Monday, October 25, 2010

The Stakes in the Midterm Elections: Are We Citizens or Subjects?

The Stakes in the Midterm Elections: Are We Citizens or Subjects?

This is an excellent read using historical context to show just how Progressives have perverted the original intent of the Constitution in their efforts to create a perfect socialist state. As we can now see in Europe, the very area that Obama seems to idealize for its nanny-state governments, socialism and nanny-stateism just does not work. Of course, our Forefathers understood this all too well when they conceived the Constitution and clearly, from reading the Federalist Papers and significant writings of the early Framers, put in what they believed to be safeguards in the Constitution that limited the Federal Government. Unfortunately over the decades those safeguards have been under constant assault and significantly subverted by Progressives in Congress, the White House and the Courts through imaginative manipulation of the very language in which they were written by redefining the words and reinterpreting phrases to suit their own goals. As this article clearly points out, they have managed to do that which our Forefathers tried to prevent and in doing so have set us on the self-destructive path of socialism which leads to the title question: Are we Citizens or are we Subjects?

We reaffirm our citizenship on November 2, and in 2012 and 2016 we have the opportunity to finish the job by expelling remaining Progressives, on both the right and the left, from the White House, Senate and House of Representatives.

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And be sure to vote on November 2. It's time to send out some pink slips along with a strong message that we will not be dictated to by a nanny-state.

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