Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Not Even Clouseau Could Make Panthers Disappear

"What New Black Panthers?  We've never heard of that case."

I've been following the New Black Panther case for months now and the only conclusion that any thinking person can draw is that the Attorney General and his people are trying to cover-up their own racism.  Like most Neo-Lib Democrats they are of the firm belief that racism can only be present among whites and nothing that is done by blacks, Latinos or Asians can be considered racism.  And besides, if you got them to sit down over a drink there is no doubt that they would end up telling you that "It's OUR turn to be in control and we're going to make things run OUR way."

It takes a very small mind to believe that racism is only one way.  It takes an even smaller mind to believe that government officials should be thinking that it is "OUR turn" to do anything.  But that's clearly what we've got in Eric Holder.

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