Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why do Americans still dislike atheists?

It's not that we dislike them.  We just can't see them going anywhere.

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And keep the atheists in your prayers.  They really need that...and it really bugs them.

Krauthammer: It's Funny to Hear Liberals Talk About How Awful it is to Delegitimize a President After What They Did to Bush

Krauthammer: It's Funny to Hear Liberals Talk About How Awful it is to Delegitimize a President After What They Did to Bush

Dr. Krauthammer is quite correct and the double standard that is in play is fascinating.  It only proves the oft heard saying from Conservative commentators that if it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.  Especially liberals in the media.  The lies that were broadcast and repeated about President George W. Bush were pernicious in that the Left Stream Media repeated them over and over and over clearly following Goebbels theory that a lie, repeated often enough, becomes fact.  Obama is the choice of the Left Stream Media but, like Dan Rather's story on W's National Guard Service, is part of a greater lie repeated over and over and over.

Instead of the deep thinker they promised, we have one who apparently doesn't think and hates making decisions.  Instead of a post-racial president we have one who thrives on racism.  Instead of a president for all the people, we have one that says one thing while doing another.  Instead of a president who tries to help the nation we have one who says "Get used to it" or "You'd better buy a smaller vehicle" when questioned about the price of gasoline.  Instead of a president who is willing to "stand the heat in the kitchen" we have one who is trying to halt political speech in violation of the 1st Amendment because he can't stand criticism or dissent from We the People.

In the case of W it was the Left Stream Media that worked overtime to delegitimize the President.  In the case of Obama, he does it all by himself and Conservatives only point out what he is doing.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AARP: It's as Nonpartisan as the DNC...Just a bit more liberal

"Of course AARP is non-partisan!  They wouldn't lie about that."  
AARP CEO: “We are a strictly nonpartisan organization” | Philip Klein | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

We should take a moment to remember the complete slate of lies spread by AARP when Bush 43 (President George W. Bush) proposed fixing Social Security during his presidency. AARP led the Democrat charge through a masterful disinformation campaign that had seniors calling their Congressmen daily out of fear that the Republicans were going to cancel Social Security for everyone. It was all lies, of course, as none of the changes would have affected those who belonged to AARP and Social Security would have survived as a healthier entity but AARP knew that by being an effective tool for the Democrats in that political battle they would be able to call in the favors at a later date.

That later date was, of course, when Obamacare was written. AARP was well taken care of--they fought for its passage, of course--and profits went through the roof. Now they are trying to say they are "nonpartisan." Right. I'll believe that right after I start believing that the tooth fairy is a 6', 230 lb., former professional wrestler named Geno.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Journalism is truly dead! Long live journalism!

"We 'journalists' know what is best so quit complaining.  And will you quit saying that I look like Gadafi's twin sister!"  
Woman Accused of E-mail Death Threats Charged, Not Arrested, Media Silent

There are a couple of things that trouble me with this situation.  First, this woman was teaching children; and, second, the Left Stream Media, after its knee-jerk paroxysm of anguish over speech that could cause violence in the wake of the Arizona shooting during which they blamed every prominent Republican and Conservative that they could identify as being a challenge to Obama in 2012, has been completely silent.  At the time of the Arizona shooting while the talking-heads were wagging their collective fingers at the use of "targeting" and other militaristic words and phrases in the political discourse, most Americans agreed that rhetoric in politics was filled with violent-sounding terms that might give those who were mentally unbalanced the idea that violence was called for.  With what happened in Madison, Wisconsin, during the union-backed demonstrations that caused millions of dollars in damages it is abundantly clear that the words and tears of anguish in the aftermath of the murders and woundings in Tucson were the insincere rants and actions of liberals looking only for political advantage in the wake of a terrible crime committed by a criminal with no connections to any Republican or Conservative.

The threats by this teacher (who now faces prosecution) are a natural outgrowth of liberal-socialist thinking, union politics that encourages violent demonstrations "for the public good" and left-wing journalism that drapes such actions in robes of faux heroism.  Rather than hang her head in shame this teacher is probably proud of having crossed the line from legitimate political dissent to crime because for socialists and unions the line simply does not exist.  In their tiny, dark minds anything, including threats and violence, that will advance their cause or make their opposition hesitant to continue opposing their demands is a legitimate tool to be used whenever necessary.  Were the Left Stream Media credible, they would have pointed out that throughout history political violence has emanated from the liberal left far more than from the conservative right.  Instead the journalists of the 21st century are imbued with belief that the only true threat to their vision of America is that it hold true to the ideals of the Founding Fathers by providing for individual freedom.  They believe that socialist government, guided and supported by the Fourth Estate, is the way of the future.  They believe not in equal opportunity but in equal results.

Hopefully this teacher will be permanently removed from the classroom for she has amply demonstrated that she is totally unfit to be placed in a position of guiding young minds through education.  Unfortunately, that is only part of the problem because the system that created a teacher capable of such asinine actions is still in place and still supported by the public sector unions that not only encouraged but helped create the system.  Among public sector unions there is a prevalence of thought that the union and its members can act contrary to law and that comes from the thuggish idea that because unions represent a large number of "public workers" they are exempt from the law or can bend it to suit their purpose.  That is why FDR, while being a strong supporter of unions in the private sector, absolutely opposed public sector unions.  That is why it wouldn't surprise me to see this teacher supported by the unions who will argue that she was just exercising her right to dissent.  That she was threatening the lives of politicians with whom she disagreed is clearly not important in their eyes or in the eyes of the Left Stream Media.

There is, of course, a larger story here.  One about the death of journalism in the 21st century.  It's been said by several different writers that journalism died back in 2008 but it was actually on it's death bed for a several decades.  It was targeted by the left as early as the 1960's in the era of Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn (who relied on its short-term memory problems) and it died slowly by the death from 1,000 cuts which left it bleeding, inutile and unable to understand the concept of, let alone report, the truth.  It was first blinded by socialist dogma, multiculturalism and diversity.  Then its ethics were destroyed by the dogma of political correctness and the erasing of the lines between right and wrong.  Finally, it was willingly and blindly led over the cliff of veracity to die falling into the pit of socialist purity.  Journalism is surely dead!  Long live journalism!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama Regime Begins the Big Lie About Energy

The man who wants America to be a Third World nation.  
Obama Administration Whitewashing Government Inaction Regarding Oil and Natural Gas Leases

Obama hasn't officially announced his run for a 2nd term, and won't until Monday or so, but the recent speech he gave to the students at George Washington University was certainly a typical Obama campaign speech: Long on rhetoric and short on truth.

How soon people forget the facts.  Obama is on record as being in favor of gasoline prices in the $7.00 range.  That has not changed. Obama is on record as wanting to end the use of coal for the production of electricity.  That has not changed.  The truth is that Obama is on record as not being in favor of drilling for oil and contrary to his statements in his speech and his regime has cut, not increased, oil production in the United States.  The truth is that he is for oil exploration and drilling only if George Soros will have a slice of the profits from it as he does in Brazil with Petrobras.  (And possibly if China gets the oil as it does for the first 20 years of the Petrobras deep water well.)

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has taken a swipe at Obama for his duplicitous statements but the Left Stream Media has given Obama a total pass.  Their--the media's--failure to do anything but kiss the feet of Obama (some would say their kisses are actually above and behind the knees) should make them the first ones we run out of town on a rail.  But the truth that they will not tell the public is that Obama wants America to be like socialist Europe at a time when socialist Europe is trying to move solidly to the right and be more like what America once was.  You can check out McConnell's statement at:

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