Friday, October 15, 2010

Morning Bell: A Legal Victory on the Road to Repeal | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

"Constitutional?  Oh, don't be silly!  We don't need to worry about that silly document.  We rule by Divine Right!"
Nancy "The Nanny" Pelosi and the Neo-Lib Democrats in the House, the Senate and the Oval Office clearly demonstrated that while they are masters at political intrigue they have no true understanding of the Constitution. Indeed, Obama has said that it is an "imperfect" document. We cannot depend on any of these people to live up to their oaths of office so the sooner we use the power of our votes to remove them from the exercise of political power the better off our nation will be.

I don't expect that Pelosi will be defeated in her home bailiwick. San Francisco is, after all, the home of more idiots than any place in America. But with the November 2 election we will have taken the all important step of removing her from the power she enjoys as the Speaker of the House and with diligence on our part, she will never again occupy such a sensitive position. Harry Reid will likely be defeated in Nevada and that is a good thing. If we don't vote out enough Democrats in the Senate, however, then "Chuck-you" Schumer will likely be the Senate majority leader. That is not good for America as he is a craven leftist ideologue who loves being before the cameras. But if we don't take control of the Senate on November 2 we will certainly have a significant enough minority presence to stop any advancement of the über-left's agenda for Schumer will certainly try to advance those issues, like gun-control, that are near and dear to his heart.

November 2, you see, is only half the battle. We must then gird ourselves for two more years of political war against those who would love to subjugate us and make us their political and economic slaves. Until we send Obama packing on January 20, 2013, our freedoms will be under constant attack. The legal victory in Florida that is reported in the linked article is only one of many legal and political battles to come. We have much work to do and, God willing, we will be victorious and free in the end.

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