the socialist.

Follow the link for more.

BREAKING NEWS: Paolo the Octopus Dies!

I just heard that sadly, Paolo the Octopus who accurately predicted the last World Cup winners, has died.

I don't know how he died as that has not yet been reported.  They did say that they found that his tentacles had all gone limp and discovered that he was dead.

It was not predicted.

Barney Frank's Incompetence, Politics Made Financial Crisis Worse

Barney Frank's Incompetence, Politics Made Financial Crisis Worse

There is probably no more disgusting Congressman in the House of Representatives than Barney Frank. He was a prime mover in setting up the housing crash through some of the worst legislation--which he defends today--in the history of the nation. He prevented inquiries into the practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at a time when those inquiries, followed-up by appropriate legislation, could have prevented the current housing crises. But he argued against those inquiries saying that all was just fine with Fannie and Freddie. It's almost as if the current crash was part of plan were it not that Frank is so clearly incapable of doing much more than sounding like Elmer Fudd while he blusters and shouts people down.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the people of his district in Massachusetts will give him the pink slip he so richly deserves.

Follow the link for more.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Want to Stop Voter Fraud? There’s an App for That!

Want to Stop Voter Fraud? There's an App for That!

Being a long-time Apple user, I've got to say that this is a cool app. We know that there will be fraud by the Neo-Lib Democrats using their "friends" and this is a way to quickly report what you see.

Follow the link for the story then get the app.

And don't forget to vote on November 2.

60 Minutes Shock Report: National Unemployed and Underemployed 17.5%; California 22%

60 Minutes Shock Report: National Unemployed and Underemployed 17.5%; California 22%

The only real shock here is that Left Stream Media outlet CBS allowed it to be reported! The Obama Regime has done every thing it could ranging from being creative to outright lying to try and portray its programs as working when we all know they have failed miserably.

It is just too bad that we have to wait until 2012 and 2016 to complete our overhaul of the House, Senate and White House. The Progressives have done everything they can to move the nation into the socialist column and it is time to get rid of them regardless of their party affiliation. November 2 is the target date for taking out the garbage this year. The rest will have to wait for later unless, of course, they see the light and completely reform--the likelihood of which is nil.

Follow the link for the story.
This is the message to send to Progressives.  Copy it, print it on a pink slip and send it to the Progressives from your state.

WikiLeaks papers back Bush claims of Iran role in Iraq war

For the record, I consider Wikileaks to be a stupidly smug, anti-American idiot who deserves to go to a very uncomfortable prison for a very, very long time for his perfidy and the damage that he's done to the security of the United States.  That being said, I had to smile at the irony of having an über-leftist find and expose that which will certainly make the über left in the United States uncomfortable.

Clearly you won't find this type of information exposed in the Left Stream Media.  They'll possibly print it but will bury it in the back pages as it goes against their anti-Bush meme.

Follow the link for the story.

Politics devolves into blood sport in Philippines

This is the type of wanton election violence that the Armed Forces of the Philippines is trying to end.  This particular massacre in Maguindanao happened in 2009 when a political rival of the then governor sent his wife, accompanied by dozens of reporters, to file his candidacy papers.  The convoy was stopped and all were murdered. 
The Washington Post reports on what is, unfortunately, a fact of life in the Philippines.  From the time I first went to Manila in 1991 there was talk in the local new media about the problem of the Three G's:  Guns, Goons and Gold.  Those problems pre-dated my arrival and successive government administrations have been unable or unwilling to solve the problem.

The Philippines is a vibrant democracy that is tainted by a strong oligarchical power structures who will use any means necessary to preserve the status quo.  No one is immune or exempt from this social/political system and the higher up an individual is on the social ladder the more necessary it is that they have political ties to protect their status.  In many ways the Philippines reflects America's own democratic development where, in the 1800s, oligarchs strongly influenced the direction of government to their own advantage and, as it did in America--remember that Philippine democracy only truly began in 1946--it will mature.  That comforting thought. however, does little to ameliorate the pain of those who are victims of election violence in the Philippines.  It is the efforts of men of good will, like the military officer highlighted in the accompanying article, that are to be lauded.  They fight an uphill battle but one that they are sure to win if only they persevere.  

Follow the link for more.

The Stakes in the Midterm Elections: Are We Citizens or Subjects?

The Stakes in the Midterm Elections: Are We Citizens or Subjects?

