Monday, March 28, 2011

Media Matters' war against Fox

George Soros: The Puppet Master.  
This is an old tactic of those who would be dictators and tyrants.  It is not about debating ideas.  It is about stifling debate so that the only side presented to the public is the side you want them to hear.  In that way you can control what the public thinks and implement the policies you want without fear of effective opposition.

This is being done by Media Matters, an organization funded by billionaire George Soros to implement his vision of a subjugated and cowed America.  From everything he has done it is clear that Soros hates America and that he favors this type of social control by the government.  Soros favors being not the tyrant but the one who controls the tyrant.  It could be that his personality was formed by his experience in WWII during which, as a Jew, he worked for the National Socialists (Nazis).  He did this to survive, of course, and should not be faulted for wanting to survive.  But he can definitely be faulted for his assault on the United States and its economic system.

When will we make Soros and his ilk answer for this assault on America?

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