Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Justice Thomas' Wife Seeks Anita Hill Apology

For the record, I've never believed Anita Hill.  It was too patently obvious that the Democrats were using her in an attempt to derail the nomination of a Conservative Minority Justice for we all know that the Democrats are the only champions of the minorities in America.  It was just so unseemly to them that a black man could be a conservative after Democrats have worked so hard to convince minorities that only Democrats were deserving of their support.  For that reason they pulled out all stops and played every dirty trick in the book in an attempt to derail the nomination.  In their mind, only minorities who support the Democrat Party are intelligent enough for high government office.  Black, Hispanic or Asian Conservatives are to be reviled, insulted and destroyed as fast as possible and by any means lest the Democrat underclass see that the Democrats are preaching a false message.

I find it interesting that Anita Hill immediately contacted Brandeis University Campus Security and the FBI over a voice mail when it was clearly a most civil message and was extending an "olive branch."  Interesting, but to be expected of a Democrat ideologue who attacked a former employer because he was black, a conservative and being nominated to the Supreme Court.  The charges were shown to be specious, at best and, as we now know, Justice Clarence Thomas is an outstanding thoughtful and intelligent Supreme Court Justice.

Hill is to be pitied rather than reviled.  She was used by the Democrat establishment then and her reward was rather small before she faded back into obscurity where she so richly belongs.  That she owes Justice Thomas and his wife an apology goes without saying.  As my dear mother–God rest her soul–would say: That she reacted the way she did shows only the depth of her guilt in the matter.  Were that not so, she would have nothing to fear from Mrs. Thomas.

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