This is an excellent read using historical context to show just how Progressives have perverted the original intent of the Constitution in their efforts to create a perfect socialist state. As we can now see in Europe, the very area that Obama seems to idealize for its nanny-state governments, socialism and nanny-stateism just does not work. Of course, our Forefathers understood this all too well when they conceived the Constitution and clearly, from reading the Federalist Papers and significant writings of the early Framers, put in what they believed to be safeguards in the Constitution that limited the Federal Government. Unfortunately over the decades those safeguards have been under constant assault and significantly subverted by Progressives in Congress, the White House and the Courts through imaginative manipulation of the very language in which they were written by redefining the words and reinterpreting phrases to suit their own goals. As this article clearly points out, they have managed to do that which our Forefathers tried to prevent and in doing so have set us on the self-destructive path of socialism which leads to the title question: Are we Citizens or are we Subjects?

We reaffirm our citizenship on November 2, and in 2012 and 2016 we have the opportunity to finish the job by expelling remaining Progressives, on both the right and the left, from the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.

Follow the link for my recommended reading of the day.

And be sure to vote on November 2. It's time to send out some pink slips along with a strong message that we will not be dictated to by a nanny-state.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Big Dupes at Big Peace: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama Mentor – Part 2

Big Dupes at Big Peace: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama Mentor--Part 2

More on Frank Marshall Davis and his impact on a young Barry Soetoro whom we now know as Barack Obama. Clearly the early exposure to the socialist/marxist ideals in which he lived after being sent to live with his maternal grandparents (read: abandoned) by his mother and adoptive father had a telling effect on Obama's world view. His drive to redistribute wealth and overload the U.S. system a la Cloward & Piven are proof of his basic hatred for the capitalist democratic American system which clearly came from this early exposure to communism through his grandparents and Davis.

There have been recent writings proffering that Obama's rude and uncalled for return of the Winston Churchill bust to Great Britain was a result of the influence of his father whose own father had been arrested by the British during the colonial period in Kenya thus Obama has an anti-colonialist streak in his intellect. I'm not sure that is valid as his birth father had little real contact with young Barry; but if it is true then I am sure that is due to a child's propensity to fill-in unknown facts about his father or mother with that which he wished were true as guided by the known anti-colonialist attitude of Davis and his maternal grandfather.

Follow the link for an excellent read.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Krauthammer Directly Challenges Totenberg on NPR’s ‘Hypocrisy’ in Firing Juan Williams While Letting Her Opine Freely

This appears to be part of NPR's recommended reading list.
Krauthammer Directly Challenges Totenberg on NPR’s ‘Hypocrisy’ in Firing Juan Williams While Letting Her Opine Freely

Charles Krauthammer is spot on in his comments and it is clear the über liberal Nina Totenberg is extremely uncomfortable with the conversation especially as she has been an active violator of the standard quoted by NPR CEO Vivian Schiller on a regular basis. Krauthammer asks the question and the answer, unsaid, is quite clear: Totenberg only expresses opinions that are loved by the far left. Anything approaching a centrist view is verboten in the National Socialist Public Radio world.

NPR's hypocrisy must, in the end, lead to it being defunded. After that occurs it will only be a few short years until it ceases to exist for it has long abandoned any semblance of impartiality and truly mirrors the worst of the state-controlled media in National Socialist Germany or the Soviet Union. We cannot abide by such blatant attempts to censor thought and speech in our free society for censorship in the guise of political correctness was exactly what occurred.

Follow the link for the story.

How the Constitution is Read

How the Constitution is Read

"How the Constitution is read" excellent title for an excellent piece that explores a basic difference between Progressives and Conservatives.

Progressives read the Constitution and change the definition of the words and phrases to suit their preconceived notions and prejudices. And if they can't define the words differently, they rely on a judicial interpretation or construct to do it for them essentially modifying the Constitution without having to go through all that messy democracy stuff. Conservatives, on the other hand, read the Constitution with the meaning of the words and phrases fixed by traditional definitions with the document itself being immutable save for properly approved Amendments using all that messy democracy stuff. Obama and his ilk are clearly Progressives in the same sense as Karl Marx was a Progressive and they see the Constitution as an obstacle to their exercise of power–exactly what it was meant to be–rather than an aide to the exercise of power.

Nowhere has this inability to read plain English been more stark than the Left Stream Media's apoplectic reaction to Christine O'Donnell's statement that "the separation of church and state" is not in the Constitution. She is, of course, absolutely correct and the liberal, state-controlled media was absolutely wrong. O'Donnell, you see, has apparently actually read the Constitution whereas her opponent, Chris Coons, and the media rely on what they believe the 1st Amendment is supposed to say. In truth, the separation of church and state as a legal argument originated as a construct of a Supreme Court Justice in the 20th century.

