Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bald Eagle Music Video "This Is America" (AEF)

The link to this video was sent to me by Chuck, a boss from times gone by and an old friend still. It brought to mind the thought that America's freedoms are much like the Bald Eagle was at the time this video: Endangered. The Bald Eagle is now off the Endangered Species list but the freedoms paid for with the blood, sweat and tears of our Forefathers is not. We are under assault from without by those who would destroy our form of government and substitute a foreign theocracy that they alone control. We are under assault from within by those who would stupidly pervert our Forefathers words to mean that a socialist form of government was what they envisioned and what we need. We must continue to resist both for surrender is not an option.

Our military is actively engaged with the forces from without who would destroy this nation. This coming November 2 we will have an opportunity to push-back against the socialist encroachment fostered and led by Obama, Reid and Pelosi. As our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines do their job, let us do ours. Vote to rid the House and Senate of Neo-Libs and RINOs on November 2.

Follow the link for the video.  It is inspiring.

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