Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chris Coons Lied, Granny Died - HUMAN EVENTS

She was correct in addressing the "separation of church and state" issue in the debate and the intelligentsia was clearly wrong when they ridiculed her. That term comes not from the Constitution but from a judicial construct authored by Hugo Black, the only known KKK member to serve on the Supreme Court, that was partially plagiarized from Thomas Jefferson. He was appointed by Democrat FDR. Think about it.     

Chris Coons Lied, Granny Died - HUMAN EVENTS

That Christine O'Donnell should be the choice of the people of Delaware should be obvious to all but the most rabid Democrat ideologues; but unfortunately that includes the Left Stream Media. The polls indicate that people of Delaware are supporting Chris Coons over O'Donnell by a double digit margin yet I find it hard to believe that there are so many people there who believe that socialism is the way of the future. Yet, considering that they sent Joe Biden to the Senate for so many terms it could be that they enjoy sending idiots to Washington.

Follow the link to read an excellent commentary by Ann Coulter.

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