Follow the link for an excellent read.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Government's Role by Kuya Jim

Good whisky and a cigar make for good conversation only so long as at least one person is listening.
I received an email from a good and valued friend today and with his permission am posting it with him as a "guest blogger."  Kuya Jim is an immigrant who became an American citizen and now lives in the Far East.  Always an excellent companion for stimulating conversation over cigars and whisky, he's also a thoughtful thinker and an excellent businessman.  What he's put forward is an excellent read.  Enjoy.


I'm on a plane from Toronto to Hong Kong, so that explains this lengthy email, I thought you could relate to this.

In a speech last week Nancy Pelosi said "...we need to move more people into the middle class ..." and as she spoke her hand moved in a sweeping direction upwards.

From a cultural perspective the USA is more of a classless society than elsewhere in the world, but from an economic perspective its similar to the rest of the planet. There's the "haves" and the "have nots"...there's the rich and the poor. Then this has been further defined into sub segments.

In the UK the classes are defined as the wealthy class, middle class, working class, and dependent class. In economic terms the respective population breakdown would be 5%, 60%, 35%, 5%.

In the USA reality is ignored and only two classes are recognized, the wealthy and the middle class. In economic terms the respective population breakdown would be 5% and 95%. However, I interpret Pelosi's upward sweeping arm motion to mean that an under class exists, but it isn't talked about.

In the Philippines, my adopted home,  the classes are defined as the Elite class, the A, B, and C class, and the Massa. In economic terms the respective population breakdown would be 1%, 20%, 80%. (The A, B and C is the middle class further broken down by salary level for marketing purposes). By the way, the Massa class in the Philippines are very upwardly mobile, working hard to move into their own middle class or migrating to join the middle class or working class of developed countries.

Nancy Pelosi wants to "move" more Americans into the middle class? What's her strategy to do that? First of all the term middle class needs to be defined.

The classes throughout western society have common characteristics.

Middle Class:

1. They own a home that is mortgaged.
2. They own at least one car
3. They are in professional level jobs
4. They are salaried in high tax brackets
5. They have a college education
6. They are in strong family units

Working Class:

1. They rent a home.
2. They make car payments
3. They have manual labor & clerical jobs
4. Hourly paid in low tax brackets
5. They have a high school education
6. They are in strong family units.

Dependent Class:

1. They are in government housing
2. They have older or no cars.
3. They have menial jobs or unemployed
4. Low or no income in no tax bracket
5. They are high school drop outs
6. They are in broken homes

To create upward mobility between these groups for all their people is a shared goal of all governments no matter the political party. The difference is how they want to accomplish it.

Nancy Pelosi summed up the socialist viewpoint succinctly: Democrats want the government to move more people into the middle class. The Republican viewpoint is that people should move themselves upward in the class hierarchy.

Republicans want to influence root economic factors to create an environment wherein people have the opportunity to improve their status. Democrats want to directly provide the benefits of middle class status or make the trappings of middle class status easily attainable.

For example, the Democrats have attempted to expand the middle class by legislation.

1. Lenders must provide mortgages based on race and low income status (to
those who can't afford them.
2. Welfare payments can be included in the loan qualification process.
3. Affirmative action quotas and anti discrimination laws.
4. Union contract support and minimum wage increases.
5. More social workers in schools and public school redistricting.
6. Increased welfare payments to single parents.

As a result of this legislative strategy, the dependent class and working class should be able to own homes, own cars, have better paying jobs, have kids in better schools, and families don't need to stick together to survive and prosper. All thanks to government largess.

Its obvious to me what's happening to that utopia. America is going down a path to bankruptcy. National debt increasing, foreclosures out of control, personal bankruptcies soaring, unemployment increasing, jobs going off shore, retail spending declining, housing starts weakest for a generation.

Bill Clinton famously said "its about the economy stupid!". I'm a Republican and I agree with Clinton; but with the following additions: It's about Jobs stupid! Private sector jobs stupid! Its about creating wealth stupid!  Its about the American dream stupid! Its about the American spirit stupid!  The American spirit to grab a piece of the action, to earn that house by the river!. Immigrants don't come to America expecting a hand out or a bail out.

Business development creates wealth and jobs, but taxes and hand outs create neither. The US government should exit the hand-out business and focus on the basics, they should support business to create jobs and support the people by ensuring equal access to education, job opportunities and financing.

Winston Churchill said "Some people regard private enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look on it as a cow they can milk. Not enough people see it as a healthy horse, pulling a sturdy wagon".

As an aside, Tony Blair gave G. W. Bush a marble bust of Winston Churchill, which was displayed in the oval office. Barack Obama packed it up and sent it back to Gordon Brown the British prime minister, with the comment that the "American people don't need this!"

God bless America,

Your rude and tackless return of the Churchill bust was noted by all, Mr. Obama.  I'm sure you did so thinking that it didn't matter but by now you also know that Sir Winston Churchill garners more respect among the American people than do you.  

