Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liberal and Union Fraud in Wisconsin: Doctors Give Andrew Breitbart a ‘Sick’ Note

"It's ok for us to cheat the taxpayer.  We're teachers, union members and reliable Democrat voters!"  
If this surprises you then you've been asleep way too long.  Even my 4-year old daughter knows that Democrats are liars--it's true, just ask her what a Democrat is and she'll tell you--but the Left Stream Media just paints a rosy picture of bussed-in demonstrators and pickets operating in true community organizer fashion.

But this is simply fraud and it is wrong.  If you're going to do something like this then be prepared to pay the price otherwise you're no better than the penny-ante criminal who steals purses from little old ladies walking down the street.

Follow the link and see just how stupid a "licensed physician" can be.  I mean, the idiot didn't recognize Andrew Breitbart!  Hello?  Anyone home behind those glasses?  Maybe his "license" is from a med school in a far away Third World country.  What do you think?

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