Saturday, October 31, 2009

Critics denounce Dem. lawmaker as 'nuts' - Washington Times

Critics denounce Dem. lawmaker as 'nuts' - Washington Times

This is spot-on. Rep. Alan Grayson (D/FL) is a perfect example of what President Obama meant when he said he would end the partisanship. What he really meant was that if you did what he said like a good little robot you wouldn't be attacked. Anything else and they will go after you.

Liberal-progressives have never been about freedom of speech for anyone but themselves.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Obama 'Most Powerful Writer Since Julius Caesar' Says NEA Chief

Obama 'Most Powerful Writer Since Julius Caesar,' Says NEA Chief - Political News -

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When I first saw this article several adjectives came to mind: fan, devotee, enthusiast, devotee, disciple, admiring, adoring believer, obsequious, toadying, sycophantic, fawning…

But only one seemed to fit: idiot.

We should remember that this individual is supposed to be an expert on the arts. I sincerely doubt the term "political pundit" appears anywhere in his job description nor, considering his statements, should it; but he does have the right to speak his mind. That's enshrined in our Constitution and must be upheld. We should, however, always look at the speaker for what he really is when judging the worth of his statements. Just because someone is successful in their chosen field does not automatically confer expertise in other disparate fields of endeavor.

But I kind of wonder what Mr. Landesman thinks of Bill Ayers' admission that he ghosted “Dreams?” Does that mean that Bill Ayers is a more powerful writer than Julius Caesar?

It's something to think about.

Health Care Businesses at Risk in House Bill - Political News -

Health Care Businesses at Risk in House Bill - Political News -

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If we allow this bill to pass we will not only lose a significant amount of our remaining freedom but will put our children in debt.

And we can say good-bye to grandpa and grandma. The bill cuts Medicare because they won't have enough money to take care of the elderly once they start working on a government controlled budget.

Contact your Congressman and Senators immediately and object to this travesty!

They're Back!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the doctor's office, Pelosi's liberal-socialist-progressives strike again.

We should realize that Pelosi is an advocate of complete control of the population by the ruling class of which she is a member. It's time to send the ruling class back home to find jobs where they actually have to work for a living. We need fresh minds and fresh ideas in Washington, not the current recycled claptrap from the old Soviet Union.

Vote "Conservative" this election.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

'Desecrated flag' video is DNC finalist - Jonathan Allen -

'Desecrated flag' video is DNC finalist - Jonathan Allen -

This film is truly hate speech so what I'd like to know is at what point can we question the patriotism of the liberal-progressive Democrats? To them, anything that demeans America is perfectly proper and covered under "Freedom of Speech." Yet anything that they don't agree with is "hate speech."

This is hate speech, pure and simple. They must hate America to use something like this to advance their Obamacare cause.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Intel Services Didn't Tell Congress About Spy Ops

Intel Services Didn't Tell Congress About Spy Ops - Political News -

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The story begs the central, common-sense issue: Would you tell anyone under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid about highly sensitive intelligence operations? I think not.

Allowing for Congressional oversight is one thing. Providing attention seeking, left leaning political hacks the opportunity to grandstand and destroy the lives of intelligence sources or programs is another.

Constitutionality of health overhaul questioned

Constitutionality of health overhaul questioned

We know that it is socialist. We know that it is ill-conceived and we have agonized over this plan to have the government take over 1/6th of the economy. Now the hard question is being asked: Is it even legal?

Long-delayed Silver Star to be awarded - Washington Times

Long-delayed Silver Star to be awarded - Washington Times

A hero honored. An example for all.

Freedom of Speech Under Continued Attack by the Liberal-Progressives and the Administration

An excellent piece from Michelle Malkin. She's obviously one of the main targets of this move to limit political speech.

Keep up the good work, Michelle!

And You Thought ACORN Was Defanged?

Here is a little something to help you stay awake tonight.

What Bill Ayers Saw in Barack Obama

What Bill Ayers Saw in Barack Obama

Bill Ayers. And unrepentant terrorist who, but for a court ruling, would be in jail today for terrorism.

Barack Obama launched his political career in Bill Ayers home.

Michelle Obama worked with Bernadine Dorn, Ayers wife who was associated with him in the Weather Underground.

Is there any wonder why President Obama is little trusted by those on the right?

Will the Real Racist Please Stand Up?

Will the Real Racist Please Stand Up?

I have long viewed those who positioned themselves as holier-than-thou on matters of race, a common position of the liberal-progressives, with suspicion. We owe people true equality regardless of the color of their skin or ethnic background; and, to tell them that they must have the help of white liberal-progressives in order to succeed in this world is truly the worst form of slavery. We owe people respect, not dole-outs. We owe people respect, not condescension. We owe people the opportunity to succeed and prosper and not merely to serve their government masters and the political elite. We owe them the opportunity to live as free and equal citizens of the greatest country on Earth.

Narcissistic Rage in the White House

Narcissistic Rage in the White House

The "diagnosis" of President Obama as a narcissist does, on its face, have merits. Time will tell how accurate that diagnosis is but one thing is certain: This administration does not like opposition. At all.

Which is why they must be opposed.

Another View of Government Health Care

Being in Manila without regular access to Fox News, just CNN and BBC, I don't get to see the truth, I meant news, of course, as much as I like. Evidently Neil Cavuto interviewed someone who supports the government taking over healthcare and who cited the military health care system as an example of the success of government in handling health care.

Here is a letter written by my eldest who is the wife of a career service member. The truth is somewhat different from that presented by the Administration.

Mr. Cavuto

I apologize if this email isn't very timely. I watch your show on AFN News here in Misawa, Japan. My husband is active duty Air Force.

As I watched your show today, you had a guest who used Tricare as an example of a government health care system being run correctly. While I do agree with her that Tricare is a good system, she did not talk about the reasons why it runs well.

First, if the government had to pay the "going rate" for my husband's work, we could not afford this health care system. Everyone knows that military members do not make a lot of money and one of the ways that the government makes up for this is with our health care.

From the doctors, nurses and administrators that I have known through the years and talked to, I have heard that Tricare doesn't work "in the black." So I am not sure that your guest could use it as an example of being well run. Wouldn't a well run system at least break even?