Dispute over New Black Panthers case causes deep divisions

"We are in power and our peeps at Justice and the White House won't let anything happen to us."
In an article that can't be good news for the Obama Regime and especially Eric Holder, the Washington Post belatedly delves into the disgraceful handling of the New Black Panther case by the Department of Justice.

What is shocking is that the WaPo has actually written a fairly middle-of-the-road article and did some research that supports the testimony that was given before the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.  It clearly doesn't favor Holder or the White House and surprisingly it comes less than two weeks before an election where things don't look good for the liberal left.

It is, of course, way too early to say that the WaPo has seen the light and is returning to the center-left editorial policy that once made it a must read if you wanted to know what was happening in Washington, DC.  But still, it is refreshing to see some actual reportage coming out of that paper, albeit many, many months late.

Follow the link for confirmation on just how bad our Department of Justice is and just how few civil rights most Americans have in the eyes of the Civil Servants who work there.

It is clearly time for house cleaning at the DoJ starting with Eric Holder.

Retraction Request: Politico's Jonathan Martin Smears Palin with False Facts

Retraction Request: Politico's Jonathan Martin Smears Palin with False Facts

The Politico has a liar on staff? How can that be? I mean, it is obvious that they favor the liberal left in 90% of their published opinions, but a liar?

Yep. Apparently they do. There are liberal writers who take up issues from an intellectual point of view–always wrongly, of course–and contribute to civilized discourse. Then there are liberal writers who exist for the "gotcha" moment even if they have to make it up. And once they get away with it, as Martin reportedly did during the 2008 election cycle, they are addicted to the fabrication of stories intended to shape public opinion. They used to get away with this before the internet (which is why the leftist-led FCC is so blatantly trying to get control of the internet, but that's another topic) but now thanks to that fabulous information tool their stories are quickly outed as false. So it is with the case of Jonathan Martin who suffers not only of an addiction to making up "facts" to suit the liberal left storyline, but also, clearly, from PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome).

While the Politico has built a reputation of a reliable, if liberal, reporter of the political happenings in Washington, I wonder if it has decided to turn the page from reporting news to being an internet tabloid where we will soon be reading of Republican plans to genetically engineer three-headed babies and set-up a Extra-Terrestial Alien space port on the Mall near the Washington Monument. Time will tell.

Follow the link for more.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chris Coons Lied, Granny Died - HUMAN EVENTS

She was correct in addressing the "separation of church and state" issue in the debate and the intelligentsia was clearly wrong when they ridiculed her. That term comes not from the Constitution but from a judicial construct authored by Hugo Black, the only known KKK member to serve on the Supreme Court, that was partially plagiarized from Thomas Jefferson. He was appointed by Democrat FDR. Think about it.     

Chris Coons Lied, Granny Died - HUMAN EVENTS

That Christine O'Donnell should be the choice of the people of Delaware should be obvious to all but the most rabid Democrat ideologues; but unfortunately that includes the Left Stream Media. The polls indicate that people of Delaware are supporting Chris Coons over O'Donnell by a double digit margin yet I find it hard to believe that there are so many people there who believe that socialism is the way of the future. Yet, considering that they sent Joe Biden to the Senate for so many terms it could be that they enjoy sending idiots to Washington.

Follow the link to read an excellent commentary by Ann Coulter.

MoH Recipient David McNerney Dies at 79

Another hero laid to rest.  I cannot add to the write up.  Please follow the link and read for yourself.

May he rest in peace.  He shall not be forgotten.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Amber Alert Issued for ‘By Their Creator’

Is this the one who gives us our rights? I don't think so!  
Once again Michelle Malkin makes an excellent point:  Failing to correctly quote the Declaration of Independence once or twice could be an accident.  Three times reveals something more.

For me, I think that Barry Obama's purposeful–it must be purposeful because the Left Stream Media keeps telling us that he is the smartest president ever–deletion of "by their Creator" when he quotes the Declaration proves that Obama believes, like any good Marxist, that the enumerated "unalienable" (not "inalienable" as he keeps wrongly saying) rights come from the government rather than our Creator.

Merely another very good reason to doubt the sincerity of Obama's commitment to upholding the Constitution of the United States.  He has stated and clearly believes it is a totally flawed document so why would be be interested in upholding it?

Follow the link for more.

