Wednesday, April 6, 2011

AARP: It's as Nonpartisan as the DNC...Just a bit more liberal

"Of course AARP is non-partisan!  They wouldn't lie about that."  
AARP CEO: “We are a strictly nonpartisan organization” | Philip Klein | Beltway Confidential | Washington Examiner

We should take a moment to remember the complete slate of lies spread by AARP when Bush 43 (President George W. Bush) proposed fixing Social Security during his presidency. AARP led the Democrat charge through a masterful disinformation campaign that had seniors calling their Congressmen daily out of fear that the Republicans were going to cancel Social Security for everyone. It was all lies, of course, as none of the changes would have affected those who belonged to AARP and Social Security would have survived as a healthier entity but AARP knew that by being an effective tool for the Democrats in that political battle they would be able to call in the favors at a later date.

That later date was, of course, when Obamacare was written. AARP was well taken care of--they fought for its passage, of course--and profits went through the roof. Now they are trying to say they are "nonpartisan." Right. I'll believe that right after I start believing that the tooth fairy is a 6', 230 lb., former professional wrestler named Geno.

Follow the link for more from the moron, errrrr, I mean the AARP CEO. (Well, he must be a moron to expect any sane person would believe that story!)

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