Friday, October 22, 2010

Retraction Request: Politico's Jonathan Martin Smears Palin with False Facts

Retraction Request: Politico's Jonathan Martin Smears Palin with False Facts

The Politico has a liar on staff? How can that be? I mean, it is obvious that they favor the liberal left in 90% of their published opinions, but a liar?

Yep. Apparently they do. There are liberal writers who take up issues from an intellectual point of view–always wrongly, of course–and contribute to civilized discourse. Then there are liberal writers who exist for the "gotcha" moment even if they have to make it up. And once they get away with it, as Martin reportedly did during the 2008 election cycle, they are addicted to the fabrication of stories intended to shape public opinion. They used to get away with this before the internet (which is why the leftist-led FCC is so blatantly trying to get control of the internet, but that's another topic) but now thanks to that fabulous information tool their stories are quickly outed as false. So it is with the case of Jonathan Martin who suffers not only of an addiction to making up "facts" to suit the liberal left storyline, but also, clearly, from PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome).

While the Politico has built a reputation of a reliable, if liberal, reporter of the political happenings in Washington, I wonder if it has decided to turn the page from reporting news to being an internet tabloid where we will soon be reading of Republican plans to genetically engineer three-headed babies and set-up a Extra-Terrestial Alien space port on the Mall near the Washington Monument. Time will tell.

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