Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ayers affirms he wrote "Dreams from my Father"

Ayers says he wrote it for Obama.  
Ayers affirms he wrote "Dreams from my Father"

This has been suspected for a long time and every time someone would bring up the subject liberal Democrats and their Left Stream Media sycophants would rise up, point their fingers and passionately intone, "Racism."  The phrase "useful idiots" comes to mind.

If the Left Stream Media were honest there would be headlines in the major papers tomorrow and it would be the lead story on all the networks.  But the media is not honest, far from it, and they clearly have a morbid infatuation with Barack Hussein Obama that makes it mandatory that they support him regardless of the damage he is doing to the country and his disregard--disdain might be a better word--for the Constitution.  It also would be wonderful if all corporations would pull their advertising from the networks and the print media until the networks and the media came to their senses.  (Wouldn't it be fun to watch GE trying to take up the slack?  You know that as much in the tank with Obama as GE CEO Jeff Immelt is that they would try.)  Unfortunately, that won't happen either.

So what we are left with here is an affirmation of our previous suspicions as to the authorship of Dreams from my Father.  What we also have is confirmation of Obama's lack of character and basically criminal mind-set. We should not allow it to go unnoticed between now and 2012.  We must make it known to all voters that Obama is a liar pure and simple.  Not a liar in the sense that all politicians are liars, but a liar in the more profound sense that he fraudulently takes credit for writing a book that made him a lot of money.  Ayers is, of course, complicit in this fraud on everyone who bought the book because if it had been written by Bill Ayers, Left-Wing-1970's-Domestic-Terrorist, it wouldn't have sold nearly as well and made so much money.  No, what we have here is a President who knowingly committed a fraud.  We should remember that as we work to remove him from office in 2012.

Ok, I've had my say. Now the useful idiots out there can begin their racist chant.

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