Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Audacity of Thuggery

We can never dismiss Liberal Democrats or Union Organizers as stupid.  Cunning and devious are good descriptive terms as is unethical and, sometimes, “criminal.”  But they are not usually stupid.  We can’t, therefore, look at the ruling by a Dane County, Wisconsin, County Judge as stupid, per se.  I’m sure that Judge MaryAnn Sumi did not believe that her familial relationship with a political operative who was a former lead field manager with the AFL-CIO and a data manager for the Wisconsin SEIU State Council, would come to light as her son’s name is Jacob Sinderbrand.  She had no reason to believe that it would be revealed for, after all, no one had mentioned it after she refused to issue an order sending striking Wisconsin teachers back to work in February during the height of the anti-Walker demonstrations in Madison.  I mean, she got away with it once so why not again and again and again?   
So last Friday she quickly issued a temporary restraining order at the behest of the unions and their Democrat supporters that prevents the Wisconsin Secretary of State, Democrat Doug La Follette (who really didn’t want to publish the law anyway), from publishing the bill while she reviews the case.  I cannot believe that she is that ignorant of the law, although I fully realize that judges are sometimes amazingly ignorant.  Nor can any thinking person given her son’s prominent union activities.  No, this was clearly a case where Judge Sumi decided that she would use her judicial power to trump an action with which she and her son disagree.  It is a case where democracy be damned, the judge knows better.  (See:  http://www.redstate.com/laborunionreport/2011/03/21/wisconsin-judge-maryann-sumi-her-seiu-afl-cio-political-operative-son/ .)
Liberals, i.e., Democrats, and unions do understand how to use judges like MaryAnn Sumi to accomplish their goals despite the will of the people.  They are very adept at getting their issues before activist judges who believe that their mission in life is to impose their liberal-view of the world on We the People whether we like it or not.  We are, after all, the proletariat and have no right to question the determination of our ruling liberal elite.  This is amply demonstrated in the thuggish attitude displayed at a Western Maryland correctional facility recently when a union boss lost his cool and tried to intimidate prison guards after they started asking questions how their dues were being spent and the benefits of belonging to a union during a pre-shift meeting.  (See:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/mar/20/union-boss-goes-off-at-meeting-prison-guards-say/?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS .) 
What is true is that Liberal Democrats and unions will brook no questioning by We the People.  The prison guards were told that union spending was none of their business ant that they have no choice but to belong.  If you dare to dispute, they are most willing to resort to violent tactics or, at least, the threat of violence.  Who can forget the bussed-in union demonstrators at the suburban Maryland home of a senior banker last fall who were escorted there by Washington, DC, Metropolitan Police Department.  They frightened the man’s teenage son, who was home alone, so badly that he locked himself in the bathroom and used his cellphone to plead for help.  And then there is this very recent nice little video of SEIU protestors at another bank headquarters:  http://biggovernment.com/eyeblasttv/2011/03/21/watch-seiu-protesters-take-over-bank-headquarters/ which was clearly meant to send a chilling message:  “Either it goes our way or we’ll show up at your house and, gee, you’ve got a nice family there, don’t you?  It would be a shame if something happened to them.”  
Al Capone couldn’t have done it better.  And he certainly couldn’t have done it with the protection of the President and his Attorney General.  The SEIU and the AFL-CIO clearly can; and pure, unadulterated thuggery is just one of the tools in their bag of tricks, albeit the one they use with great relish.  
But wait, you ask, didn’t We the People speak last November and repudiate the Liberal Democrat, pro-union, pro-tax and spend agenda?  Yes, we did, but they don’t plan to listen.  Those who would be dictators usually don’t.  Nor do they care about the outcome of any election except the ones which they control.  They care only about retaining the power that they have regardless of what elections, laws or courts must be perverted to do so.
What we have in public employee unions is a racket the likes of which would have pleased organized crime figures like Al Capone or any of the reputed Mafia godfathers.  Once the union gets into power they have almost unlimited resources with which to maintain their power.  The dues, which ultimately come from the deep pockets of the taxpayers and are just passed through the hands of the government workers, are deducted directly from the paychecks of the employees and deposited to the union’s account.  With the steady flow this money they fund the political fortunes of politicians ranging from the local school board up to and including the President of the United States.  At the local level they are usually successful in installing people willing to ensure that the demands of the union at the bargaining table are met.  And why not?  No elected official is charged with making a profit so there is nothing to protect.  Taxes, after all, are taken from the public who have little say in the day-to-day operation of the local government entity, be it a school board or a local government.  And on the legislative level it behooves the liberal Democrats and their RINO co-conspirators to support the needs of the public employee union because that is where they get their much needed campaign funds. With union support they are sure to win because no one is as adept at ensuring an election as a union which can line up its members and march them to the polls to vote in concert with the union’s wishes.  Doubt it?  How do you think Harry Reid kept his seat in the Senate last November?  Do you think that all those SEIU employees from the casinos in Las Vegas made up their own minds to take the same buses to the polls to vote all at the same time?  No they were told what to do and they followed orders.  The money keeps flowing from the public coffers through the unions--who ensure they take a generous cut, by the way--and back to the accounts of the politicians who raised the taxes and favored the unions.  It’s money laundering, pure and simple, but those same politicians will never declare it to be illegal even though it smells even worse than laundered drug money which, when caught, is severely prosecuted.  
But it has to stop.  It should be illegal for any funds that come from the taxes paid by the public to be used for any political purpose no matter how it is laundered.  Public employee unions should be absolutely forbidden from making political contributions because it places public employees in the position of being part of the ruling elite instead of the public servants of We the People.  It’s time to step-up and say so even though we can be sure that liberals, Democrats and RINO parasites will never agree to cut themselves off of the public money teat.  As for the unions, they will try to frame this as a violation of their “civil rights” when there is no such right as evidenced by the fact that every president up to JFK absolutely refused to allow public employee unions.  But they won’t stop until absolutely forced to do so and they’ll fight, even if they lose in voting, with the help of activist judges like MaryAnn Sumi.  It has to stop.  The taxpayer can no longer afford to pay for outrageous public employee pensions and benefits and have those taxes used to support the party (Democrats, of course) that keeps increasing the taxpayer’s burden by increasing the pay, pensions and benefits.  It must stop.
Follow the title link for more on just how far from the law Judge Sumi strayed in order to help subvert the will of the Wisconsin Legislature and the Governor.  People like her do not belong on the bench and politicians who support public employee unions do not belong in office.  Both should be in jail.  

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