Thursday, October 7, 2010

Owner of Segway Donates 1,000 Segways for Wounded Warriors Before His Death

Thank you, Jimi, for remembering us.
Some people are lucky enough to have millions and millions of dollars and live a life of luxury.  Among these are people who didn't earn the money by their own labor but have it only because their mother went into labor and gave them life.  Some treat life as a nothing more than a party, dancing on tables, making tapes of themselves having sex and generally adding nothing of worth to the world.

Then there are those like Jimi Heselden.  Probably 99% of those reading this would wonder "who?" at the mention of his name absent the headline above.  And I must say that we know all too little about Jimi Heselden, the man, other than he invented the Segway, an absolutely unique mode of transport that has yet to realize its full potential.  But this we do know about Jimi Heselden:  He was a brilliant man who worked hard, got rich and then gave something back to the world in which he lived.  This one act of kindness for the Wounded Warriors proved that he was a man to remember.

And every time I see one of his Segways from now on, remember him I shall.

Follow the link for the story of a man, his invention and how it is helping those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

May he rest in peace.

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