Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Thinker: The Curious History of 'Global Climate Disruption'

"Come on, think, damn it!  'Warming' is out and that's going to disrupt my plans bigtime.  So what can we call this?"
American Thinker: The Curious History of 'Global Climate Disruption'

A good read on AlGore's favorite topic that explores the origins of the "Global Climate Disruption" terminology that is now favored over the hackneyed "Global Warming" that has been proven to be false. Both phrases are the construct of the overactive imaginations of liberal tree-huggers whose view of reality is, to put it gently, mere fantasy. We are going to have to continue fighting these left-wing environmental ideologues in the near and far future as they use an old leftist tactic of trying to redefine their terminology in order to find the right words that will carry their argument. The underlying premise of the argument won't change, just the meaning of the words.

And AlGore still hopes to make billions on the sale of carbon credits.

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Roald A. said...

And sometimes, there are twists that tie seemingly dissimilar stories all together into one big mess, such as the recent horrible 'detonating global warming disbelievers' video. Please see:

SplatterGate: When Greenpeace is given lemons, they make lemonade


Excerpt: "In this case, the Greenpeace spokesperson once again deflects the narrative back to their propaganda about scheming skeptics, and you know this will soon be regurgitated by left-wing bloggers in viral form. Thus, the fundamental premise of the video is promoted after all - anybody with opposing viewpoints must be viewed with suspicion."