Justice Thomas' Wife Seeks Anita Hill Apology

For the record, I've never believed Anita Hill.  It was too patently obvious that the Democrats were using her in an attempt to derail the nomination of a Conservative Minority Justice for we all know that the Democrats are the only champions of the minorities in America.  It was just so unseemly to them that a black man could be a conservative after Democrats have worked so hard to convince minorities that only Democrats were deserving of their support.  For that reason they pulled out all stops and played every dirty trick in the book in an attempt to derail the nomination.  In their mind, only minorities who support the Democrat Party are intelligent enough for high government office.  Black, Hispanic or Asian Conservatives are to be reviled, insulted and destroyed as fast as possible and by any means lest the Democrat underclass see that the Democrats are preaching a false message.

I find it interesting that Anita Hill immediately contacted Brandeis University Campus Security and the FBI over a voice mail when it was clearly a most civil message and was extending an "olive branch."  Interesting, but to be expected of a Democrat ideologue who attacked a former employer because he was black, a conservative and being nominated to the Supreme Court.  The charges were shown to be specious, at best and, as we now know, Justice Clarence Thomas is an outstanding thoughtful and intelligent Supreme Court Justice.

Hill is to be pitied rather than reviled.  She was used by the Democrat establishment then and her reward was rather small before she faded back into obscurity where she so richly belongs.  That she owes Justice Thomas and his wife an apology goes without saying.  As my dear mother–God rest her soul–would say: That she reacted the way she did shows only the depth of her guilt in the matter.  Were that not so, she would have nothing to fear from Mrs. Thomas.

Follow the link for the story.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chris Coons can’t name the five freedoms in the First Amendment

It has amazed me that the people of Delaware, given the opportunity to support someone who actually wants to do the correct thing in Washington are supporting a candidate who proclaimed his Marxism in college and doesn't even know the Constitution.

Michelle Malkin has an excellent read on Chris Coons' inability to name the 5 freedoms listed in the 1st Amendment and instead asserts that it lists a Supreme Court construct.  It does not.  And if you don't believe me go read the Constitution.

Christine O'Donnell, who has been pummeled by the Left Stream Media, gave the correct answer.  She is clearly the one that the people of Delaware should elect to the Senate but is lagging in the polls.  Hopefully, the people of Delaware will wake on November 2 with clear heads and stun the state-controlled media by voting for someone who really does have their interests at heart.

That's what I hope.  But I realize that Delaware elected Joe Biden to the Senate term after term despite his clownish demeanor and idiocy.

Follow the link for more.

The significance of 1773: Moron leftists mock Palin, embarrass themselves

These are the people who presume to tell us what we should be thinking and doing.  
As Michelle Malkin points out, the liberal idiots are out in force, speaking without actual knowledge just because they can't stand Sarah Palin.  Actually, that Sarah Palin engenders that type of reaction from the über-left just endears her all the more to Conservatives across the nation.

Follow the link for an excellent read on the extreme stupidity of Markos Moulitsas (The Daily Kos) and Progressive doyen of PBS, Gwen Ifill.  Clearly neither of them passed High School history.

Follow the link to see just how ignorant the intelligentsia on the left is.

Washington Times EDITORIAL: Surrendering military votes

"What do you mean I won't be able to vote in this election?"
The abject failure of the Department of Justice to take speedy action in support of military voters is a direct result of the policies and politics of Eric Holder and Barack Obama.  They see no profit for themselves in allowing the military to vote if it can be avoided for those votes would almost certainly be for Conservative, rather than über liberal, candidates.  They would rather continence fraud and lies that prevent the military voting block from exercising the rights that they so clearly deserve while tacitly allowing their allies in the community organizing sector to register those who don't have that right to vote but will reliably vote "Democrat."

And don't forget the reprehensible actions by Obama's political appointees at Justice who dismissed a voter intimidation case against Obama's allies in the New Black Panther Party.  Winning by any means, even if those means are illegal, is all that matters to Obama and the Democrats.

Holder has not been held accountable for his despicable leadership because of the absolute control of the Democrat Party in Congress.  We can and must change that come November 2.

Follow the link for an excellent editorial.

The Senator From Soros

The question is: Does Soros control more than Senators?
As President Obama and his regime go around bashing the American Chamber of Commerce over unsubstantiated allegations (polite speak for "lies") that they have spent foreign money in support of Republican candidates, they do so with full knowledge that their own hands are far from clean.  In fact, Obama's hands may be the dirtiest of all given the phone center in the Gaza Strip that was handling donation collections during the 2008 campaign.

All that leads to one conclusion:  The Democrat Party is the Party of Hypocrisy.

Follow the link for more.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Dupes at Big Peace: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama Mentor – Part 1

The state approved media will never print this story.
Big Dupes at Big Peace: Frank Marshall Davis, Obama Mentor – Part 1

I blogged previously on the relationship between Frank Marshall Davis and Barry Obama and received a couple of comments from a person in Hawaii who stated with absolute certainty that Davis was not a Communist. It turns out that that person–I believe it was an impressionable college student under the influence of an older and very über liberal professor–was completely wrong in asserting that there was no proof that Davis was a Communist. There is proof. Absolute proof.

