Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obama Regime Begins the Big Lie About Energy

The man who wants America to be a Third World nation.  
Obama Administration Whitewashing Government Inaction Regarding Oil and Natural Gas Leases

Obama hasn't officially announced his run for a 2nd term, and won't until Monday or so, but the recent speech he gave to the students at George Washington University was certainly a typical Obama campaign speech: Long on rhetoric and short on truth.

How soon people forget the facts.  Obama is on record as being in favor of gasoline prices in the $7.00 range.  That has not changed. Obama is on record as wanting to end the use of coal for the production of electricity.  That has not changed.  The truth is that Obama is on record as not being in favor of drilling for oil and contrary to his statements in his speech and his regime has cut, not increased, oil production in the United States.  The truth is that he is for oil exploration and drilling only if George Soros will have a slice of the profits from it as he does in Brazil with Petrobras.  (And possibly if China gets the oil as it does for the first 20 years of the Petrobras deep water well.)

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has taken a swipe at Obama for his duplicitous statements but the Left Stream Media has given Obama a total pass.  Their--the media's--failure to do anything but kiss the feet of Obama (some would say their kisses are actually above and behind the knees) should make them the first ones we run out of town on a rail.  But the truth that they will not tell the public is that Obama wants America to be like socialist Europe at a time when socialist Europe is trying to move solidly to the right and be more like what America once was.  You can check out McConnell's statement at:

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