Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mother describes seeing toddler before fatal fall at Tysons

I previously posted on this right after the incident happened last November 2010.  This is merely an update, but it brings to light some background as to why this terrible crime happened.  Filipino families are extremely close and they believe in taking care of their parents and in-laws rather than institutionalizing them in a care facility.  As a matter of fact, old age homes are unheard of in the Philippines as people stay with their family and 99.999% of the time this is an extremely good and admirable thing.

This is that .001%.

I would be the last one to recommend a change to that cultural attitude.  To the contrary, I would recommend that it be adopted here in America.  As with any other decision, however, we must never let our guard down when dealing with anyone who has, or may have, diminished mental faculties.  That is easier said than done, however, when you're dealing with a parent and this is especially true in the Filipino culture where they truly practice God's Commandment to "Honor thy mother and father."  That the mother of the little girl has agonized over having walked ahead of her mother and daughter--as she probably had many times before--goes without saying.

Please keep the family in your prayers.

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