The impact of Davis' relationship with Obama has not been fully explored but considering Obama's open attempt to re-invent the United States as a socialist state the relationship between the mentor and his willing student was clearly one that significantly helped to form Obama's Marx-tinted world view. It is to the complete discredit of the Left Stream Media that they purposely ignored an issue that clearly should have been before the American people. They proudly and shamelessly failed in their duty.

Follow the link for more.

Democrats Have Raised $1 Million from Foreign-affiliated PACs - Big Government

The White House's attitude couldn't be more clear.
Democrats Have Raised $1 Million from Foreign-affiliated PACs - Big Government

Obama and his minions continue to lie and take pride in their use of the bully pulpit to besmirch those who oppose them. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds for they know that the American Chamber of Commerce is not using foreign donations for their political activities and is quite probably more compliant with the law than the Obama campaign was during the lead up to the 2008 elections.

Follow the link for the story.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bald Eagle Music Video "This Is America" (AEF)

The link to this video was sent to me by Chuck, a boss from times gone by and an old friend still. It brought to mind the thought that America's freedoms are much like the Bald Eagle was at the time this video: Endangered. The Bald Eagle is now off the Endangered Species list but the freedoms paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of our Forefathers is not. We are under assault from without by those who would destroy our form of government and substitute a foreign theocracy that they alone control. We are under assault from within by those who would stupidly pervert our Forefathers words to mean that a socialist form of government was what they envisioned and what we need. We must continue to resist both for surrender is not an option.

Our military is actively engaged with the forces from without who would destroy this nation. This coming November 2 we will have an opportunity to push-back against the socialist encroachment fostered and led by Obama, Reid and Pelosi. As our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines do their job, let us do ours. Vote to rid the House and Senate of Neo-Libs and RINOs on November 2.

Follow the link for the video.  It is inspiring.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Morning Bell: A Legal Victory on the Road to Repeal | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

"Constitutional?  Oh, don't be silly!  We don't need to worry about that silly document.  We rule by Divine Right!"
Nancy "The Nanny" Pelosi and the Neo-Lib Democrats in the House, the Senate and the Oval Office clearly demonstrated that while they are masters at political intrigue they have no true understanding of the Constitution. Indeed, Obama has said that it is an "imperfect" document. We cannot depend on any of these people to live up to their oaths of office so the sooner we use the power of our votes to remove them from the exercise of political power the better off our nation will be.

I don't expect that Pelosi will be defeated in her home bailiwick. San Francisco is, after all, the home of more idiots than any place in America. But with the November 2 election we will have taken the all important step of removing her from the power she enjoys as the Speaker of the House and with diligence on our part, she will never again occupy such a sensitive position. Harry Reid will likely be defeated in Nevada and that is a good thing. If we don't vote out enough Democrats in the Senate, however, then "Chuck-you" Schumer will likely be the Senate majority leader. That is not good for America as he is a craven leftist ideologue who loves being before the cameras. But if we don't take control of the Senate on November 2 we will certainly have a significant enough minority presence to stop any advancement of the über-left's agenda for Schumer will certainly try to advance those issues, like gun-control, that are near and dear to his heart.

November 2, you see, is only half the battle. We must then gird ourselves for two more years of political war against those who would love to subjugate us and make us their political and economic slaves. Until we send Obama packing on January 20, 2013, our freedoms will be under constant attack. The legal victory in Florida that is reported in the linked article is only one of many legal and political battles to come. We have much work to do and, God willing, we will be victorious and free in the end.

Follow the link for more.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barbara Boxer Approved Code Pink Trip to Fallujah to Donate $600,000 to Extremists - Big Government

Barbar Boxer's favorite political organization.
Barbara Boxer Approved Code Pink Trip to Fallujah to Donate $600,000 to Extremists - Big Government

Barbara Boxer and Commie Jane Fonda should go on tour together. Code Pink, as you all know, is a group of absolute air-heads who believe that anything done to hurt the U.S. military is right and proper. In that, it wouldn't surprise me if the two main photos on the wall of Code Pink's Headquarters were of Boxer and Fonda.

My antipathy towards Commie Jane is well established. Add Barbara "Bimba" Boxer to that select group of people who deserve nothing but disdain from those who have served to protect this country.

Follow the link for more.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Noemie Emery: Perhaps Democrats regret using strong-arm tactics | Washington Examiner

Noemie Emery: Perhaps Democrats regret using strong-arm tactics | Washington Examiner

Recommended reading...especially for liberals.