And my final and most important point is this, most people covered under Tricare are in good health. Now you may ask about all our wounded warriors, well the VA handles most of the long term care, which can be the most costly. For the most part, everyone else is in the "prime of their lives." The retirees have to use the VA or MediCare and we both know how well those are run.

So, from someone in the Tricare system and one who uses it for themselves and their family, it is a wonderful system. BUT it would NOT work for the nation as a whole and should not be used as an example of how the government can "do it right."

Thank you!
Shannon Smith
Misawa AB, Japan

I urge you to write your Representatives and Senators and demand that they stand-down from the proposed take-over of 1/6th of the economy by the government.

Your views are, of course welcome.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

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And the attacks on dissent by the liberal-progressives are impacting the President's numbers. Still a minus in double digits today.

Liberal Fascists Will Brook No Dissent

David Limbaugh opines on the penchant for liberal-progressives to attack those who dissent from their point of view. Follow the link above and read on.

DEA Special Agents Die in Afghanistan - Heroes All

Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Fourteen Americans died in two helicopter crashes in Afghanistan on Monday, NATO's International Security Assistance Force said: 10 in one incident and four in the other.

Three Drug Enforcement Administration special agents were among the dead, according to the DEA, which did not identify them.

The agents were first DEA agents to be killed in Afghanistan.

"Like all those who give their lives in service to America, they were doing their duty, and they were doing this nation proud," President Obama said at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida.

"Now, it is our duty, as a nation, to keep their memory alive in our hearts and to carry on their work, to take care of their families, to keep our country safe," Obama said.

It was the largest number of Americans killed in Afghanistan in a single day in more than four years, according to CNN records.

The NATO force ruled out enemy fire in the crash that killed four Americans and said enemy action was not thought to be the cause of the other.

A helicopter went down in the west of the country after a raid on suspected drug traffickers. Seven U.S. service members and three U.S. civilians were killed, according to an ISAF statement. Fourteen Afghan service members, 11 U.S. service members and one U.S. civilian were injured in the crash.

Monday's crash marked the second-deadliest incident in the agency's 36-year history, according to entries on the DEA's Web site.

The deadliest incident for the DEA occurred August 27, 1994, when a plane carrying five special agents crashed in the Peruvian Andes during a reconnaissance mission, according to the DEA's Web site.

One of Monday's helicopter crashes occurred after the helicopter was returning from a raid on a compound, ISAF said.

The joint international security force killed more than a dozen enemy fighters while searching the compound, ISAF said. The site was thought to harbor insurgents tied to narcotics trafficking in western Afghanistan.

The militants were killed in a firefight when insurgents confronted the joint force.

As the force was leaving, a helicopter "went down due to unconfirmed reasons," ISAF said. A recovery operation was launched.

DEA Acting Administrator Michele Leonhart said the crash occurred as the agents and seven U.S. service members were returning "from a completed, joint counternarcotics mission."

"DEA is an extremely tight family, and the death of these three brave agents is a devastating loss for us," she said in a written statement.

Attorney General Eric Holder said the circumstances of the crash were under investigation.

"I want to express my deepest condolences to the families of these heroic agents," Holder said in a written statement.

"During this difficult time, the families of these agents are foremost in our thoughts and prayers."

In Monday's other deadly crash, four U.S. service members were killed when two helicopters apparently collided in the air in southern Afghanistan. Two other NATO service members were injured.

"The incident is currently being investigated, but it is confirmed that hostile fire was not involved," ISAF said.

"Each and every death is a tremendous loss for the family and friends of each service member and civilian. Our grief is compounded when we have such a significant loss on one day," Col. Wayne Shanks, an ISAF spokesman, said in a written statement.

ISAF is not announcing the names of the dead or which branch of the service they were in, pending the notification of their relatives.

The DEA has had a presence in Afghanistan for four years. The agency said Monday that it is increasing its presence in Kabul to up to about 50 agents.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

FACT CHECK: Health insurer profits not so fat

At a time when the White House and their supporters are demonizing anyone and everything in order to nationalize 1/6th of the American economy it doesn't hurt to check the facts. Health insurance companies have been continuously slammed for their profit motives--and why else would they be in business?--but there is no doubt that the criticisms emanating from the left are without substance.

Check the facts.

Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English

Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English |
News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News
| Latest News

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When I first saw this I thought it was the start of a joke but it appears to be true! That this was wrong goes without saying. We should, however, encourage residents to learn English and it should be our official language but they should not be penalized in this manner. Neither should we pander to their native languages.

Not Ashamed to Love My Country

Not Ashamed to Love My Country

We should never ask our new citizens to forget where they came from but only to remember where they are. If they don't feel that the American culture, i.e., the culture of the United States of America, is superior to the culture of their country of origin, then I must ask, "Why are you here?" Our country is great because of our culture and if that culture is destroyed we will be no better than Mexico, Canada or Great Britain. I like and respect all three of those countries but I assure you, I don't want to be Mexican, Canadian or British. I am an American and proud of it. I am not ashamed to say that I believe it is the greatest nation on earth.



This is the change of Barack Obama. He has already announced that the United States is a Muslim nation and this is the fundamental change he proposes.

We are a Judeo-Christian nation, not an Islamic one. Muslims are free, however, to worship as they please--something that is not allowed in Saudi Arabia--in this country. The left, however, treats Islam as superior to Christianity. The ACLU fails to protest any state-funding directed at Islamic interests but goes out of it's way to attack a memorial cross in California.

The left wants to destroy the American culture. We have the greatest country with the most freedom in the world and they want to destroy it. They won't be happy until the U.S. is as backward as Saudi Arabia and as poor as the Third World.

Rightwing Fascists and Other Fables

Rightwing Fascists and Other Fables

Fascism has historically been one of the most poorly defined terms and since the 60's was equated, along with the Nazi's, with the extreme far right. It is only in the 21st century that we have begun looking at the actual function of fascism and the National Socialist Party of the 1930's and 40's Germany and discovered that they were not the extreme right but the extreme left. Hitler truly had much more in common with Joseph Stalin than any other politician of that era.

It is the far left--the liberal-progressives--who want to shut down free speech. Who want central government control of our personal lives. Who want a single party dictatorship with no dissent.

It is true conservatives who say it is time for an elected change in Washington. Not the change of Barack Obama, but a move away from Chicago-thug tactics, the tactics of the 1960's SDS and the tactics of Saul Alinsky.

