Tuesday, October 5, 2010

U.S. Tourist Calls on Obama to Step up Search for Husband's Body in Alleged Mexican Pirate Attack

This picture pretty much shows the results of Obama's policies on the Southern border.
Having spent more than a couple of decades in law enforcement I am always reticent about making comments when it comes to on-going investigations. To often there are facts that are not known to the public and not reported and investigators need the time to do their work. In this case, however, there appears to be no on-going investigation by the Mexican authorities so I feel free to have at it.

I am familiar with the area around Zapata and Falcon Lake. I was in Laredo, Texas, as the Resident Agent in Charge of the DEA Office for just over two years back in 1988 to 1991 and remember the area fondly for more than a couple of reasons. I worked with some outstanding law enforcement officers Laredo, some of which I consider to be almost legendary, but saw little to be impressed with in Nuevo Laredo. It was common to see really nice pick-up trucks, the locals called them “Mexican Cadillacs,” being driven around Nuevo Laredo and more than a couple were vehicles stolen in Laredo and driven into Mexico. Did I mention they were being driven by Mexican cops? Oh, sorry. I thought you knew that already.

The problem wasn’t with communications between the cops in Laredo and Mexico. Tex-Mex was, and is, spoken fluently on both sides of the border. The problem was that Mexico, in operating as a sovereign nation, delights in stonewalling inquiries from its northern neighbor. On their side of the border it is considered a badge of honor to have it known that you have told the Norté Americanos to, in police terminology, “pack sand” when it came to a criminal inquiry. In the present case it doesn’t appear that anything has improved in the 20 years since I left Laredo. Like their diminutive joke of a Presidenté, the studied incompetent arrogance is palpable south of the border.

My heart goes out to the family of Michael Hartley. From the statement by his wife that I saw on TV it is clear that he was murdered by a Mexican gang operating on Falcon Lake. For those of you not familiar with the area it is a big lake but has been a law enforcement problem for years. Smugglers abound and to venture on the lake at night is risky even if you’re well armed. Additionally, the Mexican government takes immediate umbrage over any accidental infringement into their waters but has historically turned a blind eye towards the cross-border criminal activities of Mexican nationals on the water. With the recent near collapse of any law enforcement authority in Mexico, coupled with the clear abdication of the Obama Regime of American sovereignty along the southern border, the security situation certainly has not improved. Except, of course, for Mexican police officers looking to increase their own bank accounts.

I do wish that Texas could, as they did once before, send a company or two of Texas Rangers to the border to quell the lawlessness but we know that in the 21st century that won’t happen. Instead the Hartley family will grieve, Federal officials with pass the buck, local law enforcement will be frustrated and the Mexican government will shrug its collective shoulders and say, “No blood, no foul, Señor. We cannot find a body so maybe it didn’t happen.”

Maybe we should completely close the border until they find the body and arrest the perpetrators. Ahhhhh...but that would require a sense of patriotism which we know doesn’t exist in the White House today, and some collective cajones.

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