Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Freeing the Black Jihad Slaves in Sudan

Stop slavery.  Stop it now.  
I've spoken before on the economic slavery that the liberal left is working hard to institute here in the United States.  In many respects it is as pernicious and demeaning in its denial of freedom to the individual as was the slavery of the body that we eliminated in the United States during the 19th century.  It's goal is to turn all citizens into slaves of the state for the belief of liberals is that the state is all important and individuals must conform or be ostracized.

The tragedy of the slavery of the body that was defeated with the Civil War in the United States is still, however, practiced by Muslim countries in Africa.  This really should not surprise anyone who has studied history as it was Muslims, after all, who captured and sold the slaves to European and American slave traders in the 19th century; and slaves have been common in the Middle East since before Islam became a religion.  The main difference is that it is now practiced almost exclusively in Muslim countries where shari'ah law is in force.  This is not to say that all Muslims are slave traders, but it is obvious that Islam is used in places like the Sudan and Saudi Arabia to justify slavery.  The slavery in Sudan especially is so violent and disgustingly immoral that civilized nations would be absolutely justified in totally eliminating the government of that country by force and ensuring that President Omar Hassan Al-Bashir, an already-indicted war criminal, meets a fate similar to Saddam Hussein.

Is it any wonder that we in America are adamantly against the introduction of shari'ah law into the American legal system?

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