Things to watch for during a “Declared National Emergency”

Things to watch for during a “Declared National Emergency”

During the campaign last year Sean Hannity was fond of saying, "Elections have consequences." The truth of his statement has never been more evident. This article is an interesting compilation of Executive Orders over the years. It is discomforting to read these and realize that in the wrong hands they could do severe damage to the freedom we expect in America.

Elections truly do have consequences.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ken Blackwell : In Virginia, A Done Deeds?

Ken Blackwell : In Virginia, A Done Deeds? -

Vote for Bob McDonnell. He's the man for Virginia and it will send a much needed message to Washington that the foolishness has to stop.

Michelle Malkin : The Bogus Death Statistic That Won't Die -

Michelle Malkin : The Bogus Death Statistic That Won't Die -

There is no doubt that the liberal-progressives are lying about the statistics when it comes to Obamacare. Their purpose is not better health care for all Americans but an expansion of government control over the people's personal lives and the seizure of 1/6th of the U.S. economy by the government.

And they are being led in this endeavor by President Obama who seems to have no compunction about telling lie after lie in pursuit of his goals.

Time to send a strong message to Washington with a vote for Conservatives in the next election. Please note that I said "Conservatives" and not "Republicans." There is at least one liberal-Republican, a RINO to be exact, running in New York.

Be sure to get out and vote. The future depends on it.

Obama dismisses warming skeptics - Washington Times

Obama dismisses warming skeptics - Washington Times

That the globe has been warming since the end of the last ice age is a given. That it is caused by man is not a given. The current push is not about ending global warming but about extending the government's control over people and making money for AlGore and other favored individuals who will then pass that money along to the Democrat's "ruling class."

The sooner we force the government to abandon this foolishness the better off we will all be.

EXCLUSIVE: Murtha, Moran steer millions to software firm - Washington Times

EXCLUSIVE: Murtha, Moran steer millions to software firm - Washington Times

The odious, sulphur-like smell emanating from Abscam John Murtha gets stronger as each day goes by. Enough already! When will the people of Pennsylvania wake-up and kick this man out of office?

Rangers! Lead the way!

Real heroes. I can't say anything more than that.

Judge Orders Christian Convert Runaway to Return to Ohio

Judge Orders Christian Convert Runaway to Return to Ohio - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

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The only way to ensure that this young lady lives is for all eyes to be focused on the case. The judge returned the young lady despite factual, historical evidence that "honor" killings are an approved way to deal with apostates under Islam. Should this young lady meet the fate of thousands of others who converted from Islam, the judge should, but won't, be held responsible for her death. Florida like all other states gives judges immunity for the results of their rulings.

But I wonder. If the facts of the case were reversed and the young lady had fled her Christian family to live with a Muslim family because she had converted and feared retribution by her father, would the politically correct judge have issued the same ruling? I think not. Diversity is the religious mantra of the left but it is a diversity that excludes Christianity. In the twisted liberal-progressive mind, it is perfectly acceptable to put down Christians or Jews but absolutely unacceptable to criticize Muslims and the reason is diversity.

What do you think?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

American Thinker: All the President's Mao

American Thinker: All the President's Mao

My mother, and probably yours, always said, "Show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are." It was her way of encouraging me to choose my friends carefully so that I didn't get involved with the proverbial "wrong crowd." Clearly, President Obama's grandmother felt the same way only she evidently though pro-American conservatives were the wrong crowd.

Obama's predilection for consorting with ultra-leftists is well documented even if ignored by the Government-controlled press. Were it not for the efforts of Fox News and it's commentary, we might have not known about the self-declared Communists in Obama's past. Certainly we couldn't expect CNN, NBC, CBS or ABC to tell us.

"Show me who your friends are and I'll show you who you are." Obama is clearly defined by his friends so please don't be shocked when I call him a socialist. I'm actually being kind and forgiving for many of his friends are self-declared Communists who by their adoption of that ethic espouse the destruction of the United States as a free country.

Democrats and the Politics of Rage

Democrats and the Politics of Rage

No tolerance on the Left for anything conservative or pro-American. Absolute tolerance for anything diverse and anti-American.

That's the mantra of the liberal-progressive-socialists.

Welcome to the World of Newspeak

Welcome to the World of Newspeak

Some interesting insights into the tactics of the Obama Administration as they strive to reach their goal of total control over all Americans. President Obama clearly desires to be the dear leader as in 1984.

Deeds repeats closing debate remarks almost verbatim - Washington Times

Deeds repeats closing debate remarks almost verbatim - Washington Times

R.Creigh Deeds is unimaginative and capable of doing only what the Democratic Party wants done. And I assure you, the people of Virginia are a distant 2nd place in the Democrat's playbook. I urge all Virginians to vote for Bob McDonnell. It will send a much needed message to our two Senators that they ignore the will of the people of the Commonwealth at the peril of their jobs.

Vote this November as if your future counts on it. And believe me, it does.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker Event at University Cut Short as Crowd Turns Nasty

Anti-Islamic Dutch Lawmaker Event at University Cut Short as Crowd Turns Nasty - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

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You would think that ideas and different points of view would be welcome at a university. Clearly that is not the case when the order of the day is enforced diversity.

Sources: House Dems Trim Health Bill to $871B - Political News -

Sources: House Dems Trim Health Bill to $871B - Political News -

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Regardless of how Reid and Pelosi couch their proposal, it's $871 Billion we don't have for a problem that is best solved by the private sector. They are going to bankrupt the nation with their schemes. Write or call your Representative and Senator today and direct them to vote against this bill.

Bob McDonnell Wins the Final Debate

Bob McDonnell is the clear choice for Virginians not only for the Commonwealth but for the nation. His election will send a message to the House and Senate that they have gone too far with their tax and spend plans. We need Bob McDonnell in the Governor's office.

Be sure to go to the polls this November!

WILLIAMS: The Limbaugh lie - Washington Times

WILLIAMS: The Limbaugh lie - Washington Times

The lies told about Rush Limbaugh's statements are well documented but the left is unapologetic. Apparently, under the liberal media's ethical standards it is right and proper to lie about someone and damage them monetarily so long as that someone is a conservative. Had conservatives done the same to a liberal, the sanctimonious screams would go on for months until someone lost their head. But as the victim is a conservative, better yet, an arch-conservative, what was said is just fine and an example of reporting the news.

