Monday, October 11, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg Slams Board of Elections for Failure to Mail Military Ballots

"What do you mean I 'wont' get to vote?'"
Mayor Bloomberg, a golfing buddy of President Obama, has in this case raised a valid point:  The Obama Regime has given short shrift to law enforcement unless that enforcement reinforces one of its political goals.  Having the military vote in the coming mid-term elections will not boost Obama's fortunes and would, quite likely, be to the Regime's disadvantage therefore Eric Holder's Department of Justice just can't find the time nor energy to enforce the MOVE Act.

The despicable nature of this callous disregard of the law is plain for all to see but what can we expect from a former community organizer who would rather rule than govern?  Clearly the law has been violated in New York among other places but Obama could care less.  And you will see no outrage in the Left Stream Media, either, for they have no respect for the rights of the people who serve because those people are more likely to vote conservative than Democrat.

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