The bottom line is that Americans, regardless of party, loathe those who would presume to be their dictators.

Follow the link for more.

A forgotten day of infamy: 10-year anniversary of the Cole bombing — and still no justice; Update: White House finally releases statement

Michelle Malkin is again on point.  Today is the 10th anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole, something the Obama Regime would sooner we forget.  But those brave souls won't be forgotten.  We shall remember their sacrifice.

Follow the link for more.

Not Even Clouseau Could Make Panthers Disappear

"What New Black Panthers?  We've never heard of that case."

I've been following the New Black Panther case for months now and the only conclusion that any thinking person can draw is that the Attorney General and his people are trying to cover-up their own racism.  Like most Neo-Lib Democrats they are of the firm belief that racism can only be present among whites and nothing that is done by blacks, Latinos or Asians can be considered racism.  And besides, if you got them to sit down over a drink there is no doubt that they would end up telling you that "It's OUR turn to be in control and we're going to make things run OUR way."

It takes a very small mind to believe that racism is only one way.  It takes an even smaller mind to believe that government officials should be thinking that it is "OUR turn" to do anything.  But that's clearly what we've got in Eric Holder.

Follow the link for the story.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Progressives Embrace Convicted Terrorist - Big Government

The sad thing is that the liberal left truly believes that they are not corrupt.
Progressives Embrace Convicted Terrorist - Big Government

The stench that Liberty Girl reports on in this article should be enough to make any voter think twice about ever pulling the lever for a Democrat again. It is telling that the Left Stream Media can tell you to contents of Sara Palin's garbage on a daily basis but an individual who has been convicted of domestic terrorism can become an integral part of the Democrat machine right under their noses.

Follow the link for more.

Mayor Bloomberg Slams Board of Elections for Failure to Mail Military Ballots

"What do you mean I 'wont' get to vote?'"
Mayor Bloomberg, a golfing buddy of President Obama, has in this case raised a valid point:  The Obama Regime has given short shrift to law enforcement unless that enforcement reinforces one of its political goals.  Having the military vote in the coming mid-term elections will not boost Obama's fortunes and would, quite likely, be to the Regime's disadvantage therefore Eric Holder's Department of Justice just can't find the time nor energy to enforce the MOVE Act.

The despicable nature of this callous disregard of the law is plain for all to see but what can we expect from a former community organizer who would rather rule than govern?  Clearly the law has been violated in New York among other places but Obama could care less.  And you will see no outrage in the Left Stream Media, either, for they have no respect for the rights of the people who serve because those people are more likely to vote conservative than Democrat.

Follow the link for the story.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

US physics professor: 'Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life'

"Trust me!"
Why is it that we can only find the truth in newspapers published in foreign lands?  (Thank you, England, for having some newspapers that don't belong, body and soul, to the über-liberal left and will print both sides of a story.)

The professor in this story is eminently qualified to make a scholarly judgement on the "Global Warming" issue that is basic common sense to most thinking people.  Unfortunately 99% of the "environmentalists" and 100% of the Democrat party either have no common sense or are unable to use it because of the rose colored glasses that they wear every day.  Global Warming, or "Global Climate Change"–the new favorite term–is a fraud and the end game of those who promote it is money.  Your money.  If they can get the legislation passed those in power–all liberal Democrats–and those promoting the scheme–AlGore,et al.–stand to make billions.

I've nothing against capitalism but this is more like legalized theft.

Follow the link to read the story.

Liberal Protester Assaults Human Events Reporter at "One Nation"

The below video speaks for itself. This exemplifies the 10/2/2010 rally. Compare it to what happened on 8/28 and decide for yourself which side you want to give America its direction.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Salute: Take a Few Minutes Please

A Salute: Take a Few Minutes Please

I can add nothing to this. The man is a hero, pure and simple.

Follow the link to read more.

Video: OLD " 666"

Video: OLD " 666"

We often talk of the "Greatest Generation" with few really knowing what they actually went through to accomplish their mission in WWII. This short video of the exploits of one air crew's fight on a single mission to take pictures of invasion beaches in the South Pacific is an eye-opener even for those who study history. Two of the members of the crew were given the Medal of Honor and the rest were given the Distinguished Service Medals. All for a single mission.

Follow the link and watch. It's worth it.

Owner of Segway Donates 1,000 Segways for Wounded Warriors Before His Death

Thank you, Jimi, for remembering us.
Some people are lucky enough to have millions and millions of dollars and live a life of luxury.  Among these are people who didn't earn the money by their own labor but have it only because their mother went into labor and gave them life.  Some treat life as a nothing more than a party, dancing on tables, making tapes of themselves having sex and generally adding nothing of worth to the world.