The White House actually has it backwards, Fox News is the only news organization out there. The rest are just minions of the Administration.

Almost 40 years late, unit honored for bloody Vietnam battle | McClatchy

Almost 40 years late, unit honored for bloody Vietnam battle | McClatchy

Just a bunch of heroes finally being recognized for doing their duty. Funny, but I didn't see this on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS or even on Fox. I guess it's easy for them to forget those of a previous generation who went where many refused to go and did what had to be done.

May God bless these men.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Politics and Justice Just Don't Mix

More partisan actions under the color of law. There seems to be no end to the politicization of the Department of Justice.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Australia - 10/19/2009

October 13th was a beautiful Australian spring day and our plan was to drive to the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy, a Pauline Fathers monastery, and hear Mass. Not being an expert on Catholic history I didn’t realize the significance of the 13th, and especially October 13th.

We started early and the day was beautiful if windy with some scattered clouds as we drove half-way to Canberra. The church is off the road at the Pauline Fathers’ Monastery on Hanging Rock Road near Berrima, New South Wales. The location is idyllic.

We had a full picnic lunch packed and a breakfast, “brekky” down under, of Filipino sweet breads under our belts, so on the drive and I spent my time looking for and hoping to see a wild kangaroo. Call me a bloody tourist if you will but that’s something I always wanted to see. No luck, I’m afraid.

When we arrived the parking lot was filling rapidly with cars and tour buses from all over Australia but we were able to park strategically near a picnic table where we could grill some sausages and fry some rice for our lunch after the mass. The grounds of the monastery are known as Penrose Park and are beautifully maintained. It was quickly apparent that the small church would be unable to hold even half the crowd of worshippers and that the Pauline Fathers had planned for a Mass outside in advance. I could see half a dozen priests scattered about the grounds hearing confessions in the open air with those waiting their turn standing in line a respectful distance away.

I began to realize the significance of the day when I saw that the priest officiating was Cardinal Pell but I didn’t fully comprehend why until his homily. During the homily he spoke about the Miracle of Fatima and the significance of the 13th as a date and specifically of October 13th as it was the last time the Virgin Mary appeared to the three young girls and was the time that the sun danced in the sky. I also heard that Cardinal Pell was the second Cardinal to say the Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy the first happening on October 13th 21 years prior. That would have been during the time of Pope John Paul II.

There is a statue of Pope John Paul II on the grounds as he was a devotee of the Blessed Virgin Mother. After the Mass we went to see it and take pictures and I was amazed at the smell of the flowers around his statue even if none were evident.

Our picnic lunch was delicious as our appetites were bolstered by the cool air of the day. And after lunch we explored the grounds of the Monastery visiting the many small chapels, some dedicated by the various ethnic communities, including one in Australia. The Filipino, Polish, Portuguese, and Maltese peoples are but a few of those represented.

Many of the chapels are, of course, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it amazed me that every time Lil’ Miss Wonderful saw a statue of the Holy Virgin she exclaimed, “That’s my Mommy!” It was a truly beautiful day.

As we left the Monastery my sister-in-law exclaimed, “Look at the kangaroos!” We stopped the vehicle and backed up about 50 yards and true enough, there were half a dozen wild kangaroos about 20 yards off the road. The only wild kangaroos I’ve seen, or am likely to see, as I doubt there will be any on the way to the airport tomorrow.

On October 14th we traveled the same road but this time all the way to Canberra to visit the Australian War Memorial and Military Museum. To say that the museum is impressive is an understatement. The exhibits cover all of Australia’s wars in great detail and are without a doubt some of the best I’ve seen. We had a scant 5 hours there and could have spent 5 full days without seeing everything. My brother-in-law commented that it was his 5th visit and he was still seeing something new that he missed previously.

I was impressed with the way they personalized the exhibits connecting them to real people with real stories. One uniform, complete with rifle, bayonet and kit, from WWI was displayed still caked with sweat and the mud of the battlefield. The wearer of the uniform was identified as well as the unit historian who collected it from him after the battle.

Another exhibit showed a battle damage rifle that had been carried by an Australian soldier in Malaya when he stepped on a landmine. There was a picture of him taken sometime prior to his death carrying the same rifle with it’s now splintered stock and bent metal.

Another picture—one I’ve seen in many history books—from WWII of an Australian soldier blind-folded and on his knees with a Japanese soldier standing above him with his sword raised that was taken only moments before he was beheaded was displayed. The narrative not only identified the Australian soldier but his family as well telling of their not learning of his fate until a year after the war ended.

The Korean and Vietnam exhibits were also exceptional with great detail and excellent presentations. I noted that one of the Australian soldiers from the Vietnam era had donated a copy of the U.S. Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade history. The Australian’s were clearly quite proud of having served shoulder to shoulder with U.S. Forces in Vietnam.

One of the most impressive rooms in the entire Museum, however, is the one dedicated to the winners of the Victoria Cross. Many of the actual Victoria Crosses are displayed, some on loan to the Museum and some, I found out, actually owned by the museum as the descendants has sold them. Each VC winner’s story is told in detail and to say it was a special place is an understatement.

My beautiful wife commented that it was very interesting to see how other nations viewed the same wars that are part of American history. She was very right. One thing that I noticed, and envied, was that nowhere was there a hint of apology for Australia’s participation in those wars. Instead, the Museum provided a dignified portrait of the efforts and sacrifices of their military. That’s the way it should always be. The politics should be left to the politicians in another, less reputable building.

It was a moving 5 hours, to say the least, capped by the Museum’s closing ceremony. On this day a Piper marched solemnly front and center outside and with the crowd watching and played a traditional Scottish lament. It was a truly solemn and moving moment. And as I stood there as close to attention as my 60-year old body will allow, I started hearing a small voice from behind me singing softly along with the piper attempting to follow his tune and clearly making up the words as she went along. Lil’ Miss Wonderful had decided to add her own touch to the ceremony. I turned, bent over her and implored her not to sing and she nodded yes, that she would stop singing. As I stood back up, she started to solemnly hum.

I couldn’t help but smile along with those who were close enough to hear her as she completed her accompaniment of the Piper.

Our trip would not be complete without a visit to Bondi Beach and Watson’s Cove as well as to a beautiful lighthouse on the coast. I estimate that of the 7,000 species of flies in Australia I’ve only seen a couple of hundred but those were in the hundreds each.

