Friday, October 29, 2010

The great campaign of 2010

He believes that is his power alone that he exercises rather than power on loan from We the People.
There are few pundits--very, very few--who are as knowledgable or astute as Charles Krauthammer.  In the linked WaPo opinion piece he succinctly describes the problem that is Obama.  Far from the "post-racial" president he said he would be, he is now stoking the fires of racism--some might call it reverse racism but it is, in truth, simply racism--in hopes of salvaging some seats in next week's election.

I'm not sure what he expected when he was elected.  A properly balanced person would view the initial adulation with satisfaction but that would be tempered with the awful realization of the responsibilities that had been given by We the People.  Unfortunately, there appears to be some serious defects in Obama's psychological make-up that were not uncovered during the campaign period--go figure given the fawning, Left Stream Media that could not even spell Bill Ayers' name--that caused him to see not the responsibilities of office, but only the opportunities to exercise power in the manner that his ill-developed psyche believed that power had always been exercised.  Unlike Bill Clinton who despite a plethora of character flaws understood that the power emanated from We the People, Obama believes that he alone creates the power and he exercises it as he wishes despite the will of of the electorate.

The "why" of this is simple.  Obama was raised by the leftist fringe in America.  His mentors were people like Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party, and from an early age he was indoctrinated with the world-view that the American leaders used their power unilaterally without regard for the electorate but with deference only to the hated capitalists.  Despite the downfall of the Soviet Union and communism's ultimate failure as anything but an interesting but unworkable theory, Obama has an ingrained a view that all power emanates not from We the People but from the office that he now temporarily occupies in accordance with a most temporary 4-year lease.  He narcissistically believes that it is his power alone and that he cannot be held to account for its exercise.  Yet while frightened that he may lose the power, he will reactively ignore the vote of the electorate and will cling to it as he clearly means to use it to get even with all those mean, heartless capitalists who have held down the leftist fringe of society for so long.  His closest allies have not been distinguished legislators from both sides of the aisle but those closest to the fringe--the idiots, if you will--of his own party.  His closest advisors have been only from the far, far left fringe of America who in years past have proudly worn the label of Communist, Marxist, Terrorist and Socialist.  He is most prominently supported by union thugs and those who make a living through racism.  His ultimate goal is to create a central government that controls everything in our lives and enslaves us to its wishes.

This coming Tuesday is only the start of the battle.  As Krauthammer points out, Obama has put in place numerous, unaccountable, like-minded czars and political appointees who will carry-out his agenda to transform America by executive fiat.  They will act without Congressional guidance or approval and will do so with only Obama's approval.  His goal is not to represent We the People but to further his leftist agenda regardless of the objections that We the People will express through our vote.  His goal is to rule, not to govern, and he won't let minor details like overwhelming political opposition get in the way.

Remember that when you go to the polls this next Tuesday.  And remember that the fight has just begun.  We will have to stay engaged in the political process to ensure that our newly elected Representatives and Senators do not forget why they were elected or what we expect them to do.  While working across the aisle is a good thing on it's face, it is a bad thing if it means ignoring principle and we must never allow them to do that.  There will be complaints from the Oval Office and the Left Stream Media over the obstructionism of the House and Senate but we must turn a deaf ear to that and adhere to those principles given us by our Founders.  No longer can we allow self-appointed members of the liberal elite to tell us "what was really meant" by our Founders because, quite frankly, they lie.  It's as simple as that.

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