Monday, May 10, 2010

FCC to U.S. Court of Appeals: Drop Dead!

Could the U.S. become an Internet Black Hole, or merely a propaganda tool for the Government? Or will it remain free?

FCC to U.S. Court of Appeals: Drop Dead!

An excellent piece on the move by the FCC to take regulatory control over the internet despite prior court rulings that the internet isn't in the purview of the FCC. You will remember that the Chairman of the FCC, Julius Genachowski, couldn't win the consent of the Senate so became a recess appointment and while I do not dispute the President's power to make recess appointments, Genchowski's almost immediate move to ignore precedent and court rulings makes me wonder about the Regime's actual goal.

President Obama, despite his recent claim that he was technologically deficient in using an iPod or an iPad, had a presidential campaign that was able to make extraordinary use of the internet for both campaigning and raising funds. There is no doubt that his claim in a speech was pure artifice. Given that, why the move to have the government take control of the internet? Is is pure crony capitalism so that he can ensure that his favored companies, like Google, profit? Or, because the internet has proven to be as formidable an opponent as it was an ally, is it so that the Regime can better control the information flow?

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