The local wildlife preserve was another afternoon of enjoyment for the family. My beautiful wife fell in love with the koala bears and my daughter petted a tame kangaroo. We also saw some beautiful birds including an Emu that posed with my wife.

The Sydney Aquarium was a hit with all of us and many pictures were taken of and by my wife. Lil’ Miss Wonderful loved the life-size mermaid—she said it was Ariel—at the Duggong exhibit. The sharks, I will say, were impressive and I am ever the more convinced that scuba diving is not for me.

Tonight is a despedida at a Chinese buffet and tomorrow we’re off to the airport for our return to Manila. I see where there is another typhoon threatening the Philippines so I anticipate rain upon our return. Whoopee!

More from Manila.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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An outright bribe attempt in the Chicago Way. Fortunately, we seniors don't all come from Chicago and are willing to stand up and say "NO!" to the socialist progressives, or liberals as we used to call them, and their desire to turn our country into a replica of Cuba's, or anyone else's, socialist paradise.

As Thomas Jefferson would remind us, a government big enough to give us everything we want is big enough to take everything we have.

It's time to stop Washington's foolishness. Vote for the conservative candidate this November...and next November as well!

White House admits: We 'control' news media

White House admits: We 'control' news media

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Finally, an explanation for the White House "war" on Fox News. It's the only news organization that doesn't kowtow to the Administration and the only news organization that asks the tough questions.

The WH has been acting like Chicago thugs since the new Administration moved in. It's time for the people to reject their fascist attitude that Obama and his minions have assumed.

Turn on Fox News and leave it on all day. Let's put their ratings through the roof!

P.S.: It doesn't hurt to listen to what they have to say, either.

So Very, Very True

"Sentences that begin 'The president says' are not as impressive as they used to be." - George Will, 10/18/2009

The Heisman Trophy

I have it on good authority that President Obama will not, repeat will not, be awarded the Heisman Trophy for having watched a college football game this last weekend.

Friday, October 16, 2009

School Chief Sticks By 'Zero Tolerance' Ruling for Eagle Scout - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

School Chief Sticks By 'Zero Tolerance' Ruling for Eagle Scout - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News -

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The photo of Mr. Goodwin shows him with a big smile. I wondered, "Why is this man smiling?" Then it hit me: The young man in question is an Eagle Scout, a member of the Boy Scouts of America, a rightist dissident group opposed to the ultra-liberal agenda of leftists and he was able to punish him in a manner that could well affect his future. He's smiling not because he made his school safer, but because he was able to strike a blow for Progressives everywhere!

Why, oh why, did we let people with ultra small minds like this man be in charge of our children's future? In that we Conservatives have failed our progeny.

This is a wake-up call for all parents. We must regain control of our education system. Washington will fight, whine and scream but we must take charge of our children's education to ensure that they are educated, not indoctrinated.

What say you?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Army's top civilian says a chaplain deserving - Washington Times

Army's top civilian says a chaplain deserving - Washington Times

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Sometimes you see something in the news that just needs to be posted so that others who may have missed it will see it as well. I share this, a story about a deserving hero and possibly a Saint, today.

Men with this depth of character and faith are rare. So rare that if we meet one in our lives we are blessed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Australia - 10/12/09

The other day we walked through Sydney around the harbor. It’s a beautiful city to be sure, with some beautiful parks and interesting sights. It pretty much closes about 5:00 pm, though, so you want to get out and about early.

We walked through a modern art place on the waterfront. It was interesting although not much to my taste. I did, however, see one art piece that I understood. The artist put together a montage of signs hung from the ceiling covering a multitude of areas evidently intending to convey the convergence of ideas in Australia. One of the signs I found most informative: “There are over 7,000 species of flies in Australia.”

I’ve seen only a half dozen different types so far and I’m anxiously awaiting the other 6,994.

My favorite part was sitting at the Opera House, beautiful structure it is, and looking across the water at the ANZAC Bridge where I could see people who paid $100.00 (Aus) to walk up the infrastructure and stand at the top. There was a steady line of them and I marveled at the simplicity of that bit of commerce. Find a structure with a nice view at the top. Spice it up with a bit of faux risk (you have to be tethered to walk up and only in small groups). Then sell it to tourists wanting to record memorable pictures of the view.

I preferred sitting on the bench with a cigar watching them from down below. Memorable view, it was, without the wind and drama.

Not to mention that my view was free.

The trip to the Blue Mountains was a great one. Not only did I get some excellent pictures of the Three Sisters but also of Lil’ Miss Wonderful and her beautiful mother. The scenery in the mountains was spectacular and my sister-in-law suggested a ride on a gondola that goes down into the valley. But then she said that to get back you walked up through a mine shaft.

Like paying to climb to the top of a bridge, I could see no good reason to spoil a beautiful day. And to celebrate that I enjoyed a good cigar.

More later.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Nobel Prize for Obama

In a way I almost feel sorry for President Obama despite his self-made situation. Here he is striving to overcome the failure in Copenhagen and the Nobel Prize Committee adds insult to injury. Now he joins Jimmy Carter (worst President of the 20th Century) and Al Gore (inconvenient loser with a fictional documentary) as a Nobel Awardee. Oh! The inhumanity of it all.

Actually, if you think about it, they do give that prize to anyone who damages America. Such is the European mind-set. They can hardly wait for America's fall so they can again become pre-eminent in the world and screw things up as they did before (which usually that results in a world war). Truly, the Nobel Prize is no honor but only the recognition of an extreme anti-American bent.

In that, the Norwegians were spot-on.

Friday, October 9, 2009


We arrived this morning on a red-eye after an all night flight from Manila. It was the first time for me to fly Qantas and the flight was comfortable enough even though fully loaded. I did notice, however, that the kid's meal for Lil' Miss Wonderful was better than the regular meal. I think I'll ask for two next trip.

As I was completing my Customs and Immigration card I noticed that they had a very pointed question, "Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Yes or No?" Now while I have no problems with the question, I wondered if they thought I was considering becoming an emigrant?

The answer is, of course, no. It seems a nice enough place, for sure, but not for more than a visit.

And it rained here during the mid-day so I guess the rains followed us from Manila. At least we won't have a red-tinged sand storm today.

