Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SEIU Controls ‘Glitchy’ Voter Machines in Clark County, NV

Harry Reid exemplifies the worst of Progressive authoritarian traits and loves to dictate to America rather than represent We the People.
SEIU Controls "Glitchy" Voter Machines in Clark County, NV

Now we know how the Democrats plan to win this year. The old fashioned Chicago Way, i.e., cheating.

I had read a couple of posts on the internet about the glitches in Clark County, Nevada, where Harry Reid's name was already checked when an early voter logged on to the machine. That did seem very odd but now we know why. SEIU Local 1107 which, by the way, strongly endorsed Reid, controls the ballot boxes in Clark County through their representation of the voting machine technicians who have the contract to maintain the machines. You will remember that SEIU has been supplying the "foot soldiers" or "muscle" for all the Democrat dirty work during the last few years. Things like beating up a black man who was selling Conservative buttons, flags and t-shirts or demonstrating in the front yard of a private home and frightening a child so badly that he locked himself in the bathroom while calling for help on the phone. Or throwing eggs at a bus-load of Conservative supporters on the way to a TEA Party rally in Searchlight, NV.

I second the motion in the linked article. There must be an investigation and the people responsible must be prosecuted if we are to maintain the sanctity of the ballot. Democrats will object to this, of course, because as Progressives they have a goal of destroying the ballot box through blocking citizenship checks during registration or the requirement for photo ID at the polls. This, however, is a bridge too far and should disgust every thinking citizen.

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