Then there are those like Jimi Heselden.  Probably 99% of those reading this would wonder "who?" at the mention of his name absent the headline above.  And I must say that we know all too little about Jimi Heselden, the man, other than he invented the Segway, an absolutely unique mode of transport that has yet to realize its full potential.  But this we do know about Jimi Heselden:  He was a brilliant man who worked hard, got rich and then gave something back to the world in which he lived.  This one act of kindness for the Wounded Warriors proved that he was a man to remember.

And every time I see one of his Segways from now on, remember him I shall.

Follow the link for the story of a man, his invention and how it is helping those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

U.S. Tourist Calls on Obama to Step up Search for Husband's Body in Alleged Mexican Pirate Attack

This picture pretty much shows the results of Obama's policies on the Southern border.
Having spent more than a couple of decades in law enforcement I am always reticent about making comments when it comes to on-going investigations. To often there are facts that are not known to the public and not reported and investigators need the time to do their work. In this case, however, there appears to be no on-going investigation by the Mexican authorities so I feel free to have at it.

I am familiar with the area around Zapata and Falcon Lake. I was in Laredo, Texas, as the Resident Agent in Charge of the DEA Office for just over two years back in 1988 to 1991 and remember the area fondly for more than a couple of reasons. I worked with some outstanding law enforcement officers Laredo, some of which I consider to be almost legendary, but saw little to be impressed with in Nuevo Laredo. It was common to see really nice pick-up trucks, the locals called them “Mexican Cadillacs,” being driven around Nuevo Laredo and more than a couple were vehicles stolen in Laredo and driven into Mexico. Did I mention they were being driven by Mexican cops? Oh, sorry. I thought you knew that already.

The problem wasn’t with communications between the cops in Laredo and Mexico. Tex-Mex was, and is, spoken fluently on both sides of the border. The problem was that Mexico, in operating as a sovereign nation, delights in stonewalling inquiries from its northern neighbor. On their side of the border it is considered a badge of honor to have it known that you have told the Norté Americanos to, in police terminology, “pack sand” when it came to a criminal inquiry. In the present case it doesn’t appear that anything has improved in the 20 years since I left Laredo. Like their diminutive joke of a Presidenté, the studied incompetent arrogance is palpable south of the border.

My heart goes out to the family of Michael Hartley. From the statement by his wife that I saw on TV it is clear that he was murdered by a Mexican gang operating on Falcon Lake. For those of you not familiar with the area it is a big lake but has been a law enforcement problem for years. Smugglers abound and to venture on the lake at night is risky even if you’re well armed. Additionally, the Mexican government takes immediate umbrage over any accidental infringement into their waters but has historically turned a blind eye towards the cross-border criminal activities of Mexican nationals on the water. With the recent near collapse of any law enforcement authority in Mexico, coupled with the clear abdication of the Obama Regime of American sovereignty along the southern border, the security situation certainly has not improved. Except, of course, for Mexican police officers looking to increase their own bank accounts.

I do wish that Texas could, as they did once before, send a company or two of Texas Rangers to the border to quell the lawlessness but we know that in the 21st century that won’t happen. Instead the Hartley family will grieve, Federal officials with pass the buck, local law enforcement will be frustrated and the Mexican government will shrug its collective shoulders and say, “No blood, no foul, Señor. We cannot find a body so maybe it didn’t happen.”

Maybe we should completely close the border until they find the body and arrest the perpetrators. Ahhhhh...but that would require a sense of patriotism which we know doesn’t exist in the White House today, and some collective cajones.

Follow the link for the story.

Analyze This, Sigmund: Your Great-Granddaughter Digs Child Sacrifice

Analyze This, Sigmund: Your Great-Granddaughter Digs Child Sacrifice

Great Britain seems to be on a child-bashing roll! At least the Eco-idiot parts of it as shown in this advertisement for a group that calls itself "10:10." The group promotes the idea that each person much reduce carbon emissions by 10% immediately or they are dooming the entire planet.

AlGore couldn't be reached for comment as he was on his private jet flying somewhere to give a speech.

Follow the link for more. And don't watch the video if you have a queasy stomach.

» Healthcare Reform: Promises Made, Promises Not Kept - Big Government

"Just relax.  This won't hurt...much."
» Healthcare Reform: Promises Made, Promises Not Kept - Big Government

We all know that Obama and the Democrats lied to us about Obamacare. With Obama leading the chorus they promised the moon but like a used car salesman from 1955 they had no intention of delivering anything but the wreck that they'd overhauled to look nice behind closed doors. The linked article talks about some of the lies that will be biting us soon.

Follow the link for more.

And remember what you read when you go to vote in November.