More as it comes along.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

High court questions cross as memorial - Washington Times

High court questions cross as memorial - Washington Times

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More on the ACLU's assault on Christianity. Funny that they've not objected to the footbaths for Muslims at a state university.


Off to Australia this evening. I'll post from there when I find a good location. Until the, God bless you all.

All We Need is a Good Leader

The first thing that caught my attention this morning was the brownout. As we were slowly getting out of bed—Lil’ Miss Wonderful had preceded both of us and was keeping up a delightful chatter—the power in the hotel died. After a few minutes it came back on as the huge generators kicked-in just outside our windows. Well, not “just outside” as we’re on the 10th floor and they are ground level but just the same, you know when they start up.

We had a brownout last night for a couple of hours and except for those buildings with generators, the view outside the window was completely black. But here they call it a brownout. Last night’s brownout was a couple of hours long and our daughter slept through it with ease. My wife and I, however, left her with the nanny and went to Makati where we joined friends at a bar we had frequented often in the days before 9/11.

Some things never change. In one corner was an old Spanish-Filipino gentleman of indeterminate age who I remembered from the days of smoking cigars at Forth & Tay (now closed but then in the New World Hotel). He always favored hats of some sort and carried his cigars in a cloth draw-string bag. I think he smoked 10-cigars a day but it was hard to tell as he’d fall asleep with one in his mouth then have to re-light it when he woke-up. He’s still out and about with only the addition of a cane and a new cloth bag.

We also saw some of the same girls frequenting the bars. They had changed little as well. Some sported tattoos that are the rage now but most looked the same except for the addition of a couple of pounds, a little more wrinkle-covering make-up and new clothing styles. There have been a lot of changes in the infrastructure in the Philippines, especially in Makati, in the last 10 years but, basically, the people are the same as are the attitudes and the government.

When I first came to Manila in 1991 there was a time when the brownouts were 8-hours a day in the capital. Then it was caused by the failure of the powers-that-be to ensure the proper maintenance of the power plants providing power to Southern Luzon. Those brownouts led to some controversial and extremely expensive moves by the government to increase the availability of electricity for the Metro Manila. The power companies are still paying for electricity that they don’t consume thus aren’t able to sell. (Please don't ask me to explain how that can be. The story is long and convoluted like the relationships that bloom in the bars during brownouts.)

But the thing that caught my attention in the newspaper this morning was a headline where the Pope reportedly said that the “…Filipino people need upright leaders.” I found that most amusing and thought provoking. Here is the Pope, the Head of State of the Vatican, which is surrounded by Italy and many thousands of miles from the Philippines, telling the Filipino people that they need upright leaders. You’d think that he’d start closer to home with the Italians and their lothario Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. But he apparently directed it to the Filipino people alone when we all know that all peoples of the world, not just the Filipino’s need upright leaders.

Clearly the Pope in this case is being used in an attempt to affect the outcome of the 2010 elections in the Philippines which in and of itself is amusing. True, the Philippines is a heavily Catholic nation but to use the head of a theocracy to influence the outcome of a democratic process is just, well, wrong. The Church has never really understood democracies for a democracy is the exact opposite of a theocracy. Democratic leaders rule at the behest of the people. Theocrats at the behest of God.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I do not support the absolute division of church and state as advocated by the ACLU. It wouldn’t hurt any of our political leaders to have a little divine inspiration now and then and besides, the moral lessons would be good for their individual souls and good governance in general. But when man—other than the Pope, of course—begins issuing edicts from God the temptation to slip in a little something extra is too strong. This can be witnessed in the fatwas issued by obscure—and some not so obscure—Muslim clerics on women’s rights and perceived insults to Islam.

So if you happen to run into the Pope or one of his Cardinals, please encourage them to expand the Pope's statement. The entire world needs upright leaders, not just the Philippines. All Filipino's need, and want, is a fair chance to vote into office the candidate of their choice. Not the choice of the economic elite; but the choice of all the people.

Come to think of it, Americans would like the same thing.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gen. Stanley McChrystal: Unconventional Warrior, Unconventional Politician

Gen. Stanley McChrystal: Unconventional Warrior, Unconventional Politician

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I am beginning to like this General.

Ayers admits writing Dreams

Ayers admits writing Dreams

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An interesting twist. It is odd for a man under 40 to do his autobiography. The proper thing would be to wait until he's 60 or so. But if he didn't write the book, then...

Monday, October 5, 2009

FTC to Regulate Blogging - Science News | Science

FTC to Regulate Blogging - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News -

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More government control equals less freedom of expression. While disclosure is ethical and a good thing, there is no doubt that the Obama Administration won't stop until they are able to also control the expression of opposing political discussion on the web. This is just the first step.

American Thinker: Is Obama's Handling of Honduras a View of Our Future?

American Thinker: Is Obama's Handling of Honduras a View of Our Future?

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The Obama Administration's willingness to flout the Constitution when it suits their goals is becoming clearer by the day. We should be applauding the government institutions in the Honduras for their commitment to their own Constitution rather than trying to force them to accept a leftist take-over of the government.

The Resiliency of the Filipino People

The resiliency of the Filipino people never ceases to amaze me. We are less than a week past one of the worst rain storms, Ondoy by name, to hit the Philippines in recent history and already people’s attitudes in Metro Manila are smiling and hopeful. Those least affected by the storms have gone out of their way to get involved in the collection and distribution of relief supplies and money that were collected and raised to help those in the areas hardest hit and, in some cases, are still flooded. A second typhoon just battered the north of Luzon causing further damage and more homes and lives lost. Still, the people greet you with a smile.

There is something to be said for the “can-do” attitude of the Filipino people. The expats who live in the Philippines are full of stories about how the Filipino worker outside the country is one of the best you can hire but they roll their eyes and chuckle when mentioning work performance inside the country. But what they fail to take into consideration is that the Overseas Filipino Worker—OFW for short—looks on the job as an opportunity for both him or herself and the family. Economic opportunity inside the country just can’t compete so the workers inside the Philippines are essentially stuck in a hand-to-mouth existence. That doesn’t make for a lot of enthusiasm.

