Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Obama's Energy Plan: Transforming America into a Third World Country

Obama's vision for the future of America.  A nation made of "Haves" (the political elite) and "Have Nots" (the rest of us).  
This morning I reluctantly filled my car's gas tank.  It was a "have to" fill as it was down to 1/8th of a tank.  I pulled into the gas station, got out, looked at the price on the pump and winced.  It was $3.62 a gallon.  (OK, it was $3.61 and 9/10ths.  And who came up with that marketing idea, anyway?  Talk about a genius!)  In the end it cost an even $60.00 for me to fill the car.  It will last, if I am careful, a week.  I can remember when it cost $40.00 for the same amount of gas for same amount of gas for the same car and I haven't had the car that many years.

I understand the economics of the gas price rise--almost 50 cents in the last few weeks--but I start to steam when I think about the outrageous profits--a national average of 48.1 cents per gallon--being made on each gallon of gas.  This profit is not by the gas companies for they make an average of 3% on each gallon; but by the government.  That means that with the gas I bought this morning the gas company profited only about 10.86 cents per gallon.  Because Virginia is under the national average (the aforementioned 48.1 cents) in gas taxes, the state profited 19.7 cents per gallon and the Federal Government profited 18.4 cents per gallon.

Why, then, do I hear talking heads and politicians complaining about the oil companies?  I do believe that the oil companies would be happy to produce more gasoline if the Federal Government would let them but that won't happen under Obama.  He believes, and has so stated on video in the past, that we should be paying in the area of $7.00 per gallon of gasoline.  And his Regime has taken the steps necessary to ensure we meet that marker.   They've stopped most oil exploration with the Department of Interior unilaterally prohibiting exploration in large swaths of Alaska and they've only issued one (1) drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico in the last year.  Add to that the antipathy of the EPA which has as a goal to eliminate carbon fuels use and it's easy to see just how we will reach that $7.00 gallon marker in the next two years.  With that price rise in fuel we will see a corresponding rise in the price of food, utilities, and other consumer goods.  Those of us on fixed incomes will quickly become total wards of the state.  (We won't be wards long, however, because under Obamacare we'll be at the lower-end of the treatment list.  This is because it just doesn't make economic sense to take care of the elderly as they can't be expected to pay taxes for much longer.)

When that happens we will be forced to live in increasingly urbanized environments as commuting via private vehicle will be prohibitively expensive.  The cost of food, housing and utilities will skyrocket and we will be forced to move into increasingly smaller, more economical apartments until we are living in two or three rooms.  In other words, we will be just like the other Third World countries and slaves to an increasingly powerful Federal Government.  We will be frozen in place, unable to move to another location due to the costs and increasingly dependent on the state for everything we need to live.  The American Dream will be truly dead and Obama will have killed it.

We will no longer be free.

As we move into the run-up for the 2012 elections, keep this in mind.

Follow the link for the Washington Times Editorial.

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