Saturday, February 19, 2011

War veteran, 71, dragged out for staging silent protest during Hilary Clinton address... on freedom of speech

"Hahah!  That'll teach you to turn your back on me!"  
The irony is palpable but what makes this doubly amazing is that we have to hear about it from a British newspaper instead of our own in-the-tank Left Stream Media.  To be sure, the Obama Regime is long on saying one thing and doing another so this is just another sorry example of their hypocrisy.  Demonstrators in Wisconsin can call Governor Scott Walker every name under the sun--and have been doing so--but let one 71-year old man stand and turn his back on Hillary while she's talking and bring on the Storm Troopers.

He didn't deserve that and the Secretary of State should have stopped the police immediately.  She'd then be considered a hero for actually doing what she was praising in Egypt.  Instead, she tacitly approved of the stifling of free speech in the United States while lauding it in Egypt.

I wonder what would have happened if he had been a Muslim?

Follow the link for the story.

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