But despite the lack of opportunity, the local workers are loyal to their employers and they smile in the face of the adversity that they face each day and especially that which they faced in the past 10 days. The government’s ability to respond was limited but respond it did. And the innate generosity of the Filipino people came to the fore with people volunteering to help with the relief of the suffering in the areas hardest hit. True, there was some price gouging and some took advantage of the situation but they were the exception rather than the rule. More common was the willingness to help others and the smiles, both grateful and encouraging.

It's no wonder then that while I am proud to be an American, I admire the Filipino spirit and I am sure that they will overcome their current tribulations. May God bless their efforts.

UN Climate Reports: They Lie

UN Climate Reports: They Lie

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This does not surprise me nor should it surprise anyone who hasn't accepted the religion of Algore. It's about control and profit and not the weather.

Think about it: They can't reliably predict next weeks weather yet the "science" is clear? What is clear is that those who stand to profit are being supported by the sheep who think it is man-made.

The last I heard the sun was not man-made.

Carbon credits are a vehicle for taxation and redistribution of wealth. Mostly into some well-placed pockets.

Ethics panel may open full-scale inquiry of Ensign - Washington Times

Ethics panel may open full-scale inquiry of Ensign - Washington Times

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And we eagerly await the full-scale enquiries on Chris Dodd and other Democrats. What? Not needed? Oh...politics as usual.

And here I was thinking "transparency" again.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shooting victim suspects Russian links - Washington Times

Shooting victim suspects Russian links - Washington Times

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And here I thought I had a bad time the other day.

Doug Giles : The Bizarre Silence of Child Advocates on ACORN?s Child Sex Trafficking Advice -

Doug Giles : The Bizarre Silence of Child Advocates on ACORN?s Child Sex Trafficking Advice -

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It is odd that cause oriented groups haven't jumped on the revelations about ACORN with both feet. Could it be that they are less oriented towards the children and more oriented towards the liberal political elite?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Typhoon Watch – 10/03/09

We are now safely ensconced in the Holiday Inn Galleria at Robinson’s Galleria Mall in Pasig City just across EDSA (a main thoroughfare in Metro Manila) from the city of San Juan. It is good to be looking out at the rain from the relative safety of the hotel.

Metro Manila and Luzon are again on a typhoon watch. Typhoon Parma, local name Peping, is expected to hit today unless it holds to a path that keeps it off-shore. Regardless of the path, though, we are in for some heavy rainfall as typhoons tend to drop rain for several hundred miles either side of their actual course and if it misses you all you’re really spared is the wind. Small comfort.

The sky is fittingly gloomy as we look out this morning but the mood in the hotel is fairly light. Those of us who are here—and believe me the majority of the occupants are well-to-do locals who have checked-in to avoid the possibility of being trapped in flooding—are happy to be out of harm’s way and dry.

We did notice that the well-stocked grocery store in the mall was exceptionally busy last night with people trying to stock-up on whatever they could find before going home. One of the unique things about the panic buying in the Philippines was that because of the rain there were exceedingly long waiting lines for taxi service outside the mall and many were sitting there with their groceries wrapped in plastic waiting for a ride for an hour or more.

Despite the typhoon watch, rescue efforts continue as do fund raising efforts to benefit the victims of the original flooding. There will be a Charity Poker Tournament later today at the Mall of Asia near Manila Bay (subject to cancellation if Parma takes a hard left and heads towards Manila) and collections of both goods and cash by the Philippine Red Cross and charitable organizations continues at a high rate.

More on the weather as it develops.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Many Medical Devices Still Taxed Under Baucus Health Bill - Political News -

Many Medical Devices Still Taxed Under Baucus Health Bill - Political News -

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In order to provide health care for illegal aliens and for abortions on demand the Democrats plan to tax the care we've paid for through our insurance premiums and honest labor.

How much longer will we stand for the outrageous actions of the liberal left? Or are you happy that your taxes are going up despite the campaign promises of the "Great Apologist?"

Your thoughts?

American Thinker: Czar seeks 'chilling effect' on internet

American Thinker: Czar seeks 'chilling effect' on internet

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The appointment of Cass Sunstein may prove to be one of the most dangerous assaults on the freedom of speech that we've ever faced. His views are far to the left of mainstream and approach a fascist view towards the control of speech.

I don't believe that the President didn't know this.

N. Dakota's Fighting Sioux fight for survival - Washington Times

N. Dakota's Fighting Sioux fight for survival - Washington Times

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More political correctness run amuck.

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This is a case to watch. Hopefully the court will decide that the 2nd Amendment also applies to States as it has with the other Amendments over the past several decades.

Diplomats: Iran, 6 World Powers Consider New Talks - Political News -

Diplomats: Iran, 6 World Powers Consider New Talks - Political News -

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This is one of the most serious issues of our time and Iran will not be easy to negotiate with and mere threats will not gain their compliance. Iran is a regime of thugs and they will either be at our feet or at our throats depending on whether they respect (read fear) us or not. Unfortunately, with the "Great Apologist" as our leader respect is the last thing we will get from the Iranians.

Iran's thuggish threats to wipe Israel off the map as they are working feverishly to develop a nuclear weapons capability cannot be disregarded by the rest of the world and certainly won't be ignored by Israel.

Your thoughts?

Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar Admits He Poorly Handled Underage Sex Case - Political News -

Obama's 'Safe Schools' Czar Admits He Poorly Handled Underage Sex Case - Political News -

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Let me understand this: The President appoints Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, to be the "Safe Schools" Czar and then we're surprised that he failed to report the statutory rape of an underage boy by an older gay male? Excuse me but what is there to be surprised about considering that this President was heavily supported by the same Hollywood crowd that is protesting the arrest and pending extradition of convicted pedophile Roman Polanski from Switzerland? President Obama's total disregard for the safety of the children is merely reflective of his friends total distaste for our country in general. Frankly, it disgusts me.

Sean Hannity said often during the campaign period that "elections have consequences." The truth in that statement is starkly represented in a President that thinks a man like Kevin Jennings is fit for any kind of public office. He aided and abetted a predatory gay adult's sexual affair with an underage boy. In my opinion he should be in jail for then our children would actually be safer.

Your thoughts?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The "Change" We Really Do Need

I am blessed. Not only were we able to recover our remaining luggage late yesterday but my generous host has cable TV and Fox News. I'm not confined to CNN as a sole source and that's a very good feeling.

As I sit and watch the news about the machinations of the Senate and House I am struck by the way it looks like our government has turned our Constitution upside down. The manner in which they have handled the so-called Cap & Trade bill and health care is more dictatorial than democratic.

Clearly a majority of Americans do not want the government to take over the health care system yet Washington is not listening. Our only recourse is to use the democratic process to rid ourselves of those who ignore the simple fact that the government is supposed to work for us and not for their party and their ideology. The time has come to demand transparency in the legislative process.

Transparency is absolutely necessary for our democracy to survive and was promised by the President in his campaign. It is one of our most basic rights as citizens so why is it so hard for those in charge to provide it? The answer is astoundingly simple: They believe that the political ruling class should make the decisions because they know best and the people be damned.

The Constitution says they serve at our behest but act like they believe they rule because it is their right. Isn’t it time we changed that attitude? We can do start some of it this November by electing Republicans in New Jersey and Virginia and we can continue the process in November 2010. To do it properly though, we need to recall some of those who are at the center of the ongoing perfidy in Washington.

Won’t the people of Nevada and San Francisco do something? Or are they satisfied with what is going on?

What do you think?

Ondoy and More on 9/30/2009

It’s early morning and I sit on a high floor of a condominium building in the center of Metro Manila’s business and banking district and look out towards a distant, but discernable through the morning, haze Manila Bay. A much different setting than a mere 48 hours ago when I was beginning to feel like Idaho Smith, the unlucky, calamity prone, distant cousin on his mother’s side of Indiana Jones.

The flood waters have yet to subside sufficiently for us to retrieve the rest of our luggage-we will try again later today-so we still bear the honest tag of “refugee,” albeit we are in much better straights than the one’s who were hit the hardest. The death toll is now conservatively listed as 246 in the papers but old Asia hands know that there are probably half-again that number but the bodies haven’t yet been, or may never be, recovered and found. Such is the reality when there are large groups of squatters living in mean circumstances with little or no local government controls.

Also this morning the newspapers feature above the fold, color photos of U.S. Navy Seals working to rescue victims in areas of Cainta, Rizal Province, not far from where we were rescued/evacuated. The American willingness to help those in need is recognized and appreciated everywhere, it seems, except the Oval Office.

Sadly the newspapers also headline the death of two US Navy Seabees who had been out inspecting a school project in Sulu. They, along with a Filipino Marine were killed when an IED went off as their vehicle passed. My heart goes out for the families of those brave men.

The use of IEDs as a roadside killing device is a deadly new development in the southern Philippines and underscores the reality that the war on terror is a world wide war in the truest sense but one that is most obviously not recognized as such by the current administration. If only the Democrats would voluntarily take this war as seriously as the victims must.

Watching American News Overseas

For all it’s faults, when you sit in the United States and watch CNN you are impressed with two things: 1) The ability of CNN to be quickly on the scene of almost all breaking news events (unless it is detrimental to CNN’s political philosophy, of course); and, 2) The clarity of CNN’s political leanings which makes the lack of objectivity almost forgivable.

When you are overseas and looking for a U.S. news program so that you can get the “American” perspective, there is normally only one choice: CNN. What you get, however, is anything but a true “American” perspective. To the contrary, what you get is a very slick, multi-cultural presentation of the news that the extremely liberal CNN management wants to portray to the rest of the world. It does no service to the United States of America. To the United Nations, perhaps but to America, none at all.

My first night out in Manila, still suffering from jet lag, my wife steered us to a rendezvous with a couple of old friends. Both are well-educated and well-traveled with one from Asia and the other from Europe albeit with a couple of Asia decades under his belt. The conversation quickly moved to the American political scene and the questions and comments were heavily influenced by the lack of objectivity in CNN’s reporting.

The first question had to do with the townhall meetings and it was clear that the view presented to the rest of the world was exactly what Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid wanted everyone to believe: That the crowds were paid for by the insurance companies. Fortunately, I was able to quickly dispel that misconception.

The second dealt with the September 12 march on Washington. Again, their view of the numbers was tremendously skewed by the reporting. “Thousands” was the impression they had from CNN while some of their email acquaintances were saying that it was “a million” or more. They wanted to know the truth because even though the only American news source broadcasting 24/7 is CNN, they are not naïve enough to believe that it does so objectively.

The discussion continued for over an hour and then we were joined by an Italian who had been doing business in Southeast Asia for over a decade. A multi-lingual gentleman of the old school, he quickly joined into the discussion and was most interested in the opposition to President Obama’s health care proposals. He favored the Italian health care system as it provided care without cost to the general public.

He explained the Italian system this way: You basically have three choices. The first is to go to the government hospital and line up for treatment and it is absolutely free. The second is that you need emergency, life saving treatment and you are allowed to move to the head of the line and get the treatment immediately. The third is that you can pay—he tossed out the figure of Euros 25,000.00 to Euros 30,000.00 to get to the head of the line immediately—unless you know a doctor that can move you to the head of the line for free. He said that the system usually worked just fine and if it didn’t, “If we are rich we can go to Switzerland or Germany for treatment, or, if not so rich, we can go to America. The Italian system works very well that way.”

We all laughed and agreed with the Italian that the Italian system had its strong points.

The conversation that evening made it clear that the carefully managed, state-controlled news media that is CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post, despite their slick manipulation of facts and urbane presentations, is seriously failing to indoctrinate everyone in the world as to the failures of the United States. While President Obama’s election was hailed because they, too, liked his speeches, the educated foreign public is growing as disenchanted as conservative America with the “Great Apologist.”

They clearly want an America that leads and not one that rends its’ clothes.

Your thoughts?

More soon.

Polanski case sparks noisy culture war - Washington Times

Polanski case sparks noisy culture war - Washington Times

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I read and hear that there are number of Hollywood's "guiding lights" who are deploring the arrest and pending extradition of this convicted pedophile.

Please remember this the next time you hear a Hollywood star tell you that President Obama is doing a great job.

Gore Vidal: ?We?ll have a dictatorship soon in the US? - Times Online

Gore Vidal: ?We?ll have a dictatorship soon in the US? - Times Online

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Given that the elected representatives are ignoring the majority of the people and concealing their actions on legislation through a lack of transparency, Vidal may have a point. But I doubt even the most liberal Hollywood Californians would support such a move.

Still, it is sobering that this is being put forward by one of the best known "thinkers" of the 20th century.

What do you think?